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  1. As said by ThatRandomJanitor, what ever you decide to train your children in must be done first hand and with role playing. Simple lectures go in one ear and out the other. Like fire drills, multiple role playing sessions are required to make it stick. People in general learn and retain by doing much better than hearing.
  2. Hello, Just wanted to remind all the other dads out there to listen to your body, especially if you have some sort of pain that's unexpected. On Tuesday afternoon I had a sudden onset of abdominal pain above my belly button. This was soon joined with nausea, vomiting, chills and cold sweats. This was around 4pm when I decided to go to the hospital emergency room. After being assessed by the triage nurse I spent 3 hours in the waiting room before getting a bed. After being examined the doctor ordered some blood work. This came back with elevated white blood cell and neutrophil counts. By midnight the pain had moved to my lower right abdomen. I was plugged into an IV, gave a urine sample, and settled in for the night. By 9am I had an ultrasound. and more blood work. The ultrasound was inconclusive, so had a CT scan at 10am. The CT scan confirmed I had appendicitis. I met the surgeon at noon, and was in the OR by 1pm. I was cleared to go home by 8pm. I'm now resting with only moderate pain at the incisions. The surgeon was very happy that I was able to get in to surgery less than 24 hours since the onset of symptoms. No rupture, and the surgery went very smoothly. Only 45 minutes on the table. If I'd tried to tough it out or ignored the pain I would have been in a much worse situation in a fairly short time. So please, don't ignore any odd pains in your abdomen, especially if they are sudden onset and combined with any other symptoms. -Lumie
  3. I needed to replace the hot water supply line to the bathroom faucet and the new one I bought had a valve attached to it. I turned off the valve on the supply line, disconnected it from the faucet, and then proceeded to cut the supply line below the valve. The spray of water was the first hint that I had forgotten to consider the result of where I was cutting. (My thought process was literally: "Okay, the water is turned off at the valve, just need to cut here and install the new valve. AHHH!") I had to run across the house to the utility room to turn off the supply to the hot water tank. My son was asleep or I would have been able to go in his room which is right next to the bathroom and turned off the water to the whole house.
  4. Lumie


    Various pages on line guided me. For the most part it involves pulling the cap off the stacks of pins (called the bible) and re-arranging or replacing them. This can slo be done from inside the lock, I haven't tried that method as the clips on the bibles pulled off with no problems and slid right back on after.
  5. Lumie


    The locks at that price point aren't likely to have security pins and so can be bumped. It's scary how quickly someone can gain access through a low-security lock by bumping it. If you're handy and have a couple hours or so, you can re-pin the locks and save yourself big time on the cost, so long as the hardware is decent quality. A kit of security pins such as can be found here: http://www.lockpicks.com/high-security-pin-kit.htmlwill give you enough pins to re-pin all the locks. Could even pin them all alike. Buy 1 new lock, then copy the pinning into the other locks. I did this for our doors when we first bought our place before the locks were switched out as part of the new security system we had installed.
  6. Lumie


    What price range are you considering? Most B&Es are smash and grab. So door, frame and window strength are key to preventing petty burglary. A security system helps as well. Bumping and raking are low-skill rapid methods to obtain entry through low security locks. Ensuring the purchased lock has some security pins will make these methods less likely to succeed. Some locks are completely impervious to these methods but will run you $150+ per cylinder.
  7. If you start by playing the tutorial levels for all the different sets it gives you a decent collection of starting cards.
  8. Anyone else been playing this game? I've been sinking a few hours into it in the last couple days and really enjoying it.
  9. A little background: I live in northern Canada where the winters are long and cold. The house we own is not very well insulated and so we end up spending about $300 a month on home heating fuel during the winter. To help offset this cost we have a wood stove. During the coldest parts of winter it takes about a cord of wood if we want to heat constantly with the wood stove. Rather than going out into the bush myself, or paying someone $300 a cord for firewood, I gather pallets from around town and break them down for firewood. Initially I was cutting these apart using my chainsaw, however a neighbour told me that this could damage the chainsaw and I should use a circular saw. So I started using my cheap old circular saw and it worked quickly and easily. However, it was a lot of bending down and after a while the saw felt heavier and heavier. I figured there had to be a better way. After some research and experimentation, I present the fruits of my mad genius: The pallet destroying gang saw. The saw has 4 blades that spin on a common shaft. The shaft is driven by my 12amp circular saw via a belt. 2 anti-kickback arms help to limit any projectiles. A whole pallet is fed in to the top end. The bottom cross pieces are cut off the stringers and fall below the saw while the stringers come out the back. The pallet is then flipped over and fed through a second time. The end result is a pile of cut off slats that are sized for the woodstove and 3 stringers to be cut down later on the table saw. I'm still developing my technique, but I am currently able to break down around 10 pallets in 45 minutes.
  10. Here's what we got installed on our toilets. Makes it simple and convenient, never have to hunt for the training seat. http://www.amazon.com/Mayfair-83EC-000-NextStep-Lift-Off/dp/B00596IFBG
  11. Lumie

    Glad winter is over!

    I actually recognise one of those locations. The silver building with stained glass at 4:10 is where I went to high school.
  12. Lumie

    Painting bathroom

    Thanks. I think the easy of removing the popcorn comes down to how well they prepped the surface and how much moisture infiltration there has been. Some sections peeled right off without any effort. Some places were adhered better and to get a clean look I had to spray to loosen them up.
  13. Lumie

    Painting bathroom

    When we purchased our house we noticed that all the rooms, including the bathrooms had popcorn ceilings. We immediately knew this would cause problems down the line due to humidity. Sure enough, within a year the ceilings started peeling in both bathrooms. I scrapped the loose sections and left it like that until we had time to re-paint the whole room. While my daughter was out of town visiting her mom for spring break I decided to get the kids' bathroom done. I finished scraping the ceiling, mudded where needed, primed and began painting. I neglected to get before pictures, so you just get to see the in-progress and the finished product. Door and trim: You can see the door next to it, that's the colour it was originally. The bathroom walls were all painted the same colour as the hallway. After the base coat and the first layer of sponge painting on the walls: We were going to stop there, but felt that something was missing. Another colour later: And we have plenty of paint left for when we do the other bathroom. -Lumie
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