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  1. Sorry to hear this Hapa , you have been a fine leader and im sure Koudai is up for the task and will be a fine leader also. Wishing you the best Hapa.
  2. I log in when i can , we get about 3 months of summer weather here so my activity online is down is down, but it will pick up in a few weeks but my time will be split between Ships and Tanks.
  3. I dont understand why WG would do tier 8+ for campaigns its not everyone has tier 8`s . Its kind of unfair for guys that dont have 8`s .
  4. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/riverine
  5. Figure it out you get way more bang for your bonds buying directives for equipement or crew than special equipement .
  6. That`s why they gave you Bond`s to buy increased focus directives . It`s well worth it when grinding up a new crew.
  7. I would be lying if i said a 26 year old nurse was real delicate removing my stent but she was more like 56 years old and she yanked on those pieces of string just like she was pulling on the pull rope of a lawn mower lol But all is ok she was quick enough to catch me before i fell to the ground HeHe . Feeling much better lol
  8. Argh another battle with 1 little 4mm stone that just wont pass ,it`s been about 10 years now since my last battle with kidney stones and so far this is the worst ever . Woke up during the night with severe pain on the 26 March that lasted for about 3 hours had a few leftover meds that helped me . Had a few bouts with pain over the next 3 days then finally decided enough was enough so i go to our local clinic`s ER and the send me to Hospital 40 miles away for a CT Scan and yup stone has left my kidney and is on its way down .They assure me its going to be pain full and load me up with meds for at least 2 day battle and go home for a fight. Now this fight is lasting way to long 9 days with frequent bouts of pain %#$^#&% so i go directly to Hospital ER big mistake er is full and wait 8 hours to see a Doctor and get a xray to be told that stone has not moved and needs to be removed asap. Doctor consults with a Urologist and he gives me a appointment for 7.50 am next day with a 2 hour drive to get there. Meet Urologist at 7.50 am next day and he asks if i can wait another day but he will make sure i dont suffer . I tell him Doc if you dont remove this pain today im a retired Power Lineman and i assure you my friends at work will make sure every time you sit down in your home to relax it will be by candle light for the next month . So he added me to his list of surgeries for that afternoon . So far everything is going good after the third day but tomorrow i have to go back and get a stent removed ,he left some fishing line sticking out of my wazzooo and apparently he just has to pull on it and out comes the stent that reaches up to my right kidney. He better be delicate because ill have one of my hands close to his neck just in case lol. Let you know tomorrow how the stent removal went :)
  9. Designed in Leningrad, its design used some technical solutions implemented in the IS-7 and T-10 tanks. Name: Object 277 Type: Heavy Tank Origin: Soviet UnionYear: 1957Produced: 2Length: 6.99 MetersWidth: 3.38 MetersHeight: 2.29 MetersWeight: 55000 KilogramsSpeed: 55 km/hCrew: 4Primary Armament: 130 mm M-65 (autoloader-cassete)Secondary Armament: 14.5 mm KVPTHull armor: 153 mm FrontTurret armor: 290 mm Front Copy and paste from WOT forum The mention of a autoloader cassette like the IS3-A
  10. Down side -5.5ΒΊ gun depression but that could change before its officially out .
  11. Made a few unforgivable error`s this evening in CW so after a few months of away time from Tanks and playing Ships i have to get back in the groove of things . So ill be getting in some tank time and learning the new old maps ands such for the next few weeks before attempting to get back into CW`s . It will be less stress on the Caller`s having one less noob to worry about on the battlefield.
  12. Its unreal to be paying so much for a PC today . Guess the Video card is taking a big chunk of that price . Wish i had the $$$$ to do the same . That rig should rock :)
  13. Aslain`s has a couple of skins for 13/57 if you don't like the WG advertisement on it .
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