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  1. Hit me up if ya'll see me on. Need people to run the Prison of Elders and Nightfalls or Strikes. I won't run everything, every week though. I think that's what burned me out before. It's just a game after all, not a job.
  2. Hopped in to see House of Wolves. I will say, I like these better than the Crota storyline. Feel a little lost (learning new nuances) and slow, but hopefully it doesn't take too long to get my groove back. This is my first lengthy time playing since Christmas...
  3. Finished the Main Storyline... At level 35. While there is stuff to do, it's mostly running from map point to map point... I did find more Witcher Gear Scavenger Hunts that are suggested level 34, but I don't see a use for these sword schematics that are 42-46... After the main quest is done leveling is slow. Running all day and still haven't hit 36 because all these low level quests give almost zero expirience points.
  4. The armor I got for the Master Armorer quest was level 27 and I was level 25. I started the Isle of Mists quest thinking I wouldn't be able to use it... By the time I hit the Battle of Kaer Morhin (which is all main quest stuff) I was level 27! Not sure if it skipped me up just so I could use the armor of if the main quest line just gives that much experience points that quickly, but it worked out perfectly. I'm level 33, and still haven't found significantly better Medium armor. Plenty of Heavy stuff, but I don't care for much of the heavy armor, and I unlocked the stat bonus for medium gear with my ability points, so it would be a shame to waste the bonus not wearing all Medium gear.
  5. I don't know if there is another "Master Blacksmith". The whole Hattori quest was long and then his "Awesome sword" lasted me a day before I had something much better... But I do use him to craft my new swords now.
  6. That would be my biggest complaint... The quests don't seem to level up. It was "recommended" to got to Skellige for the main quest at level 16, so I went at 17-18, then I get a bunch of quests for 14??? Seems odd. But overall, it's a minor complaint. I keep one trophy of each different bonus that I've seen, but they do take up too much space to hang on to all of them. I've avoided looking anything up trying to find specific schematics or do determine outcomes... I plan to start again on a higher difficultly and make some different decisions just to see how much changes... But that is a ways off yet.
  7. Hit level 33 last night... Got level 37 swords made and ready to roll... Hope they release an area with higher beasts. Haven't found many threatening since level 28/29. Gotta say, I'm enjoying the main quest (other than playing as Ciri - spend all this time learning Geralt then they change the mechanics/powers for her) but I am afraid to finish it... After finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition it felt different, like there was nothing else to do.
  8. I've gotten Mastercrafted Ursine (Heavy) Witcher Gear schematics.... Level 31. The problem being, you need the basic schematic, then the enhanced schematic to make the lower level gear. You need the standard piece in inventory, to make enhanced, then the enhanced piece to make the Master. Looking for Master crafted Griffin gear schematics (if they exist). I'm carrying around the enhanced set, even though I have better armor on now, just in case. By the way, is there someplace you can by a potion or something that allows you to reset your ability points? I think I remember seeing it... But I could be mis-remembering.
  9. If I had known the kids would live, I would've sacrificed the tree spirit thing... I was hoping that saving it would hurt the witches. Unlocking the Master Blacksmith (Hattori) is a bit of a let down, he doesn't have the greatest inventory or schematics, but he can make all the Master swords... I don't recall another Master Blacksmith anywhere in my travels.
  10. If you blasted through White Orchard... Go back! There are 7 places of power/ability points to be had! I walked around, level 28 and one hit killed everything, traveling to each question mark on the map. Doesn't take long at higher level, and can improve a number of abilities. Now, I'm 32, but have sword/armor schematics in the 44-46 range. Something to shoot for...
  11. I hit level 15 yesterday... I don't get to play much during the week... So much fun! Got the Griffin (medium) Witcher gear. I usually die a few times each boss until I figure out the strategy because I don't listen to instructions so good. So much to do...
  12. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but watched my son for a bit... The graphics are phenomenal! Fantastic looking game.
  13. If The Order:1886 is a free game, two weeks after release, I will never pre-order or buy a game during the first month or release again...
  14. My son completed a first run though of the story over the weekend. It just feels too short to me. The graphics and voice acting are top notch though! I just wish it was a more open world.
  15. Been playing... While it's fun, it's very lineal. There is no exploring, no going off track, very limited weapon choices... Default setting (medium) is not difficult at all... The artwork and graphics are very well done. But, overall it's a bit of a letdown.
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