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  1. Welcome back! Check in with Koudai or I when you're in discord to see where we have open spots at... I think we have a spot or two left in first fleet. PM in discord to Koudai to find out.
  2. I hope I get some more replies. Thanks for the input so far guys!
  3. Hey guys- I have become a little more active in the forums lately... the CV troll or CV roll threads are ridiculous... but they also lack any kind of stats to back either one up. I've seen crazy posts and some well thought out responses. Take a second and answer the poll... ALSO... if you have a suggestion, put it in. I know @Hapa_Fodder is asking for help too on suggestions for the entire game, so don't forget to check in with him on everything, not just CV's.
  4. Eh, I'd not do either. I mean the Smol is pretty dominant with a good driver, but it also gets smacked if spotted pretty quickly due to the "KILL SMOLS" meta... If you really like your DM, get the Salem... you get the benefits of a premium from a DM style ship. Honestly, I just got the Georgia and probably will get the Benham next. I might consider the Thunderer also, but it'll be a while to get my coal built back up since I used my 25% coupon on the Georgia.
  5. Welcome @darkblade2442!!! Glad someone invited you to try it out... (wouldn't know who that was... cough cough!!)
  6. Sounds like some chatter has been going on around The Divison 2... a few guys interested in it. Throw up your Uplay "in game" name here so we can add each other if you want. Mine's the same as my Discord... and on here... DEWEY_96_ I'll be starting with the regular launch tomorrow, 3/15...
  7. The only other thing, if you want to go conspiracy theory, is that if you're using a non-Spectrum router/wifi setup that Spectrum can detect that and has stuff setup that throttles non-proprietary stuff so you pay the rental fees for their equipment. That's a pretty deep conspiracy theory, though, as so many people use better/higher quality router/wifi stuff that a lot of people would notice that and throw a fit. Do you have any other WG titles installed (WoT or WoWP) that you could see if it's WG specifically or just WoWS specifically...
  8. Ok... I had a similar issue a LONG time ago with WoT and Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum). Can you run a speed test website in the background (just have it idle and standing by)? When you disconnect from WG, jump over to that speed test as quick as you can and run it and see if you're not getting majorly throttled on your speed... In my instance it was a similar deal to yours... Game would DC after about 5 minutes. My problem was a combo of things... something about how WG was sending info from the server was tripping something on the local TWC ISP hub and slowing my internet do
  9. Do you mind me asking details about your ISP?
  10. By the time I got to work on helping (Saturday afternoon) we were already into the 1500xp needs for almost everything (a few 1650's)… so great job by the clan... but it ticked me off I couldn't contribute. Mostly potato teams, I'd have good games and lose 3-15 or so... or dumb luck like running my Jap CV and getting every match a tier X setup. Seriously, Notser's last video about the dredges of being bottom tier as a CV are so spot on.
  11. So... 8.1.... #1- Brit Carriers I've been looking forward too since seeing them on PTS reviews. They seem to take alleviate a lot of the poor mechanics/balances of the other 2 lines. I bet you the bombers get nerfed like rocket fighters did though. #2- Radar- help the DD's needed... Not sure I 100% agree with the way the new mechanic is set up but I can see it as a needed balance for DD's... especially considering: #3- Flood damage- So, nerf bat to DD's, especially torp boats again. Creep has nerfed the torp boats as is, radar pretty much killed them, and now if they are lu
  12. No, I'm not posting these results due to how good the battle was... I know where to post those. My frustration lies in this past weekend... I tried and tried to get good XP results for the Clan Naval Battle... and I either had good games but lost or had absolutely crappy games. I had one game over 1500 base XP and I had turned off the Naval Battle option to not waste my tries on the cruddy games/luck I was getting. First game out today and I pull of a 1900 base xp game.... I really hate the weekends.
  13. Can we get a Division/Division 2 channel in Discord? I just preordered Division 2 and am playing the private Beta and really enjoying it.
  14. Jingles did a vid and claims a hot fix is coming out to balance it per WoWS on Reddit. I can't find anything though. Fix seems like a CV nerf by removing the "F" key abuse and moving more D/T for short and mid range AA including possibly killing planes off. You really need to watch the vid as it shows how to abuse CV play... especially the tier X Jap CV which they are calling a "flying Shimikaze" due to the fact you can spam torps out of AA range. Ichase shows that abuse to full effect in his vid... Problem is I don't buy the whole "AA isn't working" BS... It has it's quirks and ther
  15. At first I disliked the changes... Between what I was seeing with playing both CV's and non-CV's, there were a lot of inconsistency. Now that I kinda sat down and MADE myself play this weekend I'm actually starting to let it grow on me. Things I'm learning--- My Lexington was a PIG at first... was lucky if I could get an attack off... then I upgraded the planes... and WOW what a difference... had a 100k damage game my next time out... and that was a tier X fight. CV-wise I learned that #1- pick out lone targets... you can go after someone in a group but be prepared that once you make the
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