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  1. Hello, I was in DHO a few years ago. I would like to come back to DHO-X if possible, but any active DHO clan would be nice. I am a dad of twin 26 year old daughters who are in college. I enjoy playing World of Tanks and would like to be in an active clan. I have been on the Global map and have received two reward tanks while in Dice tanks clan. I enjoy platooning, strongholds, clan wars, and frontline. I just got done platooning with The_Water_Rat_3rdCID in a few frontline battles and had a great time. Thanks for your time.
  2. Howdy, My WOT ID is _Rust_Bucket. I used to be in DHO 3 and DHO X a few years ago. My WOT ID was davbird at that time, which I have sense changed to what it is now. I have been in several different clans, to include DICE which is no longer around. The last clan I was in, and just quit, is a Russian American clan who only chatted in Russian and wasn't very active in anything. I am trying to get back into DHO so I can be in a clan that does strongholds, platoon, and possibly clan wars. From what I remember about DHO, they were active in pretty much everything. Thanks for any consideration you may give me.
  3. Interesting blueprint of the Tiger's Progression. Enjoy
  4. I would be interested.  I think today is the last day to register though.
  5. Not sure if I need to post yet, but going to just in case.
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