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  1. The_Ref

    Frontline Returns!

    I'll have to remember the J key thing, thanks everyone!
  2. The_Ref

    Frontline Returns!

    How I spent one entire battle...I was begging people to shoot me
  3. The_Ref

    DHO Debate: Bad Maps

    That's the one. No, glacier is crap, frozen dog crap I am however looking forward to the return of Pearl river and Sacred valley.
  4. The_Ref

    DHO Debate: Bad Maps

    Studanski- utter garbage. Lack of playable positions. Reminds me of that old map with the barricaded island in the middle, everyone hang back and camp until someone pushes a flank then kill them Glacier - Originally had Paris here, then remembered this abomination. One mid section that doesn't really affect anything, sniper spots to kill people who move, and a dumb heavy corner that's separated from the reset of the map Empires Border - Seriously, WTF were they thinking?
  5. Crawdad in there too, very cool guys
  6. The_Ref

    A Well-Deserved Reward

    Yeah, 5 years for me. Looking forward to those rewards!
  7. The_Ref

    DHO-X Officer Changes

    congrats Holsy...catch you soon
  8. The_Ref

    Blackroan, u ok out there in hurricane land?

    Yeah man, wondering the same thing @Blackroan Hope you're safe and dry
  9. I know I've been away more than on recently. Mostly real life commitments getting in the way. I still love tooning with the regulars, and i expect I'll be back on a better play schedule shortly. We (X) may need to start having a few new people step up and call some of the team based games. Can't always have the same guys doing it
  10. The_Ref

    Even 90

    If you can be on open maps, alive near the end, this tank can feel like you're cheating...Definitely a favourite of mine
  11. The_Ref

    Warning: SPG discussion

    Do not neglect the Tier 5 Lef if you can find it on sale. Tier 6 and 7 you've got solid choices there. GW Panther is actually the first tank i ever 2 marked. At Tier 8 I would suggest the M40/43 or the 207. Personally I preferred the 207, but its not for everyone Tier 9, absolutely the 53/55 And yes, tier 10, the CGC, especially if you can afford to run premium food and lob premium shells
  12. The_Ref

    The other side of goaltending

    Busted wrist from goalie camp for him, tweaked groin in training camp for her, but a great rehab centre so they'll be back on the ice in time for the season.
  13. The_Ref

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    Yeah, the T69 is all gold all the time I'm on the tier 7 italian..That gun is trolling me something fierce. Other than that, probably most seriously working on the Obj 277, obj 705a and AMX 30b lines (Tier 9 on the first two, tier 8 on the french)
  14. The_Ref

    Ranked, where u at?

    Actually the best part was i got two for being in the top 3...Type 5 is awesome 🙂
  15. The_Ref

    Ranked, where u at?

    Totally rocking rank 1.....Although I've only played one match