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  1. LordGrog

    Ingame Character Names & Servers

    Dunno if folks still play but I returned (from a few weeks after release). Still trying to get acclimated again.. but I'm actually have quite a bit of fun just through the story. All my characters are on Jedi Covenant Kordanis - Mercenary Xethanis - Operative Amorana - Sith Assassin
  2. LordGrog

    Steam Group made and waiting for members

    Invite me to the group please: Jack Package
  3. LordGrog

    Ark Survival Evolved???

    So is anyone playing Ark? Been playing for a few days now and it's quite addictive. I found a private PVE server I've been playing on (I'm not a pvper). If anyone looking for a server I'm on SerenityReborn server (pw is Vegas123) ... it's low pop now.
  4. LordGrog

    Elite Dangerous

    I just purchased Elite Dangerous (https://www.elitedangerous.com/)last night.. I have a flight stick on it's way from Amazon.. I remember playing Elite ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_%28video_game%29 ) back in the 80's. I spent A LOT of time playing that game.. Has anyone played, playing, or going to play?
  5. LordGrog

    Dropping weight w/o gyms

    7 months to get where I am now. These last 10lbs are going extremely slow.
  6. LordGrog

    Dropping weight w/o gyms

    I know this thread is a bit old but I wanted to chime in. I've lost 40lbs so far. Here is what I did... it worked for me. That's all I can say. 1. Track everything you eat/drink. I used www.myfitnesspal.com a. On myfitnesspal calculate your goals/macros (e.g. daily carbs, protein, & fat as well as your daily calories) 2. Weigh your food. It's the only way to get accurate results. You can get cheap ol' kitchen scale for like $15 3. Cut out sugar, carbs, alcohol. 4. Cut out Fastfood. 5. Use smaller plates at home. (i.e. reduce portion sizes) 6. Find a healthy snack food for when you get cravings. (Radishes were my go to for a while) 6. Join subreddit http://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/ After a few months of tracking my food.. I can now control my weight just from experience knowing what I can and can't eat and how much I can and can't eat. I've dropped 40 so far, I have another 10 to go.
  7. LordGrog

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    In game i'm LordGrog89
  8. LordGrog

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hello dads... I've been away for a while and I'm back for as long as things allow. Wondering if I could get back in the DOH clan. much thanks! -Greg
  9. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    You can send Kordan a tell or post your name here and I'll check on ya also..
  10. LordGrog

    Archeage craft help

    If I can find space to put down a farm I'll set it it guild access and give you the location. That will probably be a bit until the initial wave of people die off and the plots open back up. If you get a real urge to get those done let me know and I can just buy the crap. -Kordan
  11. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    There are so many options.. I would suggest taking a look here: http://arche-base.com/builds/search?types=&roles=&level=&t5=5&t10=10
  12. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    Brave Newbies are working toward becoming a pirate faction. We raided a farm last night and took over 1600 logs.. ships are next on our agenda.. join if ya want.. These guys are all ex Eve players and run a pretty organized group.
  13. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    I've joined Brave Newbies (they were a big guild in Eve Online).. if anyone wants to join send Kordan a tell. We can start a Dads family so we can do things like share House, Farm, Crafting resources.
  14. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    Pirates can be either western or eastern. Open to attack from either side. Outcast to a specific island.
  15. LordGrog

    Archeage anyone planning on playing?

    Because I'm a little bench...