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  1. Yes, clan related. You can certainly have different clans for each game. However, there was a conflict as the new clan also plays Tanks.
  2. My first night playing with the new clan was pretty good. There was 6 of us in the TS channel and we were doing drops. Unfortunately I had to drop my DHO membership in Tanks as well. But since I so rarely played, it was the right thing to do.
  3. Despite the joy I had playing WoT with X, it was time I dropped out. I have been playing Planes for a couple of months and really enjoy it. Tanks has suffered as a result. Since there was so rarely anyone from DHO playing Planes, I have joined another clan for Planes. This caused a conflict with the new clan whereas I could not retain my DHO clan in Tanks. Since I was taking up a spot in X and I so rarely played, it was a logical decision to drop out of DHO X. Not to say it was easy, because I really like all DHO members. Thanks for all the great memories guys, it was truly an honour to play with such decent gentlemen. When I do play Tanks, I will certainly log in to TS. Canuckeh
  4. Thanks Mykk. I was not sure how others would feel about my decision. I will certainly keep monitoring and posting here. My friends list in game also will not change, so I can still fly with DHO members.
  5. I have joined another clan. They allowed you to log into TS without being a member. I thought this was a great idea to see if people are actually playing, how they interact and get a feel for the clan members. I won't post who I have joined as I don't think that is appropriate on a DHO website. However, if anyone is interested, please send a private message. I will keep coming here due to still being a DHO member in Tanks.
  6. I know there is another thread with discussion about a clan, but I thought I would start a fresh one. From what I see while playing, there is only about 6 of us that seem to play regularly. I rarely see anyone in the WP TS channel. I don't mean to rant, just pointing out the obvious. When I play a Massive Multiplayer game, I am looking for teamwork with friendly like-minded friends. My options seem to be: Start a DHO clan. This costs gold, not much, but a cost none the less. I am sure about a dozen people from DHO will join, but ultimately I feel there will rarely be anyone playing when I am on simply due to the low number of DHO members playing planes. Return to Tanks, especially with the new graphics coming on March 20th, this will hold my interest for a couple of months, but I will probably get the urge to play planes again Join another clan As you can see, I will probably join another clan. If I do find a good clan, is there anyone that would like to join me? I am open to discussion.
  7. It was a zip file. I have added it to this comment. I'm not sure it will load though. If not, send me a private message with your email and I will send it that way. WGCheck_EN (1).zip
  8. I purchased a new plane (Tier 9 Attacker) and I could only see and play the one plane. I have had this before where I can only see one plane in my hangar. If I choose another plane I hear the noise, but plane image will not change. If I play a battle in that plane, I will be able see my planes normally in the hangar. However, this time nothing worked, playing the plane or reloading the game. I submitted a ticket. Wargaming linked me with a diagnostic program. It worked! I can now pick any plane.
  9. Canuckeh

    Mods for WOWPS

    Wow, this game is not sustainable at that rate.
  10. Canuckeh


    Great videos Vikinger. Seem like fun players.
  11. Cool! You even got Rocketeer! Well done, hope to see you in game.
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