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  1. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare and my blog

    just checked your site spooky looks good very informative I was confused about base but your explanation was spot on. now we need a battalion over there for DHO I am already playing to get head start before the 8th.
  2. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare friend list

  3. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare codes

    we can make another one now?
  4. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare codes

    I looked in the battalion/clan section no DHO presence. are we going to have a battalion?
  5. pumpk1n

    we going to get a armored warfare section?

    for anyone who wants to play.. you can download today. Introducing the Public Stress TestOn the 24th and 25th of September, 2015, the players will for the first time have the opportunity to test Armored Warfare without the Early Access requirement during the Stress Test phase of Armored Warfare testing. Starting time: Thursday, 08:00 CEST (Thursday 12:00 PDT) Ending time: Saturday, 08:00 CEST (Friday 12:00 PDT)
  6. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare codes

    is this thread dead? I still have one key..
  7. pumpk1n

    Armored Warfare code

    ok mr linford key sent to you check your message.
  8. I have 1 early access code to give to whoever wants one. first pmers get them... PumP I have one left get it while its hot..
  9. pumpk1n

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    well i have posted many times for an invite with no reply. Reason?
  10. pumpk1n

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hello, I was in DHO2 somehow I left from the wot site can I get a re invite? Thanks I have been playing wot for 2 years and am currently in closed beta for armored warfare. I am 47 I have 2 children I am in Dallas Texas born and bred here. _pumpK1N_
  11. pumpk1n

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi all, I need a re invite some how I left dho2 drunk maybe I have no idea i was in 2 days ago and now gone. too much captain morgan bah. I miss bumpkin Thanks pump
  12. I plan on playing it will DHO be making a section for this?
  13. pumpk1n

    GTX 970 card ??

    any other players here running a 970 card? reason I ask mine is running at 70c when playing wot fan is quite loud rpm is running at 2100 im on high graphics 29in monitor I read while playing games it does go to 77c with a load my old 780gtx was quiet ran 55c any input much would be great.
  14. pumpk1n

    Possible Wife of the Year

    she is a good wife indeed but i am betting your a good man this is why she did it and says have a good time blowing up poop. congrats on your 11th I am not married my lady and I been together 6 yrs next month. she has bought me 1 yr of premium time 2o premium tanks probably 1000.00 in gold.