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  1. Waisted time, how would you not know this wouldn't work on the NA server. I gues he will do anything for viewers.
  2. Bonus Code in 2 more games, Top of the hour EST?
  3. Welcome Rob, great bunch of guys here. glad to see another east coaster join. I'm a NJ guy.
  4. Hey guys what server are you all on? I have one character on server Aranzeb and 1 on Calleil server. I'll start one on your server so i can join you. My focus is pirating. Let me know I'll join the server. Character name Elveskud. (Main) I play everyday or night Est.
  5. I'm very interested, It looks like it will be fun. Sign me up.
  6. WOW!! Awesome job!! Thanks for all the hard work on this. See ya on the battlefield.
  7. Hey guys, looking to play BF4 360 with my DHO brothers. My Xbox Live is Adventurous1. If there is a Clan please send me invite. I play almost everyday. See ya on the battlefield. P.S. when sending invite, please include DHO. I get lots of invites and dont want to ignore DHOs.
  8. Welcome to DHO, as all have said, this is a great place to hang out and talk to others like yourself. Hope to see you around.
  9. Hey guys, well it looks like my WOT Invite expired. Never heard of one expiring after 2 weeks. I've been on vacation working on the race boat
  10. Thanks BigDaddy, It looks like a great site, I wish i had thought of it. I look forward to the invite, i'm getting real tired of the campers and cowards running after i help them and they leave me for dead.
  11. Hey guys, another dad here, 2 kids, 22 and 6. Been gaming since early 80's. I game on Xbox and PC as Adventurous1 Reads (Adventurous-One) I'm Living in NJ, and have been obsessed with WOT. I have close to 2k under my belt and play everyday. i was looking for a clan, and thru the wonders of the internet for you guys. This looks like a great site and happy to be aboard, and look forward to going to battle with you.
  12. Hey guys, I'm glad to find this site. I have been a gamer since the early 80's, and you'll find me on PC and Xbox as Adventurous1 (Adventurous-One) I'm looking for a clan on WOTs. Tired of the public crap.
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