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  1. rewguy79

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi FlaccidUnicorn, your application has been accepted. Please check your DHO community messenger for information on our community. Thanks for joining DHOriginal
  2. rewguy79

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hello LooseNuke and Hexxel, I sent you an Invite with the DHOriginal. We platoon, do some Tier 6 Strongholds. Otherwise, most of our members just hangout. You will need to go to your World of Tanks profile. Looking forward to having you in our clan if you accept.
  3. rewguy79

    4/21 TeamSpeak Changes - NEED CO Attention

    Anybody able to hook me up. I just got a new puter, and now I can't use teamspeak. If someone could reassign me with the ability to let DHO members use teamspeak it would be apprecated. Thanks, Rew XO DHOriginal
  4. Just what I need, another russian T-34 tanks <:)
  5. rewguy79

    Happy Father's Day

    Sounds like my house.
  6. rewguy79

    K91 – Tier X Soviet Medium

    Great, more russian tanks. Just what we need.
  7. rewguy79

    How many clans do we have/need?

    Alass, DHOriginal is very much a sleeper clan. Most of our members just grind and don’t play much on TS. Most of our active members want to just solo or move on to more active clans.
  8. rewguy79

    Update 1.0 Grand Extravaganza

    I'm doing the same thing. Mostly premium too. Just hit 50 stamps and the credit build up it great. I just spent a ton of credits on tanks, so it makes for some nice silver mining with Premiums and low tiers.
  9. rewguy79

    Tank Rewards for Feb 2018

    I didn't have many as I was doing the Chinise tank grind. I had 10 points, so I got another Garage slot. Thanks ncpinz. Go Duke!
  10. rewguy79

    9.22 Patch Info

    I too am grinding the T-10, looks like a heavy but plays like a medium. And the way it looks, Ill be getting a free tank out of the grind. Done, I got the IS-7 last night. I have only played one battle in it and it seems ok. Burned through a lot of credits to get it.
  11. rewguy79

    Black Friday tank sales

    I'm looking hard at the Strv S1....the tank and the garage slot look mighty tempting. And I can train up my Swedish girls beach volleyball/Strv 103B team in it.
  12. rewguy79

    Tanksgiving Marathon - Let the GRIND begin!

    At this point I'm at 12 on the IS-6B. Work and kids kept me from being able to do the last couple of days. But now that I know I get gold, it will be kewl to go ahead and buy the Tokens.
  13. rewguy79

    Derpsgiving 2017: A DHO4 Contest

    Well Im Bummed. I Just got the KV-2 and it would be fun to see how I stack up against my DHO mates.
  14. rewguy79

    Labor Day Sales

    Camo! I just got the T34-85m, VK 45.03 and the T30. All needing a little paint. Good Times.....
  15. rewguy79

    4/21 TeamSpeak Changes - NEED CO Attention

    Hi y'all, as one of the XO’s of DHOriginal and one of the most active, is there anyway I can be assigned the godlike power to add our members to the teamspeak. Most of the clan look to me for help and at this time, I don’t know who has that control in our clan. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Rewguy79, (Rew) from DHO. NEVER MIND. Sib hooked me up.