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  1. Let me chime in here having just returned from a 7 day cruise with the family. I looked into the Disney cruise initially, but after some additional research I found that the TOP cruiseline for families is actually Royal Caribbean. Why, well let me tell ya. With a Disney Cruise you are paying, in most cases, upwards of $800 more per person for the name. Take a look at the Harmony of the Seas, the ship we sailed on. What royal Caribbean has done is tie in with Dreamworks Studios, so the kids see the Trolls, Shreck, and How to Train a dragon characters. My 7 and 9 year old LOVED the trip. What they also have done right in that specific ship is the entire upper deck is slides, both water and regular, flowriders, sports areas, and pools and hot tubs everywhere. For the parents and kids is adventure camp. From the morning to 12, and 2 to 5, and 7 pm to 1am is adventure camp which my kids loved. The ship groups the kids into their age groups and has daily dedicated activities including a movie theater and science labs. We would get back from shore and the kids would ask to go straight to camp. Save tons of money and do Royal Caribbean, and maybe send some my way for saving you so much.
  2. So yesterday my wife is driving our vehicle and I am checking emails and facebook. I see a Joke post that says If you are going down a river at 2 mph and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to re-shingle your roof? I read this to her and I expect her to give me a quick laugh and a side long glance. Instead I look over as she is contemplating the riddle. I look at her with serious face and ask "Seriously"? She stops and says I don't know what is the answer? I read it back to her one part at a time, and she flushed and was incredibly embarrassed.
  3. 15 years USAF, TSgt, now IT Manager for Discount Tire Co. corporate office. Need some tires or wheels lets talk, I know some people.
  4. Happa...having gone through this the hard way, all you need to do is as xJediDadx stated, request a financial review from the child support office. Both parties will have to submit their financials (taxes pay stubs ect.) and a review will be conducted. Very easy process and I hope it does or has worked out for you man. I actually had the Deputy State attorney for Solano County in California call me to apologize for the increase in child support I was to pay, and say that the California system is very wrong. Didn't help.
  5. Added to my family's prayer list man. All of our best to you and your family in this.
  6. Personally I spent quite a few years as an adult and most of my teenage years collecting X-Men and Wolverine comics. I have about 6-7 boxes of the two story lines going back only to when the X-Men became the larger more dynamic group in X-Men Giant Sized Issue and #94. I had to sell the giant sized issue sadly a few years ago when my family was in a pinch and it was a quick sale do to it's value. I will get it back along with the few issues I am missing here and there, and my step-sons becoming more curious about them.
  7. I am on the PC version nearly every night. Let me know as my Tag here is the same on STEAM.
  8. TSgt_Schulz


    As the probably most infamous advocate user of the TOG, I love TOG platoon. Nothing more fun than 3 or more TOGS clipping along at 12kph and the blistering multitap high pen assault that the TOG stacking creates. 1200 health regardless of the damage output of the enemy makes for tons of fun...but hey that is me and my optimism. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  9. Just plain f'ing wow. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  10. The_M00z I am DZ 17 LZ 13. Add me anytime Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  11. Hey Sly good to see you still trolling. My Catahoula Leopard Dog gets his but handed to him by my smallest cat, but then again it is the same cat that destroyed the house. Hope I get to catch up with you soon.
  12. The work/life balance is the most important thing man, believe me. I just told my wife today to take a better job stress wise, with a 1/3 pay cut just to be sure her health remains manageable. Congrats on the job and for the move up in all areas of your decision.
  13. HEY BUDDY! Saw you on last night. I will try and find you tonight if possible. Sadly I have three dogs as well.
  14. Thanks Amos good to see you. We are blessed and have made the best of it all.
  15. Finally got my house and therefore my PC back. I untagged as I was unable to contribute to the clan and did not feel right retaining tags as an inactive. My home flooded 3 months after I bought it, and it was all due to my kitten knocking a towel off a shelf onto the bathtub valve. leaving it running for 8 hours on the second floor. Needless to say insurance was hit for close to 300k in damage and care costs over the last 7 months. With my work and my wife's deteriorating medical condition my gaming will continue to be limited but not gone. If it is possible I will re-petition to be a member but would refrain from taking any active spots if that works.
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