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  1. Okay I looked at this and it is cool. Not sure if I want to know how they get the bacon smell, but hey it is cool. A couple of draw backs I can see. One you have to have and external attachment. That makes sense, but my phone is big enough. I really don't want to have to have a wheeled cart attached to my belt for my phone. As it is I list to the left a little from the weight already. Second, smelling bacon when my alarm goes off could cause an unexpected response, like eating my phone or the person next to me. Lastly, what ever makes the smell probably requires a substance of some sort like a cartridge or whatever similar to e-cigarettes, and there is probably a charge for whatever it consumes to make the yummy bacon smell. So now the phone even costs more to operate!
  2. Yep, I can see you been a bit busy. Good luck on the court day. See ya more when you git r done.
  3. Sounds great! I have no idea if it is authentic, but I love the food at a place here called Jazz Kitchen. It serves "Authentic New Orleans Food" and I love it. That being said, I am sure it is way better when you actually eat there. I never really got the chance when I was down in Florida while in the Navy to travel very far from base, so never went anywhere out of state and ate mostly fast food when I got off base. Drove through Louisiana on the way home between schools but never stopped to sample the cuisine. At the time I was more interested in getting home and drove straight through.
  4. Spring break to me is figuring out what I am going to do with my son for two weeks. He's old enough to stay at home by himself at 15, but I want him doing something other than lazying around and playing xbox all day every day. I mean it's not very fair if I have to work for him to play all day. I have a feeling that he will have plenty of make-up work though to help break up the day. That is for another topic though.
  5. Like everyone is saying, family comes first. It's cool that you can take the time off to help her out. Just by being there and doing that, I bet her recovery time will decrease and you two will be drawn even closer. Like after was saying take time to romance a bit and connect that way too. Good luck with all your doing and see you when you drop in or come back more regularly.
  6. Family definitely comes first! Just remember during this time if you need support we are a post away. Even if all you have is tapatalk on your phone, you can vent, rant, weep, share, or anything you need that a fellow dad can help with. Take care of your dad and your family, but don't forget yourself.
  7. Can't fund a museum of this caliber and importance, yet we will pay billions to countries that spit on us as a nation. Go figure.
  8. Hey all, Sorry that I haven't been here the last week and some. Been sicker than a dog. I hardly turned on a puter the whole time, let alone kept up in here. Was feeling better this last week, which was a good thing in some ways.... I think. I downloaded WoT on the 360, so that is to blame for last week too. When I was feeling coherent I was learning how to drive, shoot, and play on WoT. Good lord, why do they make things so addicting. I believe I am still one of the top runners for catching shells, but that is always the same. I still have fun blowing shiite up and I will say it is a motivator to learn more defense, so you can play longer in the battles. It sucks getting knocked out, losing your best tank for the full game and then having to painfully watch the two campers that hide in the first minute of battle and then NEVER move, shoot or do squat but park the tank and wait for the clock to run down. Aaaaannnnnyway I like it! Still not sure how you all play together, or about squads or anything, so I will have to try to learn me about that. Not too much of a noob when it comes to multiplayer with the COD games and other fps games, but when I see some of the traffic and jargon about vent and invites and using this to comm, and doing it that way i'm like This weekend was a drill weekend, so I was away again... I know, excuses excuses. I'll have my wife spank me for being absent.
  9. Welcome to DadsHideOut! :welcomesign
  10. Great extra intro.  :smile2 Nice learning more about you. A 10 and 7yo. Those are great ages. They are getting old enough to be really interesting and fun and yet young enough to have the innocent my dad can do no wrong attitude. In the teen years that is not so much common place. Not to mention now there are girls in the picture. It is amazing seeing him make an a$$ of himself in the presence of the opposite sex. I sit and watch and think, "was I like that?" and yes I was..... poor, poor kid  :lol
  11. Welcome to DadsHideOut Patch! :welcomesign
  12. Welcome to DadsHideOut Mark! :welcomesign
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