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  1. I see this is a year old thread but figured I'd ask if any of you guys still messed around on the game. My brother just got me into it and I'm really enjoying it.
  2. Haven't been on the forums in quite some time but I seem to be getting an error when I'm trying to connect with Tapatalk in the last few days. Server error '256 or some such. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry, another question: Any idea why my phone client won't update with emails any newer than last December? My last phone did it and I just set up the account today on my new phone and it's doing it there, also.
  4. My email app on my phone apparently stopped pulling from my dho email back in December. My computer is down at the moment so I'm borrowing one from my brother. So I was wondering, how do I find the site for the email again? Lol
  5. I've had the game for a couple years now and my interest in it waxes and wanes, usually due to changes they make to it lol. Maybe I'll pop in at some point. It's been a while since I've played and it couldn't hurt to see how the game is looking at this point (I'm the same way with ARK: Survival Evolved, as well).
  6. Thanks, Mykk! That did it. I was using the skin that the thread you linked to was about.Guess that shows how much I've visited the site lately :( . I scanned my computer for no reason. Then again, it's been far too long since I initiated any scans myself, so maybe it was just the kick in the rear that I needed. lol
  7. Yeah I was about to head to bed when I posted about it so I didn't do anything last night. The odd thing about it is that this site is the only place where I'm getting that prompt. I also just ran CCleaner and still getting it... so on to the AV now...yay...
  8. So I keep having this annoying come up every time I go to a new page of the site/forums: I know that it obviously isn't legit so all I'm doing is cancelling it. The question is, is anyone else getting it or just me (aka I need to run some anti-malware)?
  9. Definitely getting it on pc if/when I get it. Controller just seemed too awkward for me. Now that people have gotten a chance to get past first impressions and really get into the game,what do you guys think? I know when you look online there's lots of negativity. I would like to hear more reasonable thoughts on the game. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  10. Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone was still playing or not. My brother brought the game up a couple weeks ago and mentioned how he's swimming in Cartel Coins from having the authenticator on his account this whole time while we haven't been playing. It got me thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an authenticator back on my account for when I do decide to try it again, even if it'll cost me paying for a subscription for a month to do it. I poked around (mostly to make sure that I remembered what password I used for it) and found out you no longer have to be subscribed to add the
  11. Just grabbed it from redbox to try on the ps4. My comfort level playing it with a controller will most likely decide whether I eventually get it for that or stick with pc. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  12. I'm still getting to figure out whether to get it for pc or ps4. Just grabbed it for ps4 from redbox to try it out, see if I'd be fine playing it there or more conformable with the good ol mouse and keyboard. I'm generally more comfortable with shooter types on pc than when using a controller. I'll let you know if I end up getting it on pc. Dunno when that'll be, though, if I do. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  13. Just picked this up Tuesday and I'm LOVING it. Feels a lot like Far Cry Primal, but doesn't feel as repetitive. Like the story so far, and can't wait to actually find out Aloy's origins and learn more about Rost's story, too. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  14. Alright, looks like the name is 15xEXP/Tame-10xHarvest-StackMod-25 Diff. It's on the map "The Center" instead of the original "The Island." As stated before, it's an open server, the more people populating it, the better, so anyone can feel free to get on it with us!
  15. I'll probably get it pc side when I get it because that's what I have the first 3 games on... Unfortunately, working 6 days/week for a good 80-90% of the year means I probably won't have time so it may be quite a while before I buy it (also, money's a little tight right now with the wife unemployed currently) . If I were to go console for some godawful reason, though, it'd be on ps4. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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