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  1. @Mykk I would expect nothing less than for you to have mass amounts of in game currency. I would think the non-classic would be better for a newbie. I think Classic has to have some familiarization as to where everything is/how it works to be enjoyable. That being said, I am having some fun with it.
  2. @mse09 I started playing again as well. I am also on the Westfall server. Have a 11 mage, OldChub. And a 6 rogue, CrimeScene. Maybe we can toon up sometime.
  3. Is the girlfriend worth 5 mil? That's like all my money. I believe them to be a decent tank as I have died to them numerous times.
  4. Best part about the on-track mission is if you play 10 battles in a tank along that line you get credits back. Something like 1 mil for the T-30 and 1.8 mil for the E4. Easy money.
  5. Is there anything of value in this update? The list of known issues is far worse than anything useful they are bringing to the game. just a waste of time downloading updates and mods.
  6. I have raced my Udes there a few times with similar scouting results. Good location if you got the mates to shoot them.
  7. I found no way of telling besides doing the mission over and over again as long it was active. Gave up around 15 times. But got a nice stack of boosters.
  8. I do know how to enter codes. Missed maybe 3 or 4 days. Anyway to see how many I entered?
  9. I keep putting these codes in and notice nothing. What am I missing? Am I supposed to be doing something else? Sorry if I'm robbing a code number from someone who pays attention more than I. I'm just here for the free stuff. 🙂
  10. There is a sale going on right now. Doesn't seem well advertised but want to let you guys know. I have been paying full price for quite some time now.
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