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  1. I just bought my son, he's also 5 and loves Cars the movies, The Cars game. It reminds me of the Mario Cart games. I also hear that Car / Soccer game is pretty good I forget its name....
  2. Every time i get focused on building my team to get to 5 or 6* I earn another guy that I'm like "wow, let me try him out (Like Duko or Vader)" Im so A.D.D. .... I need help!!!! LOL
  3. how do you get the guild invite? does it come in your inbox, I didnt get anything
  4. can I get in on the guild ... think the option just opened up for me. 332-664-979
  5. Still loving this game!!! Been playing a few games of walker assault to get the requirements to get the new Jabba contracts out of the way. Hard trying to juggle this game and The Division.. Division takes up most of my gaming time. I finally had to let Destiny go to the way side... I don't even think I completed the DLC Taken King (I think that's the name of it) Pretty much wasted that DLC purchase. I think for now on I'm going to be giving it a few months before I purchase any more seasons passes to see if I'm even going to continue playing certain games. The last two season passes I bought I never even played the DLC stuff because a new game (like the Division or Assassins Creed) came out and I got distracted.
  6. I have to say, for a good game to pick up and play before dinner, I still love playing this game. Helps Im a big Star Wars Nerd... I'm looking forward to any content coming out on this... I got The Division to play while I wait... Gave up on Destiny when all the gear I collected and worked hard to get ended up being obsolete when the DLC hit.
  7. I get the AI cover system battles, but that doesn't seem to work in the DZ with real players. Most my fights start with me vs rogue, Rogue is already down 1/4 health, I lay into him with a full mag and knock him down to only 1/4 health left. He's doing the same to me killing me at full health. I know there are lot of dynamics that add to the fight like is he hitting headshots against me, does he have a better weapon with higher damage, is he using consumable rounds, ect. But for the most part, I can say that isn't always the case. Most battles no one is using consumable rounds because there isn't a lot of time to equip them. The guns in the beta were fairly even matched for damage at the levels I saw. Most those battles start at close range and Im hitting him with headshots also. All I can possibly say is that I noticed the guns when fired jump all over the freakin place with sick recoil. Maybe Im just not landing as many shots as they are. Who knows. I just see the DZ as a really unfriendly place unless you have a group of 4 and the best gear. If not, your just a rape victim. Doesn't seem to fun to me. Also, unless you go to the dark zone, according to the Devs, you will not get the best gear in the game either. It never failed that if I passed someone in a group and I was alone, I died. If I was alone helping a group take out AI, after that battle, they killed me next. I'm just not really sure about this game.
  8. Played this game since the Alpha and I still cant hit crap in this game. The shooting mechanics,.... I just have no clue. I unload a full mag into a rogue in DZ and he hits me few times Im dead. I have lost more gun battles in this game than any I have ever played. Just don't get what im screwing up... still enjoyed it just having crap time in DZ
  9. About got my black stormtrooper armor!!! Right at Lvl 49 about to hit 50... hope the DLC stuff has more weapons and armor skins.... I know this game is so kinda simplistic, but I think that's why I like it so much.... Well, that and its Star Wars LOL..... Play this game like almost every night until the wife says, "really, your gunna do that tonight again?"
  10. is there a list started of who is playing this and on what system? I know most here seem to have PS4 or Playing on PC. Trying to find out who will be playing on XB1 .... If not many, I'll probably pass
  11. LOL, seems most are playing stuff on Playstation..... starting to hate I got the Xbone ..... seems no one plays on it.
  12. Lol, I absolutley love this game. Cant stop playing walker assault or the new map on jaku
  13. been messing with this for past few days. Got 1 character on Jedi Cov server ... Sith Jugg... lvl 38 I think, doing the f2p thing to see if I like it.
  14. The UPS has to be the watts that the PC uses, for example: If my PC uses 540 watts of power, the UPS has to be at least 540 Watt UPS?
  15. Do the UPS's also act as a surge protector? Not to familiar with them.
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