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  1. Thanks Nismo and BlackVenomice!. Yes issues started a couple of months ago and now seem to be straightened out.Had to redo drivers and seems to work fine for now. Sorry for late response as ive been off the grid rehabbing from knee replacement(again). All is well and want you all to know your help is always appreciated!
  2. Windows 10 Home is OS and it looks like realtek is installed driver. Think you have steered me in right direction sir. I will reinstall ROG driver today and let you know. I appreciate the help very much and let you know result.
  3. not rude at all BV, yes sir. Also tried different headsets. I cant seem to get it to recognize ANY microphone config. Bizarre thing to me is that audio works perfectly and when using PTT on TS icon lights up as if it is engaged but no mic. Let me know other info you need as any suggestions are most welcome. Silly running another laptop just for TS. Tech support for ASUS will fix for a "fee" which i'm avoiding on principle. I spent more money on this gaming rig than I've paid for autos in past and find that if ASUS is aware of the problem then they should fix problem just based on good customer service/relations. Its an angry old guy thing lol
  4. I have ROG ASUS gaming laptop and microphone does NOT work for weeks now. I've tried everything(except obviously what would fix it). It appears to be a software issue as audio works perfectly but 'puter does not recognize that mic is even present. Gone thru settings(and youtube tutorials) and still no mic. Headset not the problem as I use additional laptop to run TS and works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated but know in advance that i'm not very savvy on this subject and until recently thought my computer worked by combo of magic and blind luck. Thanks in advance for any help(and your patience lol).
  5. I am a huge fan of Davy's ability to "make friends" with a single post in in-game chat. o7 to Hapa for his response and for DHO members unwavering support of each other Question* Am I the only one freaked out by Happa's screenshot? Honor To Hero's Bonus is x188? Is that possible? I may have to uninstall lol
  6. AMAZING WORK farcticox !!!!!! I'm also thankful we are not neighbors
  7. Thanks for the spot on insight all. He did cut it down to one page and emphasized those things company is looking for. Must have worked, as second interview is scheduled with facilities manager for Monday. So glad to be able to run this past this group. My father passed away many years ago, so I appreciate very much that even at my age I can still get "Dads" advice.
  8. I'd like some thoughts from you Dads on a situation that has just come up that i could never have imagined happening. I recently posted that i am having knee surgery and as i usually do when i'm off work(pipeline lay off couple times a year for 3-4 weeks), I updated resume and sent some out. Its usually an exercise in mental hygiene where I get to know that I still have "options" and feel good about myself. A recruiter contacted me for a large company to run its maintenance dept. for a million sq ft facility. Sounds great but in reality its fixing broke equipment, changing lightbulbs, etc. I just came from interview(which I believe I did well) but found out that recruiter had "tweaked" my resume that he had forwarded to this company. He changed format, which I am ok with. What he did is delete some things. Specifically some of my military experience. I didn't let on during interview but I was(and AM) totally freaked out by this. I left a voicemail, which he has not responded too, and am about to drive to his office to see him. He needs to explain this. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this. Is the company anti-military? Is he? Was it an oversight? I'm extremely proud of my military career as I believe it is the most important element that has shaped the man/husband/father/grandfather I am. Am I over reacting? I'll update post with his response(after I make bail lol). I don't believe this is illegal but at the least its unethical and as its of such a personal nature to me I believe its also immoral. Opinions welcome.
  9. Deep fried Gator tail. Delicious and practically exotic to a "yankee" like me
  10. I am getting double knee replacement in 3-4 weeks. I put it off wayyyyyyyy too long so this is a good thing for me, Just a little freaked out at what this procedure actually entails. I was curious if any of you (or someone you know) has had this done? Side note to this- Great Doctor, He takes care of the local University athletes(Bloomsburg U. GOOOOO HUSKIES!!!). And cracks me up with some of his comments. When talking about my years of running he said "Running? Were you being chased by a bear? And when I kiddingly asked if this surgery would make me "sexier for my wife? He said my only hope is if he writes HER a prescription lmao.
  11. Started playing and enjoying the heck out of this game. Toons are on Jedi covenant and main so far is Lvl 39 Sith Marauder(fury) named Malandrix. As usual I have "discovered" a game I like about 5 years late lol. Anyone playing can catch me on discord if they wanna team up or if i'd be happy to grind new toons on any server. Let me know
  12. My father once told me "If the milk in your Fruit Loops this morning had gone bad, would you put it back in the 'fridge and use it again next week? not trying to be negative DM, absolutely want whats best for YOU sir. I just think after years of issues I hope that, whatever you decide, is based on YOUR happiness and not just what somebody else wants. This is one of those times in life that you need to take some time and decide what YOU want your life to be from this point on. Be safe on your military exercises(ty for your service) and hoping whatever happens that your story ends in extreme happiness. best of luck bro :)
  13. Welcome to the hideout Walt and thank you sir for your military service!!
  14. no advise from me. Just an observation- HE came to YOU for advise about an intensely personal and awkward subject!!! It would seem that you and your son have the kind of relationship all members of Dads Hideout should strive for. Well done Dad!!
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