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  1. Skiddy

    Buying a home

    Sounds like you got this! Hope it works, good luck!
  2. Skiddy

    Duolingo - learn a second language

    Third time this week someone has recommended it to me. I think the universe is talking.....
  3. Skiddy

    Buying a home

    The realtor advice is huge. Interview them, figure out who gets you and make sure they aren't the ones selling the house. Get opinions. Talk to the neighbours. Last house I purchased I banged on doors (without the realtor) and talked to the neighbours to get a feel for the area, crime etc. Usually helpful and they'll tell ya the things the realtor wont.
  4. Skiddy


    Keep communicating but try to avoid screaming. Keep trying, it's all you can do. Make firm, clear boundaries and stick to them. The loss of trust is the hardest to overcome, but she needs to be open. If it helps you to see the texts, then they should be shown. Most therapists will say no secrets and you should have open access to everything, email, phone etc. but that is something you need to feel your way through, and you need to be respectful to her for showing. But be prepared to see stuff you don't want to see. Double edged sword there. It's in the past now, can't change it. You can move your relationship forward, but it'll be a rollercoaster of emotions. One day at a time bro.
  5. Skiddy

    Buying a home

    Rule 1 - Not from friends or family Rule 2 - Get inspections! Rule 3 - Wait and ship around. Take your time and don't be in a hurry. Rule 4 - Stay below budget, make it affordable but don't stretch.
  6. Skiddy


    You need to be sure of what you want. Separate everything else and try to objectively look at this situation. Decide what you want and realize that decision is not wrong. If this is a sudden development in your relationship then there is something more happening. If you want to look in her phone, she should hand it over. Trust has been damaged and that is the most important thing in any relationship, even more so in an open relationship. If you said no would she stop? My first instinct is they are already up to something and she's trying to backpedal. Your "best" friend isn't and shouldn't be any part in this. But be true to you; love, kids and best friends will make this very hard for you. Know what you want and stick to it. Edit to add: Nismo also has great advice.
  7. Skiddy

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Himmelsdorf

    I do this; 1/3 of the time it works awesome, 1/3 of the time no backup and 1/3 of the time you get a combination of snipes from hill and someone yolos. Its fun though. If I spawn south with an armored tank, I've been pushing 2 line along the wall. You spot a lot and, if you have a couple teammates, can wreck the trainyard. The trainyard is a interesting place, but you can't just park on the red line like 90% of players.
  8. Skiddy

    The Division 2

    Well, I know what I'm spending time on next spring!
  9. Skiddy

    To my DHO broz

    Good luck Manny!
  10. Skiddy

    I did a thing today.

  11. Skiddy

    VIII-X Discounts

    Got the T95 so I can finally finish all the USA trees.
  12. Skiddy

    Inventory for Insurance

    I also suggest to take video or photos of every room. First, it helps you to remember everything to claim and second, helps with the claim should it need to occur.
  13. Skiddy

    Free code

  14. Skiddy

    A Batchat's Wet Dream

    Nice game!
  15. Skiddy

    Merry Tankmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!