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  1. Sarge929

    For those who still poke at War Thunder

    The guided missiles were OP on the Hind! I highly doubt they'll put any Helos in the game after that test!
  2. Sarge929

    DHO4 Clan Wars

    I dispute those victories... ok maybe I don't but still, I chalk it up to beginner's luck and good teammates! Good job to all the Dads who helped in those battles (I'd name ya'll but I'm a little foggy after a couple days)
  3. Sarge929

    Weekend Event: Lair of the Tanksquatch

    Time for some more Matilda love... I can hear the dings and bounces now.
  4. Sarge929

    Centurion Mk 7/1

    Yup, below that wonderfully bouncy turret is a giant sponge. She has a good weight to power ratio but top speed in only 40 kph. There have been a few that keep the 20lb gun for it's ROF but I've found the 105mm to be better as my ROF is still decent but alpha is much better. Tips: 1) Hills are your friend, She has one of the highest angles of gun depression and with the turret I've bounced Tier 10 shells. 2) Her accuracy is spot on, aim for those weak spots because you CAN hit them. 3) Stay second line, she's not a brawler but she's able to bully and harasses quite well 4) The pen for the 105 is the highest of all Tier 9 mediums at 268, with only the Leopard Prototype at a tie 5) Let the heavies take the hits while you stay back with your view range (410m) and chew up anyone silly enough to poke. 6) She can race up hills and maintain her top speed while others struggle. I enjoy Himmelsdorf for this reason alone. Deo is spot on about Arty and anything sideways, She's flat and can be pen'd by almost any Tier 5 but sounds like you're on the right track. She can do everything your Cent 1 could do, only better. I love her and she will always have a place in my garage.
  5. Sarge929


    I think I used ALL my luck getting this result. Next game I crashed into every island and ate every shot. [attachimg=1] [attachimg=2] [attachimg=3]
  6. Sarge929

    Smashing end to a Tier 6 Skirmish

    DOUBLE FLYING KICK! I was just a little late to make it a Triple. I'm still laughing about this
  7. Sarge929

    Dad Bod?!

    So apparently being a Dad is now a good thing. The other day my step-daughter came home from work and began telling my wife and I what she had heard about a "Dad's Bod" and how it's a new thing... A guy develops a gut but still pumps iron and has arms but doesn't work his legs and that's a Dad's Bod in a nutshell was how she described it. I was floored as I have let myself go a bit straight into that (You never want to PT again right after you get out of the military!) I think this is horrid and dumb, a bad image of us hard working Dads and anybody who goes to the gym just to work off a bit of stress. On that note I'm hitting the pool with the kids for a few laps while they have fun. How many have heard of this? Apparently it's big enough to warrant an article in TIME magazine. http://time.com/3846828/dad-bod-is-a-sexist-atrocity/
  8. Sarge929

    Help! I'm at my wits end!

    I've had that happen to me before and typically it's because another program interrupted and stole all my CPU. Check what programs are running at the same time and you may have to redo the settings to ensure they do not run without your permission. CTL-ALT-DEL should also bring up the Task Manager so you can see what programs are running and filling up any RAM or stealing CPU. I can't make make any other suggestions without being there and watching your computer. In a nutshell: Ensure you have no other programs running and enough RAM and Hard Drive memory to have fun. (Maybe someone smarter than me could help you set up some virtual RAM on your hard drive)
  9. Sarge929

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Finally, my first ever MoE T37 1st mark Now I can get off my lazy butt and get one for my M18 Hellcat.
  10. Sarge929

    Is anyone still playing War Thunder Ground Forces?

    I still hop in about once a weekend when the clanners and whiners start getting to me in WoT. Typically its around noonish on Saturdays and Sundays. I enjoy the Tank lines and you are most likely able to find me playing American (Grinding for the M6) or Russian (Grinding the KV-2/KV-85)
  11. Sarge929

    Possible Wife of the Year

    +1 for Awesome wife
  12. Sarge929

    DHO 4 Events Jan 20-26

    Just wanted to give a shout out for all the gents who played in the skirmishes on Saturday. Had more fun with ya'll and the team than I've had in any pub matches! I would like to thank all the callers (Sorry I don't remember screen names) as I learned a little bit from each of ya'll so that maybe one day I can call just as well. Look forward to doing it again ya'll <
  13. Sarge929

    DHO 4 events Jan 12-19

    Count me in for Friday night unless life decides otherwise. Available for Tier 6 battles are as follows: Hellcat with upgrades (GLD, Rammer, Coated Optics) T-150 with idiot crew T-37 with Autoloader (cammo and Binos also) VK 30.01 (P) Jpnzr IV Tier 8 battles: T-34-2 (Working on final engine) Caernavron Let me know what you'd like me to bring to the party. I like to play either brawler or sneaky (Still learning the in-between).
  14. Sarge929

    Non-premium Keepers

    I don't keep too many around but a few non-premiums I enjoy rolling around in. Tier 1: None Tier 2: Gift Tanks (T7 Car, T1E6, Etc...) Tier 3: None Tier 4: Matilda Tier 5: None Tier 6: T150, Hellcat Tier 7: T29 Tier 8: Caernavron Tier 9: Centurion 7/1 (Grinding but a keeper)
  15. Sarge929

    Announcing the New Commander for DHO4

    Ready to take new orders Mykk SIR O7 Congrats!