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  1. henry64

    Bad Lag.

    Hey guys. I've been playong WoT for some time now. I've been playing on a laptop and everything has been going well. That is until the past couple weeks or so. Lately when I play I've been getting really terrible lag. My FPS in-game shows fine and my ping is around 150. So I shouldn't be having this bad lag. Sometimes the delay is up to 6 or 7 seconds. My comp did and update recently. It runs Windows 10. Could this be the root of my issues. Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. I took up using double edge razors a while ago myself. I've been using a Merkur 32c and like it. It's already more than paid for itself. When my can of shave foam runs out I'll be getting some soap and a brush. I've used a variety of blades so far from the 3$ a pack Wilkinson Sword specials at Wal-Mart to the pricier Feathers and I've found that the best blades that work for me are the modestly priced Personna blades that are used for surgical prep. My beard is what I would call "mixed density". The goatee area of my face is really thick, cheeks are medium and my neck is really damn sensitive. My dilemma was that blades that could cut through several days of growth on my goatee would eviscerate my neck and blades that were ok on my neck would get dulled very quickly going through the thick stuff. The Personnas were decent at everything for me. Astras "tugged" a bit too much, the Feathers just cut the piss out of my face, and Derby's are similar to the Astras. Although my real issue is that I need to admit to myself that I have to shave more than once or twice a week and they'd probably all work ok.
  3. henry64

    Craft beer heads.

    Leinie's does have some pretty good beers. It's nice that they don't hammer the wallet either. I don't know if you can obtain this type of beer where you live but Point Brewing Co. makes some decent stuff as well. http://www.pointbeer.com/ When I have a friend who is thinking about getting into craft beers I typically direct them to start off with the offerings from Point. Again, they aren't very tough on the wallet and most of their brews are pretty well balanced so newbs won't get grossed out by something that is overly hoppy or strong (to them).
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to pick the brains of any guys who've been playing the T71 and having success.  I really stink out loud with this tank, so any advice on what add-ons or strategies that help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've had issues with bad winrates on the x3/x5 weekends myself.  During that time I prefer to stick to the lower tiers.  I find that these weekends bring out all the high tier wallet warriors who don't have a good basic set of tactics.  It seems this type of wallet warrior doesn't want to spend money just to play a low tier tank, so they're cloistered in the tier 7+ battles. Plus, some people are just more adept at certain tanks than other tanks.  I do pretty well with my Cruiser IV and Matilda.  I have north of a 50% winrate with both of those tanks.  Not so much with my T71  I JUST broke 40% on that.  I have started to look up tactics for the T71 but it is taking me a while to get the hang of it.
  6. [quote name="ratpasta" post="331028" timestamp="1395756022"] Re released the black tub car!?  Cool!  Can't wait till my son is older then it's on.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk [/quote] Well boss, you better get on it then. IIRC it's supposed to be a limited release although they will continue to make parts for it.  The just re-re'd the original gold tub last summer and still have parts for that as well.
  7. henry64

    Old skool games

    Anyone here used to play Mutant LEague Football? I loved that damn game. I rented that so many times from Blockbuster I should've just bought it outright. Also, remember the Sega Channel? I was pretty damn jelly of my buddy who lived down the road from me who had it. I grew up in a very rural area and cable company didn't provide service down to my house.
  8. [quote name="ratpasta" post="328843" timestamp="1394654185"] When I was a kid I was full on RC junkie.  Mostly anything Associated so I had an RC10, RC10T, RC10GT, RC10L, RC12L.....  and because of my habit, I was like a slave to my parents who would pay me to do labor around the yard, or I would hit up aunts and uncles for work and I usually ended up working like 5 and 6 days a week to keep all the cars running.     We even had our own off road track in my backyard because we never had anywhere to race but because it was only my friend and me it was kind of all for nothing.   I desperately miss it and wish pretty much all the time that I could get back into it.  I did buy an XMODS car when they first came out and I have to say, those are pretty freakin cool.  That is until my father in law borrowed it and trashed it..... [/quote] Just fyi, Associated re-released the black tub World's Car. :happyyes
  9. [quote name="Mr Linford" post="330747" timestamp="1395651456"] Hey guys, Just been given a Nitro RC worth £265! Its a HPI Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Dodge Viper GTSR, only thing that appears to be missing is the Remote Control itself. Doh! Not sure what remote controller i need, any help would be great! [/quote] If I were you, I would go out and get a 2.4ghz radio.  That way there is no messing with crystals.  I have this one. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__12181__HK_310_3_Channel_2_4ghz_FHSS_Ground_Radio.html It works pretty dang good for the money.  If you want to go with something more "name brand" there are plenty of options on sites like Tower and Amain.
  10. [quote name="TM Ru22311" post="327634" timestamp="1394157328"] I was doing some cleaning and found an old RC car that I have had for ages. I always wondered what it was but thiat was back before internet. I done some research on it and what I have is a Circuit 1000 buggy, a Kyosho Tomahawk! Apparently these cars are VERY rare and the parts are scarce and expensive. I could just kick myself because I know the missing parts for it was in a box of RC stuff I sold years ago  :banghead Anyway, since the car is over 90% there, I decided to try a restoration project. What I am needing is vintage Kyosho wheels & shocks. If anyone has some of these old parts, PLEASE let me know. [/quote] You could try RC10talk.com.  They have a Kyosho specific forum there I believe.  Anyway the majority of the site is vintage R/C stuff.
  11. I figured I would start a thread relating to craft beer drinking and brewing up in here. Tell us all about any type of interesting/delicious craft beers you enjoy and let us know. I'll start will what I am drinking now. I am enjoying a nice Spaten Doppelbock called Optimator. Not only is it great because the name sounds like a character from Transformers but it has a nice malty/caramel taste to it. Share what you enjoy....
  12. Hello all. I have a '96 2wd Dakota w/ the 4 cyl. and rear wheel ABS. Anyway, I am doing a brake job on it and I ran into an issue with the replacement brake pads. On the old brake pads both the inner and outer pads have retaining springs. On the replacement pads there are retaining springs on the inner pads but not the outer ones. Is the retaining spring absolutely necessary? I've replaced the brakes on many other vehicles that don't use retaining springs at all. This is a dumb question but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey all.  I was wondering how do I get involved in the whole clan wars thing?  Also how do I invite people from DHO into my public battles? Sorry if these are dumb questions, and if they've been answered in a previous thread drop me a link for it on this. Thank you in advance.
  14. That's awesome.  I've never owned a Tamiya but I was always impressed with the looks of their bodies on their touring cars. On the other hand they get some really wacky ideas for vehicles and especially vehicle names.  Case in point... http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXDDGT&P=7
  15. Awesome.  I'm racing 2wd off road myself.  Unfortunately, the closest track to me is about an hour away.  So I get to race roughly once a month. There's a group in NE Wisconsin that has started racing touring cars outdoor with a VTA class and a F1 class.  That looks fun as heck. The thing that always kept me away from onroad was the constant technology turnover.  When someone drops 300 to 450 bucks on a chassis, and it's technically obsolete in a couple of years that can be a real turnoff. Especially in my situation, when I can only race once a month. Those little M-chassis cars look awesome too.  I wonder how well they handle?
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