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  1. This game looks like a blast. For those playing on pc, how does it compare to shooters like call of duty? I have never played any games on pc and stick to Xbox but have found that I get my a$$ handed to me by these young players with quicker reaction speeds. Will I find the same problem with this game?
  2. Family and friends are all safe and sound. Wargaming fixed my issue as well. My pz. 38H now has all the ammo it is supposed to.
  3. Sorry for the delay but we had some horrific weather down here in south Texas and I was stuck at work for almost 48 hours. Wargaming responded to my inquiry with a statement about how players are attempting to use a glitch that gives them unlimited ammo. The result of using the glitch causes the ammo to only use default ammo. Since I was unable to access a computer the 48 hour time limit on the ticket expired and the case was closed. I reopened it and although this is just a game, I feel offended because in essence they are suggesting that I was trying to cheat. I did not attempt any such thing and just want a resolution.
  4. Support asked for more information like Xbox model number, which server I play on? does the issue happen every game? There were about 10 questions. I answered them all and hopefully I will find out soon. I tried to get a free tank out of them because of the inconvenience but they said NO.
  5. Support responded before I left for work last night. My employer has a block on the wargaming website so I could not check for a response. It seems unrealistic to expect me to work when I am at work but whatever. I checked this morning and it still says "processing". OK, thanks for the tip on the picture but the link does not have a .jpg how do I get that?
  6. MTFBWY, did you get your fill of water from HEB? Dead wrong Dale is saying the storm should head our way Friday evening. I am hoping that Rodd Field isn't flooded preventing me from getting to work.
  7. I cannot speak for most of those career choices but I can shed some light on the Physicians Assistant and Nurse Practitioner. I have been an RN for 20 years and the salaries within the medical field are skyrocketing. In the hospital that I work in the Nurse Practitioners are making between $150,000 and $250,000. They work 12 hour shifts and work between 14-16 shifts per month. The two that make close to $250,000 work a little more than that, usually 18-19 shifts per month. The Physicians Assistants are not as prevalent in the ER but are in the same ballpark in regards to salary with the Nurse Practitioners. No amount of money is worth it if you do not like the job but if you enjoy helping others maybe the medical field is a good career choice.
  8. Wow, it worked. Technology is amazing. Now if I can only figure out how to get the other ammo?
  9. http://imgur.com/a/53HWj Not really sure what the hell I'm doing.
  10. No. I have like 9000 gold. 12 million silver. I tried to include a screen shot here but it is telling me the file is too big
  11. I have been playing WOT on Xbox off and on since it was released. When the chance to purchase this tank came up I jumped and have been using it ever since. Every once in a while I have the desire to move up tiers but that quickly fades and I'm back in this slug. I usually use a few premium rounds but noticed yesterday that the premium rounds were not available. They were not even a choice. I couldn't go to "supplies" and add them because they were not there to even choose. The basic shell was the only ammunition available. I touched base through xbox messages other players with the same tank and none of them were experiencing the same issue. Now it is just a waiting game with Wargaming. Have any of you guys experienced a similar issue?
  12. I tried to use the first code but it didn't work. I went to World of Tanks on the computer, logged in and entered the code from there.
  13. I probably should have posted this before actually pulling the trigger but we are a little late for that. Kind of reminds me of my World of Tanks career. Act first and think later. Anyway, I just bought a 75 inch Sony 4K TV with the hopes of catching some epic Toronto Maple Leaf games this season and decided to add a home theater system to it. Knowing nothing about audio I relied on the geek squad to set me on the right path. Went with a Martin Logan system with a pioneer amp. It hasn't been installed yet, should be this upcoming Friday. Has anyone any experience with Martin Logan?
  14. I guess the playstyle I find most effective is to stay back and clean up. The Pz 38H is a slow tier 2 light tank that doesn't go against anything higher than a tier 3. It can take a beating and most tanks at that level cannot take it out head on. I have tried some of the tank destroyers like the Hetzer but with the turret movement restricted I am too old and too slow to adjust adequately. I like the idea of mastering a tank before moving up. Which tank should I progress with? Pz 35? I work the night shift so finding time to get together with a platoon is difficult but not impossible. I also find myself getting impatient. I find a place that I think gives me a good vantage point but as soon as I see the little red marker I am off hunting. Not very smart I know but that is what I end up doing almost every time. If you guys give me some ideas of tanks to start with I will give each and every suggestion some serious dedication. Also, does WOT ever have a sale where I can get a premium membership for a discount?
  15. I joined this forum several years ago but have not been an active member. I have played WOT on my laptop but when it became available on the Xbox I jumped to the console version. I am not a premium member and just use the same tank over and over. The thing is slower than molasses but I have had good luck with it. It is just a tier 2 Pz. 38. Every once in awhile I will try a different tank like the wolverine or the hetzer but find that the play style is different and I am out of the game before I can even get positioned. I would like to progress to higher tiers but it is frustrating. Any advice to start this progression and have a little more success?
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