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  1. Great weekend to clear missions on killing higher tier heavies or doing damage to heavies too.
  2. Cleared another Heavy Mission ....Must do 2000 damage and bounce 3 times your hit points. I was able to complete primary and secondary missions in the T-32 over 2700 damaged and bounced near 5200. Leaves 2 heavy missions and two medium missions for the T-55A
  3. Not sure if its coming in 10.0 but here is the map! [supertest] Destroyed Škoda Plant Map The “Destroyed Škoda Plant” (Czechoslovakia) will be the last map of 2015 - it will appear in the Christmas patch or a bit later, it will come with Czechoslovak tanks. This map will have interactive elements such as hangar door that can be destroyed by several shells, there are 12 such elements on the map in total, it’s basically a WG experiment. Of the upcoming new maps it’s the most complex and interesting one gameplay-wise.
  4. Emblems on sale and in the next patch they increase some perks? Wonder if they will be putting them on sale as often after the patch? Might be a good time to get some.
  5. If the upcoming patch has increase perks with the emblems. Emblems are on sale this weekend.
  6. On Track is back! The US turreted tank destroyer line features many excellent vehicles, from the fast-firing M10 Wolverine and the speedy Hellcat to our featured On Track vehicle, the tier X T110E4. Armed with a deadly 155mm cannon and boasting nearly as much armor as the non-turreted T110E3, this tank destroyer can rule the battlefield! In this On Track, enjoy discounts on tanks leading up to the T110E4 as well as missions designed to accelerate your progress towards this excellent tank destroyer, and potentially earn a Dicker Max! We also have bundles designed to help expand your Garage, train your crews, and convert XP. Finally, if you're looking for a well-armed US Premium TD to train your Crews as you move up the T110E4 line, check out the brand-new M56 Scorpion below! Specials/Discounts | Missions New Vehicle: M56 Scorpion Starts Monday October 12 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET Ends Monday October 26 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET $49.99 Beginning September 1, 2015, there is a change to how earned or won Premium vehicles are credited. When you complete a mission or event to earn a Premium vehicle, or if you receive a code for a reward, if you already own the vehicle, you will be compensated the applicable Credit amount, and NOT the applicable Gold amount. This change applies to the following: On Track Missions with a Premium vehicle reward Events via any other mission (daily login/month-long missions, etc.) Receiving a code for a vehicle that has to be redeemed via the Activate Bonus Code section of our website Some transactions may still compensate you with Gold instead of Credits. Examples: Purchasing/being gifted a Premium vehicle that you already own Winning a Premium vehicle in a live event (livestream, player gathering, social media, etc.) that is NOT associated with a code The Premium vehicle is substantially rebalanced and a refund is offered Winning a Premium vehicle via a tournament that is NOT associated with a code Event Starts Monday, October 12 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET Ends Monday, October 26 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET Select Vehicles Tiers II-V 50% Off Credits Price T18 T82 M8A1 T40 T67 M10 Wolverine elect Vehicles Tiers VI-X 30% Off Credits Price Hellcat T25/2 T28 Prot. T30 T110E4 Missions Mission Restrictions Reward(s) Rushing Down the Line Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle. Must be in: T18 T82 M8A1 T40 T67 M10 Wolverine Hellcat T25/2 Repeatable All modes +30% XP Getting Your Crew On Track Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle. Must be in:T28 Prot. T30 T110E4 Repeatable All modes x2 Crew XP On Track to the T110E4 Earn 25,000 XP over any number of battles. Must be in any of the On Track vehicles featured above 10 times per account All modes 2x Small First Aid Kit 2x Large First Aid Kit 2x Small Repair Kit 2x Large Repair Kit 2x Manual Fire Extinguisher 2x Auto. Fire Extinguisher Equip Your T110E4 - Part I Complete On Track to theT110E4 four times. Once per account1x Large-Cal. Tank Rammer Equip Your T110E4 - Part II Complete On Track to the T110E4 eight times. Once per account1x Enh, Gun Laying Drive This Track Leads To The Armory Complete On Track to theT110E4 ten times. Once per account. Dicker Max + 50% Crew + Garage slot (If vehicle already owned, you receive Credit value as compensation)
  7. I cleared the Arty fast, and then the TDs. I cleared the lights fairly quickly but LT-15 took a few weeks to get the right map and team. All on MM. I have two left on Mediums, Setting 2 tanks on fire or one tank twice...this is tough and I have MT-15 then destroy two TDs one tier higher. I and hoping to clear it against all these e25s running about, but I have to be an arsonist first. You know where I am on my heavies. 6 missions and I have the T-55A.
  8. I have 4 Heavy missions left on the T-55A and last night I was attempting to do HT-11 not even a scratch. Deal at least 3000 damage while (at battle’s end) having no internal modules damaged or destroyed and no crew dead (destroy 4 enemy vehicles). Well at the end of a battle in my Maus, I had no internal damage and 3900 plus damage but I had some track damage. No completion of this mission. I did not know that tracks counted as internal. So today I went looking and I found a video that stated its at the end of the battle that this counts and how to clear it is to carry a small repair kit for use during the game, an a large repair kit and large first aid to use right at the end of the battle repair the damage and injured crew right before the end and if you have the 3000 damage you will clear this mission. Who would have thought? Mission hints for this mission tells about a repair kit and first aid kit but it reads like one of their regular game hints. Please if you have other hints list them!
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