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  1. mdlnewman

    EVE Online

    Hey Growlor, You will see me in there as Caila, Hesprax or Yamu Sorry didn't see you right away I usually have 3 screens going so don't always see it.
  2. mdlnewman

    EVE Online

    Usually on in the evenings Eastern time.
  3. mdlnewman

    EVE Online

    No one seems to be in the Dad's Hideout channel
  4. mdlnewman

    EVE Online

    Hey guys, I'm in game as Hesprax and Caila Amabar Looking for a home now. Just getting reacquainted with the game after 2 years away.
  5. mdlnewman

    Legion return

    Hey guys, I've been chatting with Tri, Loch and Grimm about hooking up in Legion. Does anyone already have a well setup guild that would welcome a group of wanderers? Couple of us have 100 boosts coming and can move anywhere easy. Or do we try to organize as Dad's? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Micheal
  6. mdlnewman

    Blizzard ID's

    Playing WoW again Uther alliance YoYoYoMikey#1576
  7. mdlnewman


    Good to see ya Hapa, I may just have to find some time this afternoon.
  8. mdlnewman

    Yeah! USS Indianapolis is coming!!!

    Is that in bad taste?
  9. mdlnewman


    Another awesome game in the Fujin
  10. mdlnewman

    My wr took a hit!

    I usually pay. But ya know it is up to you. Do you have the cash so the time is worth more to you?
  11. mdlnewman

    New player Q's

    Good info here. I'm a DD and BB captain can't stand cruisers and haven't found the fun in Carriers. All I can say is jump in have fun and you will figure it out.
  12. mdlnewman

    Just joined so Noob saying hi!

  13. mdlnewman

    Needing help guys... any suggestions would be great

    uninstall and reinstall WoWs, If WoT doesn't have issues it may just be the client. Do you know how to log into your modem? If you can you can try forcing it to get a new IP. But really sounds more like WoWs client.
  14. mdlnewman

    DHO Teamwork - Submit your Nominees!

    Yea what he said :P
  15. mdlnewman


    Mag and YoYoYoMikey