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  1. Wait, who is this @Blackroanguy? Seems like a decent player
  2. I really really miss this tank
  3. AMX 13 57 61% Feels like I'm cheating Tiger 131 68% I have no explanation for this Ram II 66% Everyone just seems to ignore me while I remove their health every 1.93 seconds
  4. Great question, SU-122-44 46% IS-6 44% But the strangest one for me is this: Skoda T50 (Tier 9 czech med)- 55% TVP T50/51 (Tier 10 czech med) 36%
  5. I'm going to have a tough time picking Ghost Town Empire's border Studzianki Paris Province
  6. I hadn't had a good arty vs the world game since going back to a CrusaderSP match a long time ago on el Halluf , so I have to admit I rather enjoyed this. And I've been playing so poorly recently it was nice to feel like I made some good decisions (even if my aim was pretty poor at times)
  7. My turn. Alone vs 4 enemies, 2 arty and 2 TDS...But I have my Lefh 🙂 http://wotreplays.eu/site/4834381#redshire-the_ref-105_lefh18b2
  8. I'll have to remember the J key thing, thanks everyone!
  9. How I spent one entire battle...I was begging people to shoot me
  10. That's the one. No, glacier is crap, frozen dog crap I am however looking forward to the return of Pearl river and Sacred valley.
  11. Studanski- utter garbage. Lack of playable positions. Reminds me of that old map with the barricaded island in the middle, everyone hang back and camp until someone pushes a flank then kill them Glacier - Originally had Paris here, then remembered this abomination. One mid section that doesn't really affect anything, sniper spots to kill people who move, and a dumb heavy corner that's separated from the reset of the map Empires Border - Seriously, WTF were they thinking?
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