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  1. yeagrmeistr

    Congrats DHO4! clan tops 50% win rate

    NICE job guys
  2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3942739#fiery_salient-dafyduck-is-7
  3. yeagrmeistr

    Thoughts on 9.20.1 changes

    Well the PM change with orders helped me finish it up and got the OBJ. So yeah got the OBJ with * lol
  4. yeagrmeistr

    Disc Golf

    Played 1st tournament today, did bad but learning. Tournament was for the local disc golf club membership drive. So check that off the list. Got to get in putting practice in and shave them down. Lot of 2 and 3 putts today which killed a lot of chances for par and birdie. Fun time meet some good peeps. FYI local area Wichita, KS.
  5. yeagrmeistr

    Disc Golf

    So I started playing this summer and hooked... I know some of you dads play. Curious as to how many and where you play.
  6. http://wotreplays.com/site/3668480#stats
  7. yeagrmeistr

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    My 1st 3 MARK tank , the Chaffee the other day.
  8. yeagrmeistr

    M53/55 worth keeping now?

    For missions keep it. It has a faster reload than the tier 8. If you want a T10 arty for CW than go ahead and get the T92 as well.
  9. yeagrmeistr

    Arty N00B needs advice.

    For Mission only go USA
  10. yeagrmeistr

    Premium Vehicle Trade-Ins (Tier VI - VIII)

    Traded the KV-5 in for the Super P.... Super P is way more fun to play than the KV-5.
  11. yeagrmeistr

    Taking a step back

    great news Buddy ...... Happy for you
  12. yeagrmeistr

    Arty after 9.18

    Well finishing the 4th set of personal missions is going to be a challenge......If your teammates do not deal damage to your stun, your just boned......OH well just more bumps in the road
  13. yeagrmeistr

    French Tech Tree Question

    I say grind the AMX 30 now before the change. No one really can say if the EXP will stay with the T8 or move with the 13 90 @ T9. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/537562-important-info-918-scout-xp-transfer/ Looks like xp will not transfer with the tank and will stay at T8...If this helps
  14. yeagrmeistr

    T25 Pilot

    As long as it does not have to be a WIN, should be like FRIDAY. Should take less games than the 30 kill mission I think
  15. yeagrmeistr

    T25 Pilot

    OK now that is more like it......easy