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  1. Basically, I thought I'd get the confederate medal given the numbers but there must be something else going on here. Can you not get confederate if you get TG? Just curious, Prof
  2. Very cool!!! I thought about going but it just didn't work out for me.
  3. Good thing I put my female crew in this line a while back. The M48 was my 2nd X and I've enjoyed it. Blocked 2 grille shots in a game yesterday in it.
  4. Like others, I am in the same boat. I usually do some of the On Track to get a tank or two on discount. By now most of my lines are pretty far along so the discounted prices at higher tiers makes a big difference. I bought both the Emil II and Kran on discount, so I saved quite a bit. I will be working toward the 30B. I haven't played the little BC much at all since the new lights came into existence, so I only have about 120k xp left over from the 13 90. Guess I better start playing it more here so I'm ready to go when the On Track starts...and grind some more credits. :)
  5. My first ever 2 MoE tank! Might be the only one I ever get.
  6. I ended up getting 2xT28E F30 or whatever that thing is. So I got 1 of those, gold and slot for the dup. I think I picked the Ram II at the 3rd level.
  7. I've not killed anybody doing this, but today I bounced off an enemy and hit an ally.
  8. They really made it virtually impossible to be able to PUG and get to the top-level. To get there you needed all xp and 5 platoon win dailies (17 of both), the 5 BIA missions, and 1 of the top contributor missions, which was 12 kills for your platoon. I was just missing the 1 pt from that last mission to get to the top level. They also changed the rewards and the only level that has a chance at the E5 was the top reward level.
  9. Ravioli or 4202 or STA-2? I just got the Lowe and have enough gold to get another one. Looking for comparisons of these. Maybe even the 34-3. Thanks.
  10. They saw that I had banked some credits for this purpose and tank-blocked me. :(
  11. My thought was that they would be Swedish. Not sure but it looked like all the free tanks are Swedish.
  12. What are your thoughts on this one? I like the 13 90 but is this one worth the money?
  13. I had 33 pts if someone wants to trade. Seems about right to me.
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