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  1. This isn't correct. You can use either code NAWINS or EUWINS. The winner of the battle on Saturday night between MAHOU (NA) and FAME (EU) will get the best rewards and the loser will get the rewards listed here. If you are looking for the best chance for rewards you should use EUWINS rather than NAWINS as FAME has significantly better results as a clan at high level competitions. MAHOU for as good as they are in NA have never faced competition at this level and are significant long shots.
  2. Completely normal. It would be better but I played a few LT games where I didn't do much damage but had a ton of spotting.
  3. Really not about gold league. Just the level of competition. FAME sees constant battles against full unicum teams of pro players from different nationalities on a nightly basis due to the continued competitiveness of EU CW/Advance scene. On top of that they have played and beat the top Russian teams who generally have as much if not more competitive advantages over EU. Only real advantage NA has is that our TX pub scene is arguably more competitive than EU/RU but that doesn't translate at all in competitive play. Plus MAHOU doesn't care. This is almost certainly going to be an embarr
  4. It's not. You're just incapable of playing heavies. Also I was in my T92 and Holsy magically appeared in his Hype5 on the other side of Lakeville. At one point I said "I guess you forgot to buy the spall liner." So maybe not his favorite match of the night. 🙂
  5. Typically my best wn8 nights are my worst win rate nights. I have spells where I"m over 4k wn8 and have a sub-25% win rate. Eventually it normalizes but it is generally harder to get damage/kills in wins and easier in losses assuming you're able to use your HP effectively. When you're one of the last tanks left the other team gets really dumb and doesn't mind you shooting them for a chance to get another shot of damage in on you.
  6. Technically if he'd just scored 52 in regulation during game 1 they would have won. 80 would have been overkill. It could be worse. He could be playing pickup games right now.
  7. How does one get those three circle things on their Batchat? Asking for a friend.
  8. Story missions will advance the overall timeline which leads to larger tonnage opponents (including Assaults). IIRC you aren't going to see assault mechs in side-missions until you see one in a story mission. Also just as a friendly reminder make sure during story missions you save frequently. There is a later story mission that is a 'multipart' mission where you do a battle, return to a ship, do another battle. However if your game crashes while on the ship your last autosave will be at the very beginning of the story mission - not on the ship. FYI - F10 is the quicksave butt
  9. It's a fantastic game. I've already logged like 30 hours and I keep getting hooked on the 'One more mission' that lasts another hour. Definitely has the same feel as mechcommander which I played when I was a kid so no idea how much extra love I'm giving it due to nostalgia. But the game itself is pretty smooth and the few problems it has are manageable. There are a few known bugs like reinforcements on missions appearing magically on the first or second turn right on top of your lance but considering how long it was in development I'm amazed how good its running. There are a lot of op
  10. You know you're in the wrong thread to post upcoming CW, right?
  11. You won't. I played it before Type5s, 263v4s, and SuperConq and I played it better than most. It's still effective as long as you're firing HEAT. Being able to shoot down on the v4 and pen the flat of the Type5s and Maus turrets with HEAT means a lot of damage. But it's reliant on bad players not firing premium rounds to be able to be really effective and a tank like the SuperConq is going to be able to just outdamage in almost any scenario short of a city corner. I'm not sure it'll get buffed either. They should have given the gun some love the last time they touched it (they jus
  12. Here's a sample of how to play the v4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249742244 Note how I simply drive headfirst into an opposing V4 and just sorta sit there. Then I sit on a ridge in full view of a number of TX heavy tanks and just sit there and let them shoot at me. etc., etc., etc. It's like that in pubs too. Also I outspotted a Batchat at the start of the match.
  13. FOXEY alum? I had a fun stint there for the civil war. If that's you it looks like we even overlapped for at least a few days. I'll probably be on sometime tonight.
  14. Cool Canuckeh. Thanks for the heads up. Whenever the mood hits jump back in. Legionaire life is a good life. :)
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