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  1. DEWEY_96_

    The Division in Free to Play for a limited time

    Can we get a Division/Division 2 channel in Discord? I just preordered Division 2 and am playing the private Beta and really enjoying it.
  2. DEWEY_96_

    Update 0.8.0

    Jingles did a vid and claims a hot fix is coming out to balance it per WoWS on Reddit. I can't find anything though. Fix seems like a CV nerf by removing the "F" key abuse and moving more D/T for short and mid range AA including possibly killing planes off. You really need to watch the vid as it shows how to abuse CV play... especially the tier X Jap CV which they are calling a "flying Shimikaze" due to the fact you can spam torps out of AA range. Ichase shows that abuse to full effect in his vid... Problem is I don't buy the whole "AA isn't working" BS... It has it's quirks and there are fixes to be made, but they need to keep the nerf bat small this time around or they'll kill off CV's again. Reddit PSA by Octavian:
  3. DEWEY_96_

    Update 0.8.0

    At first I disliked the changes... Between what I was seeing with playing both CV's and non-CV's, there were a lot of inconsistency. Now that I kinda sat down and MADE myself play this weekend I'm actually starting to let it grow on me. Things I'm learning--- My Lexington was a PIG at first... was lucky if I could get an attack off... then I upgraded the planes... and WOW what a difference... had a 100k damage game my next time out... and that was a tier X fight. CV-wise I learned that #1- pick out lone targets... you can go after someone in a group but be prepared that once you make the initial run you'll probably lose your squadron to AA... #2- As much as the "F" key is being bemoaned as an "escape trick" for CV's, it's a needed one. If I make a run and suddenly realize I over committed, then I can "F" key out and hopefully save part of my squadron to return for the next flight... yes, the "no damage after F keying out" is a little OP... but I don't want WG to nerf it completely. Maybe a deal like the old fighter squadron disengage type deal... you can disengage at any time but if you still have weapons to drop then you automatically use "X %" of your remaining squadron... so if I go in with 9 and only do one attack with 3 planes then I'll lose 50% of the squadron for disengaging... because for as long as the reload is on squadrons if you lose a whole squadron in can be a LONG time to replenish it and able to attack at full strength again. If the AA wasn't so damn powerful, especially AFTER a run, which is when I seem to get the crap smacked out of me, then I'd be a little more forgiving... but the catch is that if you get a BB player and manage to catch the side of the ship that isn't AA concentrated, then you'll fly into it on the way out and get blitzed. #3- You can really dodge the long range AA "bursts"... just be smart about it. AA shields have gaps you can maneuver through... you just have to find them... and some AA layouts barely have gaps (US AA cruisers). Honestly, the one and only thing I would change is to have CV NON attacking planes in a flight to pull away from the danger zone and wait outside it... then get rid of the "F" return key as an option... the problem is that if you fly into an attack, you drag the entire squadron with you.... and I don't like that. I'm learning to like the CV play as I mess with it more... For non-CV play there is a new dynamic that has come into play that I absolutely love... TEAMWORK. If you run a flank by yourself, you'll get singled out by a CV and blitzed... but run with a group and the combined AA can really make it a pain in the butt for attacking CV's. I had a Ryujo game last night that had 2 BB's and an Atlanta sitting together... the best I could do against that group was a high speed pass with rocket fighters... anything else and I was done before I got a shot off... all because they teamed up together. CV's attacking a grouped set of ships will get pounded. I just can't remember how often you'd see a BB or CA run off down a flank by itself and be a total loss to the team as it was totally out of position... now they'll get punished for lone-wolfing it. I know DD's are really complaining... and I can see their gameplay is a lot more difficult now... spend a lot of time dodging the initial rocket attacks, but it seems as games get farther along CV's start working TB's and DB's against bigger targets and DD's get left alone... plus AA on DD's is still pretty nasty and you can't hover over a DD to light it without getting the crap knocked out of you by short range AA... and once the attack is over, the planes go away... and spotting range is pretty tight now for DD's from the air... on more than one occasion I've been too late to start an attack run by the time I spot a DD... There are fixes to be made, for sure, but I think as this starts to calm down you'll see the old meta come back... there will be a select group of really good CV players running around at tiers 8 and 10, a ton of CV try hards at lower tiers, and for the most part you'll get a non-CV game... it may be a little more common in seeing CV's, but I think once the "polish" has rubbed off it will die down close to what it was. Maybe my biggest beef is those who are complaining about how good CV's are after the re-work.... honestly I challenge those people to play at least 30 games, 15 in tier 6 and 15 in tier 8 and find out how hard it really is when up-tiered to be effective. I would guess that CV players are seeing 1 out 4 games where they are doing over 50K damage and being overly effective in a match... the other games the opposing team is too bunched up or too high tier AA to be overly effective against.
  4. DEWEY_96_

    When you're fooling around...

    So I know a lot of us aren't playing this much... however I find it enjoyable to jump into it every now and again... I just got a new gaming rig and wanted to check out the graphics... which BTW I'm maxed on settings and running 160fps OMG is it nice looking... Like my third battle this morning and I do this.... I don't play much but I don't think I've ever seen so many medals or awards in any of my tanks, ships, or planes games!!!
  5. DEWEY_96_

    Gaming Rig advice request (Christmas 2018)

    So, new rig is ordered- Cyberpower PC - I7-8700K on a Z390 board, 16 gig of DDR4, GTX1080, 700w gold rated PSU, liquid cooled case. More than enough for now and easily upgradable to RTX boards down the road. Way over my budget, but made an agreement with the wife on a payment plan... Got a $40 gaming mouse for $5, a $75 Keyboard for $5, and a $40 wifi card for $5 through black friday deals. Gotta get a new monitor, though... luckily the black friday sales at Cyber power gave me $100 in AMEX gift cards for getting the 1080 and the 8700K. Entire system is able to be OC'd by 30% if desired. 120 fps guaranteed at 1080p on most brand new games out there. Good deal all the way around and I feel like I have a rig that will last me 5-10 years with very minor upgrades. Really caught a lot of discounts on a lot of the components through the Cyberpower builder.
  6. DEWEY_96_

    Gaming Rig advice request (Christmas 2018)

    Ayle- I wish I had the "gumption" to assemble my own rig- you have a great setup put together there... I might only add liquid cooling due to heat concerns. My big worry with a "self build" is that you don't get the support of a manufacturer to back up the build... if you get parts that just don't quite "mesh" together or work well with each other. With a manufactured system, you can at least go back for some warranty support on the whole system. I can build a gun if given all the proper parts, but I don't know if I'd trust my build as I'm not a gunsmith... in the same way I'm not quite "techie" enough to feel like I'd trust my own build of a computer... especially after dumping "X" amount of dollars into it. Mykk - I was looking at Cyberpower builds myself. Some of the Amazon ones are on the "Highly rated" websites I've checked reviews on... These two were on the list as good ones: https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-GXIVR8020A5-Desktop-i5-8400-Processor/dp/B07B6H4GNY/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PH1TZK785K2GSBK8FKQ1 https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-Xtreme-GXiVR8060A5-i5-8400-GeForce/dp/B0757DVF4Z/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PH1TZK785K2GSBK8FKQ1 I've checked their website too... problem there is I have an Affirm account, so I'm tempted to buy a much higher priced system and make a few payments on it rather than buy a system that's in my budget for a "one time purchase". Usually I remind myself about the interest rate... it isn't bad when I use Affirm for a $200-300 RC airplane... it's a little more significant for a $1500-$2000 computer system. Definitely waiting for black Friday or Cyber Monday to do anything... Just was trying to get an idea of AMD V/S NVIDIA , AMD or Intel Chips, and DDR3 v/s DDR4 to help narrow down the systems I'd look at.
  7. Alright guys- No one has posted about current gaming rig builds in a while (after looking through the last few pages). I'm looking for advice on a pre-built gaming rig. Wife's agreed to get something for me at Christmas, but I will have to work on her with the price range. She's wanting to be around $500... which I suppose I could get something and upgrade it in that range... but I'd kinda like to get something that's capable to run stuff on high settings for a while without upgrades. I'm probably planning on being around $1000 after I throw some of my own money into it. Games I'm playing or interested in that I'd like to see on high or ultra settings: Wargaming titles (WoWS, WoWP, WoT), Armored Warfare, Heliborne, Fallout 76, SW Battlefront games... stuff along that line. Currently running a slap-dash 10 year old HP that I've upgraded here and there, but it's time to get something more capable. So here's my questions from the research I've done so far: 1- AMD Ryzen or I-5/I-7 chips? The only real advantage I've heard about these is that the Pentium chips are better for straight gaming while the Ryzen chips work better for those who want to play and stream 2- Graphics card- So I'm totally oblivious about AMD GPU's..... I pretty much have always run NvidIa stuff. I'm finding a mixed bag of GTX 1050ti 4gb and GTX 1060 3gb cards in my price range. Usually a GTX 1060 will have a lower end CPU like an I-5 or will be running DDR3 instead of DDR4 RAM. 1060's are typically more expensive... but considering the 1050ti has an extra gig, is it better than the 1060? What are the "comparable" AMD GPU's? I've never really looked at AMD cards as WAY back there were problems with Wargaming titles and AMD cards... which I'm sure is fixed by now... but still always kept me interested in Nvidia cards. 3- 8 Gig of DDR4 or 16-32 Gig of DDR3.... Usually a big point on some of the builds I've looked at... DDR3 is stuff gives you a bunch more GB at a cheaper price... but I understand that moving to DDR4 you can do a ton more with a ton less of RAM... Thoughts on this? So to close out- Where are the places you can cut prices on a gaming rig build and where should you pay for the higher end stuff? Is there a balancing point for it all? Anyone want to suggest a good pre-build rig between $500-$1000? All help is appreciated- I know enough to be dangerous but not knowledgeable enough to attempt a build entirely on my own. Thanks for the help in advance. Oh- last thing- I've shopped Amazon, Ebay (new only), HP, Acer, Cyberpower, and a few other websites as I've done my research.
  8. DEWEY_96_

    New Carrier Play Comments

    So... after running a bunch of games... here's my thoughts... Overall I like it. I think it needs tweaks. The biggest gripe I have is that on an attack run with 2 or 3 planes, the rest of the squadron drags over the target, putting them in the "short range damage over time" area rather than outside AA range or in the "burst damage" long range AA. So if I target a lone BB that has some AA cruisers behind it, after my attack run when I join up I'm usually flying the squadron into the cruiser AA range... and they get ate up after just 1 run. Targeting during runs seems to run both ends of the spectrum. Torp bombers seem just about right to be able to adjust aim during the run... Fighter runs with rockets seem overly sensitive to adjustment to catch a moving target (as they seem most effective against DD's)... Bombers are very slow to react and move once in the dive. You gotta be spot on your setup for a good bomb run. I like the "return to ship" feature to get your next flight up right away... as well as the ability to ditch your current squadron to return to the ship if you need to take up something else (like a rogue DD showing up on your door step while you're across the map with your Torp planes). Maybe my only other gripes is the specialized bombs/torps between US and IJN ships... I found myself in 2 games in my IJN CV where all that was left was DD's... so my AP bombs and deep water torps did not help me much. Maybe mix them... deep water torps on the IJN and AP bombs on the US planes. Also, the fighter consumable needs buffed. Either make it damage over time or put more than 2 or 3 in a squad and bring back the defensive capability of the rear gunners on attack planes. Maybe as a counter allow a consumable of "scatter" for the attack planes so they can scatter and avoid being bounced but it takes them "X" amount of time to reassemble back together to attack. Really, to me, the fighters are just a counter to enemy fighters. I may, on occasion, drop a squadron over a group of ships, but then if that group gets attacked by both carriers and their TB's, that's 12 attacking planes v/s 2 fighters... doesn't really do much IMO. Also, I don't know if anyone else has played the tier X IJN carrier... you can unlock it, if you didn't know... just get the 1,000,000 xp mission 5 times for 5,000,000 and it's hidden in the jap tech tree area. The US tier X CV's attack squadrons seem to operate very similar to the tier VI as far as torp run distance, rocket spread/attack, and such. I don't know why but the IJN Tier X's torp launch range... or maybe I should say their minimum arming distance, seems almost 1k or more farther out than the US. That means that you have to be much more on your game with leading your target as you can't get near as close for the super close drops. From the BB/CA/DD side... AA is much more effective, but you can't auto target a specific squadron... say go after just the TB's that are attacking you and ignore the fighter/rocket attack on the nearby DD. You can narrow down a side for a 15% boost, but as mentioned above, the boost seems to not make a huge difference. It does mean that anyone who used the manual AA skill may get that back. Tier 6 seems like a good balance, if not a little OP for TB attacks if 2 carriers teamed up on a BB. Tier X seems like AA ships are going to be VERY important. I had my Montana all by itself due to how the game played out... I was teamed up and deleted by the two CV's but it took them about 6 squadron attacks to do it... not because I was shooting a ton down, but more I was able to dodge some of their drops. I also was at about 60% health by the time they started going after me. Now, I also have gone after BB's with AA CA escorts and got my whole 12 plane squadrons deleted fairly quickly... again, this goes back to the fact that your non-attacking planes stay in the same area as your attacking planes, so they pick up the same damage over time hit when in the short range AA area. Team work will be paramount it would seem... or at least keep AA help around you at the upper tiers? I hope they add in the captain skills soon... I'm interested in seeing how they will fit in to the scheme of things. For those of you outside the test... basically you can't tier up your captains as the first tier skill costs 20,000,000 xp to get. That includes the non-CV captains also... so no AFT or BFT to fool with the AA range/damage. The only way around this is to XP the tier X IJN CV and then you can buy the 1 tier skill captain for it (no gold has been given out in the accounts either). I do like how they balanced out players having to play regular ships to repair their CV's... I'm sure there will be more to report as changes come in
  9. DEWEY_96_

    WG Support FAIL!

    The wiki, which is wrong, is probably where the replying CS guy at WG got his info... lol. Any response back Hapa?
  10. DEWEY_96_

    Tier 8+ Campaigns

    Two thoughts on that... 1- Their hope was that so many people had the tier 6 Cleveland that they all now have tier 8 Cleveland.... 2- Sell a ton of premium ships at tier 8. Problem with #2 is that it really only qualifies for the Enterprise if you wants something that hits the cruiser/CV missions... there isn't another tier 8 premium cruiser on the US line (like the Atago, Prince Eugen, etc.). Most of those campaigns (Yamamato, etc.) have required higher tier ships for the missions. They really need to make some set up for tier 5 or 6 and up. Maybe stats show them a lack of higher tier play... but my suspicion there would be that high tier isn't lacking for players with ships... more that the more efficient AND fun way to make money/xp is in the tier 5-8 range. I know a lot of us have commented how bad the play is at higher tiers at times.
  11. DEWEY_96_

    Cruiser Hunting

    Nelson with the 16 inch shells and HE was deleting Pensacola's and New Orleans last night for me.
  12. DEWEY_96_

    American Cruiser: Light or Heavy?

    IFHE can be useful on the heavies too. The velocity of the shells and their "super heavy" qualification means that HE with IFHE could possibly get you some citadels on same or lower tier cruisers... I hit a broadside Monarch for 11k damage with my Buffalo last night (7 hits total out of the 12 shells) using IFHE and HE shells. Caused 2 fires too. And that was at like 12-14k range if I remember right. IFHE is more effective on the 6 inch guns but can be really useful on the 8 inch guns as well IMO. I'm sure with the cruiser change that there is probably some form of normalization for IFHE on 8 inch shells down the road.
  13. DEWEY_96_

    Tier 8+ Campaigns

    A lot of us are just on the first tier of the Halsey campaign and we've decided to just keep re-grinding the XP and money missions to earn the stars. The rewards for the other missions aren't great and they are kinda tough (Kill something, survive, AND win the game... a lot of requirements to earn the stars). The money and XP missions can even be earned in co-op... so they're a ton easier to just keep re-doing to get the required stars for that first tier.
  14. DEWEY_96_

    Get your commander XP !!!

    That would be a reason for keeping them. For some reason my best commander stayed in the Pense, so I'll probably retrain to the Cleveland to get ready for the light cruiser grind. My Baltimore and Buffalo captain are only a point or two behind, which I can pick that up in some Atlanta games no problem. I'll keep the Balti and Buffalo as I like the super heavy 8 inch guns. NO and Pense will probably go though.
  15. DEWEY_96_

    American Cruiser: Light or Heavy?

    Hapa made a good point on TS last night- AP is wonky right now... silly over pens, no damage pens, etc. CV's are also a non-factor (which is the bread and butter of the Worcester from what I read, watch Jingle's video on it where he sets up a training room against 3 tier X CV's). It is a fire spewer... kinda looks like a Minotar with HE... BUT... At the end of the day I'll take the DM with the super-heavy 8 inch shells and fast reload. You can run HE or AP and do all sorts of damage. It does tank a little too bow on.. the Worcester is yet to be proven how tough it is... It's only a few tiers of grinding since the split is at tier 8 instead of tier 5 or 6... run the heavy line and then play with the Cleveland and see if you want to try the CL line.