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  1. bigmike64w

    Cookery with gpc_4

    so yeah, no more cooking with Grant?
  2. bigmike64w

    From three 1080p screens to one 1440?

    i guess i am lazy. I do not own a monitor any more and just use my vizio m422i-b1 tv as my monitor. it seems to get the job done for 1080p since i have an older 750ti card, and am not shelling out $400 for a 1060 any time soon.
  3. bigmike64w

    Ditched CPU water cooler

    i found some off branded fans on amazon that have the color i wanted. they spin up about 1200 rpms and push enough through the radiator to keep it cool and pretty quiet as well. hard to find sexy green led fans that are worth a damn
  4. bigmike64w

    How well will you computer work with WOT 1.0

    i have a 1200 watt BFG power supply. that thing should handle most video cards thrown at it
  5. bigmike64w

    How well will you computer work with WOT 1.0

    im not too sure what this means for me. though i do know i need to update video cards for sure (though, if someone wants to send me a functional GTX 970, I will gladly accept one) edited for snarkyness
  6. bigmike64w

    Ditched CPU water cooler

    I used an H60 and now the H100i v2 and have no issues with noise from the pump. if i turn the fans up i can definitely hear those, but i dont use corsair fans on my h100i. overall am very happy with the noise of my system...or lack thereof
  7. bigmike64w

    Derpsgiving 2017: A DHO4 Contest

    this is what i have so far
  8. bigmike64w

    TD-15 3rd set...FINALLY

    finally managed to get this done. now im sitting at 14/20 for the T 55A
  9. bigmike64w

    Record Scores

    Max XP: 2361 O-Ni Max Damage: 5932 Tier 9 Waffle Max Kills: 10 S35 CA I guess I still have some work to do :-\
  10. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

    about 4 min in shows a bit more of the advanced bios
  11. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

    this set of UEFI BIOS gets super nitpicky with what you can do
  12. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

    yeah, that was a trip using the UEFI BIOS the first time. was even more weird being able to use a mouse on it.
  13. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

    ouch, xperiment, that sucks. and SSDs arent falling in price much either. i do love that I have this overclocked from 3.8GHz to 4.44GHz and it still runs about 34C. that i7 920 would hang about 45C
  14. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

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  15. bigmike64w

    MIA Tonight

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