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  1. I find if I want to chirp back, it's best to turn off chat for a week. There's usually nothing worth having chat on anyways in randoms.
  2. I just bought that package and all I can say is "Weeeeeeee!" I've only played about 6 frontline games in them, haven't tried randoms. The Lorr is exactly like Blackroan and gpc4 say. And I have had my winky caught. Definitely don't be leading lol I've found the progetto gun handling has better aim time and accuracy, but the Lorr's alpha scares people.
  3. Thanks for everything Mykk! Have fun in DHO-X!
  4. Third time this week someone has recommended it to me. I think the universe is talking.....
  5. I do this; 1/3 of the time it works awesome, 1/3 of the time no backup and 1/3 of the time you get a combination of snipes from hill and someone yolos. Its fun though. If I spawn south with an armored tank, I've been pushing 2 line along the wall. You spot a lot and, if you have a couple teammates, can wreck the trainyard. The trainyard is a interesting place, but you can't just park on the red line like 90% of players.
  6. Well, I know what I'm spending time on next spring!
  7. Got the T95 so I can finally finish all the USA trees.
  8. I liked the BP once I figured it out. Caer is painful, especially in t10 games, but have heard a lot about the next two.
  9. Pretty Canadian eh? Merry Christmas Dads! edit to add - Canadian Tire is my weakness. Love that store
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