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  1. The_Ref

    DHO-X Officer Changes

    congrats Holsy...catch you soon
  2. The_Ref

    Blackroan, u ok out there in hurricane land?

    Yeah man, wondering the same thing @Blackroan Hope you're safe and dry
  3. I know I've been away more than on recently. Mostly real life commitments getting in the way. I still love tooning with the regulars, and i expect I'll be back on a better play schedule shortly. We (X) may need to start having a few new people step up and call some of the team based games. Can't always have the same guys doing it
  4. The_Ref

    Even 90

    If you can be on open maps, alive near the end, this tank can feel like you're cheating...Definitely a favourite of mine
  5. The_Ref

    Warning: SPG discussion

    Do not neglect the Tier 5 Lef if you can find it on sale. Tier 6 and 7 you've got solid choices there. GW Panther is actually the first tank i ever 2 marked. At Tier 8 I would suggest the M40/43 or the 207. Personally I preferred the 207, but its not for everyone Tier 9, absolutely the 53/55 And yes, tier 10, the CGC, especially if you can afford to run premium food and lob premium shells
  6. The_Ref

    The other side of goaltending

    Busted wrist from goalie camp for him, tweaked groin in training camp for her, but a great rehab centre so they'll be back on the ice in time for the season.
  7. That was unbelievable to watch. Jingles or QB worthy
  8. This was fun, and basically unspotted until i went arty hunting near the end
  9. The_Ref

    What's Yer Grind - Spring 2018

    Yeah, the T69 is all gold all the time I'm on the tier 7 italian..That gun is trolling me something fierce. Other than that, probably most seriously working on the Obj 277, obj 705a and AMX 30b lines (Tier 9 on the first two, tier 8 on the french)
  10. The_Ref

    Ranked, where u at?

    Actually the best part was i got two for being in the top 3...Type 5 is awesome 🙂
  11. The_Ref

    Ranked, where u at?

    Totally rocking rank 1.....Although I've only played one match
  12. The_Ref

    I Have Returned

    Hey good to have you back man!
  13. The_Ref

    Type 5 Q&A

    I've seen Salgath shoot under tanks in his KV-2 to great effect. I haven't tried it in my Type 5 (just got the tank) but it would be interesting to test in a training room
  14. The_Ref

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Fisherman's Bay

    I've done this in my T-10, and we didn't creep. With teams more and more treating it as useless you can sometimes catch them sending no one, or camping in A-7 hoping they'll get shots on you. Coming up on them in A8 can really turn the tables. I agree I mostly go mid, but from time to time the city can present an opportunity