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  1. Qui_Gon_Razz

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hello all ..... I have made the required welcome post and have a request in for X if that is alright. Thanks guys. Oh and my TS is all set minus the "usual password"...... Thanks again
  2. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hey Guys, Qui Gon Razz here. I was a part of this clan some time ago when I was a bit newer to the game. DHO-X was just starting out. I find myself back here again looking for my last clan I will ever be in seeing that my playing time is less these days. Looking for the same laid back dads that I am. I went by Therazzzster back then if anybody remembers. Anyways I am retired from the Army for a while now and presently working in Ohio now. My wife and I have two kiddos 12 that 13 at the moment. Looking forward to a present tanking atmosphere with you all.
  3. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Whats Important in life

    Not too shabby, I think I can use this in the future.
  4. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Military Men

    Retired 1SG U.S. Army .... 24 years
  5. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Bakini Body Mommy errr Daddy Challenge

    Ok, I' give it a go ..... I've been slacking since Christmas and the Bataan death march is coming up, so I need to get going
  6. Qui_Gon_Razz

    X5 today!! Make sure you have Premium!

    True, but the frenzy of a X5 seems to ramp up the stupidity some  :banghead
  7. Qui_Gon_Razz

    X5 today!! Make sure you have Premium!

    Love the X5 but unfortunately the window lickers will be out in full force ....
  8. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Need a laugh?

    That worked for me  :mangoo :mangoo :mangoo
  9. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Confirmed On-Track - M48A1 Patton

    Well it should start tomorrow then, I hope the rumor is true, I have had the level 9 Patton for a minuet now, just needed the reason to move up.
  10. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Obstacle Course Races

    I can do without the shocks ... on the last one the "shock treatment" I got hammered at about 3/4 the way through and I found myself face down in the mud, but I got through it OK .... LOVED IT!!!!!
  11. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Obstacle Course Races

    Just this last weekend Brother ...... I will be doing more!! And I am the dude on the right.
  12. Rock on brother .... I just did the Hotter than Hell 100 bike last weekend and I have the ROC run this weekend!!
  13. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Skirmish 34 - Tier X - Sacred Combat

    ok I'm in ..... My computer crashed yesterday so I have got to set up vent on this one some time this weekend though...
  14. Qui_Gon_Razz

    Skirmish 34 - Tier X - Sacred Combat

    You all mind if I join in?