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  1. I just started this game - needed someone to do in quarantine - if anyone is new and wants to look into a guild (or whatever they are call in this game) hit me up
  2. I just joined the dark side and bought a PS4....I gamed with the Dads on XB1 for Titanfall and some early COD: AW gameplay - I have COD: AW, Planetside 2, TLOU, and Batman - so far. I do like the way the PS4 runs... GT: Neon_Phyzics
  3. I just got the PS4 - played with some of the Dads on XB1 for Titanfall and a teeny weeny bit of COD:AW - I want to try Planetside 2 GT: Neon_Phyzics
  4. good deal - I am getting Titanfall this week on XB1 and I from Texas NeonPhyzics if you add me, just send me a note for Dads (I get some random requests for kids the COD lobbies)
  5. I have a code and will be playing after dinner tonight (gotta do Vday duties) - hit me up NeonPhyzics XB1 just msg me "Dads" and we can party up
  6. My name is Dave and I am a 41 year old from Texas... I joined up because I saw you guys have some gaming forums for dads.  I have two step daughters (12 and 8) and one of my own who is 16 months old.  Not sure what else to say.  I will be checking out the non-gaming parts too, since I like sports too My gamertag is NeonPhyzics and I am on the 360 and the XONE - I play COD and will play Titanfall when it drops Glad to meet everyone Cheers D
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