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  1. Great video..nice to see so many targets in one place.
  2. If you had to work there, this is the guy you want to work with.. http://imgur.com/a/t5ldW Enjoy!
  3. gratz..save a few copies for each of them as well as yourself!
  4. I applaud you for showing your Daughter the best example of maturity and restraint. The easy road is to respond in kind, but you showed her how to hold yourself to a higher standard.
  5. I usually do not chime in, but as an old guy who has seen a lot more than you whipper snappers, I have to agree with these fine gents. The absolute first thing I would do is get your financial house in order, stash some funds if at all possible, protect what ever assets you can, and be prepared to hire legal counsel. The very fact that she wants your stability and his attention is a big bum red flag, obviously. The baby idea is flat out absurd, the reconnect with his daughter is fine on paper, but I suspect the motives. I would recommend that you both attend counseling in an attempt to work this out, if your relationship is acceptable to you, otherwise, move on. I lived with a gal twenty some years ago, that followed a similar course, it damn near destroyed me. My current wife and her x are friends, he and his wife live two blocks from us, and he has brought his family over for holidays..no one would ever suggest anything as repugnant as fathering children for the other family..just a terrible idea. Mna, best of luck to you, turn to those that love you and support you and never forget your faith.
  6. About half way through Creole Belle by James Lee Burke. Book number 19 in the series. Real easy reads. Great characters that are followed.
  7. Hey, that is some nice stuff there..Love the Martin..I have a Fender acoustic, and a few Fender electrics..all American made..Strat 57 reissue, 65 Mustang..kind of winding down the addiction, but you never know when the urge will strike again..I like more the Stephen Stills style with my box, and almost anything electric from Dylan to Chili Peppers..funny, I caught myself looking at an old Musicians Friend catalog the other day..drooling on the Martins 
  8. haha another bathtub sailor when were you in? I did my four and got out in 78..I think I saw every LORAN station in the Pacific while TDY..the big secret at the time was that the stations were to guide bombers to Russia, as well as being an aid to navigation for ships..
  9. Well, heck, I will fill in while all the regulars" are off enjoying life..Welcome man, I know you have your hands full..when you get to be my age ( almost dirt) you will appreciate the blessing of being able to raise your children..hang in there :bananarock
  10. Haha more great advice..I cant thank you all enough for your insight.
  11. same here..the last thing that I wanted to do in boot was remember those....walk my post in a military manor..hahahaaa make me a sammich..hahahaaaa
  12. Thanks guys! Man, you have given me something to think about. Great idea on waiting for a sale on extra garage space. I think I will have to do that. The one problem I have so far is that I like tanks from almost every line.  Second, I am ready to unlock the M44, but I have had more fun playing the ugly Zamboni machine Lorraine 39L....I can see how I would want to keep a Hellcat an SU100 and a Nashorn...and damn, I forgot the Jadz pz 1V... yeah..extra garage space....wait for the sale..Also, I am with you on the TOG..that thing is so fugly that I find is desirable..must be my fondness of the Churchill 1..again, thanks to all for the input!
  13. I was wondering what you all do in regards to the retention of tanks. After almost a decade of paying for WoW, I am hesitant to spend real money at this time for extra space and special tanks. To max out the learning curve, I have two accounts. I try out every tank in a tree, and sell when they gain elite status. Then I work on the next step up the tree. I plan to only keep one per tier, or two if it is of a different use, and I really enjoy playing it. My thinking is if I find the need to have X tank later, I can always re purchase it. So, as stated, what do you all do? Do you find it a pain to try to play all of the tanks you keep?
  14. Hey SotGR.. I don't think there is any way you can avoid mockery, unless you can convert her to play, an that causes further problems, ie expenditures. ( yeah, another computer, better connectivity and dual game packs for any new games. Even this does not guarantee that she will not mock you in game for acting like a noob..believe me, I know. The easiest way to figure out how to download and set up Vent, is to preview a few videos on youtube..takes all of the mystery out of it and will save gobs of time and frustration.. Good luck, and happy hunting   
  15. Yeah..you can see the tracer. I seem to only catch them when I am paying attention to something else.
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