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  1. Hello all ..... I have made the required welcome post and have a request in for X if that is alright. Thanks guys. Oh and my TS is all set minus the "usual password"...... Thanks again
  2. Hey Guys, Qui Gon Razz here. I was a part of this clan some time ago when I was a bit newer to the game. DHO-X was just starting out. I find myself back here again looking for my last clan I will ever be in seeing that my playing time is less these days. Looking for the same laid back dads that I am. I went by Therazzzster back then if anybody remembers. Anyways I am retired from the Army for a while now and presently working in Ohio now. My wife and I have two kiddos 12 that 13 at the moment. Looking forward to a present tanking atmosphere with you all.
  3. True, but the frenzy of a X5 seems to ramp up the stupidity some  :banghead
  4. Love the X5 but unfortunately the window lickers will be out in full force ....
  5. That worked for me  :mangoo :mangoo :mangoo
  6. Well it should start tomorrow then, I hope the rumor is true, I have had the level 9 Patton for a minuet now, just needed the reason to move up.
  7. ok I'm in ..... My computer crashed yesterday so I have got to set up vent on this one some time this weekend though...
  8. Yep seen this one before, not too sure which one it is but there is an app called "Ghost in Photo Prank" the description says, "Add Ghosts to photos in your Gallery as prank and share them with Friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter and other photo services. Different Types of Ghosts can be added to prank friends. Take any picture and add ghosts to the picture and post it on friends Facebook or email them or post it in any forum and scare people off"
  9. Qui_Gon_Razz

    World Golf Tour

    What really frustrates me the most is I can play real golf pretty good, and when this simulated game garbage doesn't work out the way I would actually play it, then I have got to step back and understand that it is designed to piss me off anyways, count to 10, play with my kids and come back later if I find my self in too good a mood to play a few more holes ...... :smile2
  10. Qui_Gon_Razz

    World Golf Tour

    I can make most greens in regulation and then 5 or 6 putt easy
  11. Qui_Gon_Razz

    World Golf Tour

    If it was not for just two holes, I would be in much better shape for the closes to the hole
  12. Qui_Gon_Razz

    World Golf Tour

    I finally got the hang of putting with 3 holes left to go, but I have got stupid question .... I was trying for quite a while now, try to enter this closes to the hole thing and can't seem to be able to do so. Is there a magic button or what simple step am I not seeing because I am becoming frustrated, ... some
  13. Qui_Gon_Razz

    World Golf Tour

    OK .... all signed up and membership requested
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