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    HarpoMarxist got a reaction from mse09 in Best mediums at tier?   
    He likes to be called the Terrible Lord Krixx, Destroyer of Noobs, Harbinger of the Apocolypse, and Purveyor of Pwnings, thank you very much. And he has to be in bed by 9pm or his mom gets mad.
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    HarpoMarxist reacted to Balithal in Youtube Videos.   
    8k Win8 on my first battle after getting my A-32 back.  They have definitely made some improvements to this tank!
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    HarpoMarxist reacted to xxDerPittsxx in Random pics from the internets (might be NSFW/K)   
    The struggle is real people !!!!!!
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    HarpoMarxist reacted to NeoGP in Dads HideOut Clan/Group on Bungie.net   
    [quote name="Panoramix18" post="351151" timestamp="1409488715"]
    This game is nearly enough to push me into buying a PS4 :lol

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    HarpoMarxist got a reaction from Mr Linford in Tapatalk   
    Yay! I can peruse the forums at work again, now!
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