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    Clan wars Asia?

    I know we talked about this last night and I just did not expect to see this message this morning when I logged on. Does this mean we have access now to CW? I hope so I need more steel/Iron (insert Tim Allen Argh, ugh here)
  2. My wife's nephews (above in plaid shirts) are in USMC Boot camp right now with my Son Cameron (blue shirt far right). They are twin brothers and the same age as my son Cameron separated by 4 months in birth. The 3 were close up until about 4 years ago when my wife's sister turned into a very evil person. The twins have had it very rough in life. When they were about 6-8 years old their dad went to jail; so my wife's sister (when she was a good person) stepped up and got custody of them and their older sister. She raised them and about 4 years back something changed and she would not talk to us or her any of her family even though we live in the same town. About a year ago my Son Cameron was at the USMC recruiting station and the Twins showed up there as well they had been in contact ever since then and we found out things about Tami (my wife’s sister) and how she treated them. Some of the stories including 1 recording that we listened to showed that she would pour water on their beds if they did something wrong, one time they showed up home 1 minute late and she took their car to the junkyard, made them walk to work about 4 miles away ever since. There are other bad things in there and it all just reflects a “flowers in the attic” kind of situation for them. Just before their 18th birthdays (about 1 week) they stayed out all night and she was so pissed off they did not want to go back and we let them stay with us until they left for Boot in October. I have no idea how they stayed so grounded during their time with her but they did and they are good kids even over the summer staying at our other nephews house and working there for a couple months he said the same thing they are good kids which is the opposite of what Tami would tell everyone. (which was all over that voice recording stupid, dumb, mental etc…) In any event I wanted to do something nice for them as I am building a Defense Distributed/Ghost Gunner.net AR. Since I am doing one for my son Cameron for Christmas and was thinking I can do the same for the boys. I just cannot afford that much for all 3. So what I am looking at for a cost wise (if DD/Ghost Gunner.net will donate) $400 each firearm if DD donates the 80% lowers I can do them for about $350 ish for each one. I will be hydro dipping the firearms in the American flag which will be done by a local gun range. So I was wondering if I could somehow put this out there to DHO to see if there is any interest. Some of that 700-800 will be at my expense like the hydro dipping materials are me but the service is free. The picture above is the day before they left for boot camp. I spoke to Dakar about posting it he said he didn’t see a problem. So if it’s not appropriate let me know I’ll take it down and say I’m sorry. If there is any interest in helping with some of the cost anything is greatly appreciated just send me a message I have until Jan 8th to get them 100% fin. Thank you Antijin
  3. Antijin

    Romp, Davee and Hap take on Corpus Christi!

    Nice stuff I hope I put my ticket in the right section.
  4. What is the subject matter for the support ticket technical, other etc...
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    I am afraid I cannot make it. Hammered with both dog and car issues sucked my funding out the door including the hidden reserve
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    I have purchased 2 tickets on the 4th of this month.
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    Ok I am sorry for asking this. I know you posted it and I cannot find the post for the hotels. I am sorry. Can I trouble you email it to me or to send me a text of the hotel name. I was unsure if I was going to have the money to go. I did just buy the tickets and need to see if the event is still on since the hurricane is on. Also need to Speak to you Happa about someone and putting someone in a position of making announcements here in the forums about warships.
  8. Antijin

    Teamspeak!! Please!!

    @GPC "It's a game, not a job. People want the most out of the game and that means being in a clan for WG products; doesn't mean they want to be on TS all the time or ever actually participate in clan activities. This happens all the time. " What in Gods name does being on TS have to do with acting like this is a JOB? Oh wait this is because you personally are never in TS. Considering this is a game People cannot sit and chat through a keyboard because they are playing as well. So clearly looking at the mechanics of the game it is clearly easier to speak and keep your hands free to control your ship. What I find most humorous of your statement are 2 things; 1. You do not use team speak and are defending that lack of use here, which you have failed. 1a) you have failed at it because this game is a team sport and you have to react on a heart beat, (which you cannot do during the typing of a sentence like this one), because that will get your killed or your team-mate killed in the game. While we all want to have fun. Winning and doing well is better than going into a 20 min match and lasting 1 min because your typing. 1b) you do not have any comprehension of team spirit, team play or comradery that is developed through TS that creates a stronger clan and ultimate desire to come back and be online and play. This is a form of marketing, creating a desire in a customer(clansman) to come back for more because the good/product makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What no one gets from posting in the forms or from online chat. I have no desire to come back to someone and text my brains out because it is the last thing people want to do is text long postings like this one because it is like work! 2.Your ultimate statement failure is found in the fact that you DON'T USE TS! and you calling TS a JOB! Why do I say this is because of the fact that all you do for your job is stay on the DHO, forum's all day and at the moment someone comes online you recruit them. You talk about it not being a job this is not a job and yet you somehow treat it as though it is a job. You seem to have been looking for more and more power here because you are missing something and you defend your position on not using TS. Well the majority of people do not like to read several threads, write long posts because this form of communication is slow and time consuming. Moreover you cannot defend using ts by equating it to a job. This forum is not a job but you seem to be on here longer than most people as when I was recruiter you scooped up new recruits all throughout the day every day with a total disregard for all the other DHO divisions needs. That in and of itself is selfish and not team play. There is no I in team! You have rubbed me the wrong way for so long with your comments that you know this, know that and not 1 time since alpha have I seen you in WoW's, not 1 time since alpha and I am a very active player and you can find me on TS' while I am working just listening and chatting to the guys because sometimes it is my version of a radio. Don't think for 1 second that using ts is a form of a job because you have no concept of what your talking about because you never use TS. Suggestion for you - Be a Coach in real life - bring a team together driving them to a point where you can see that there is no possible way for them to win but get them to stick together, knowing they are going to get their butts handed to them and watch them play with a passion and such heart that it would be an inspirational movie. Then talk about team speak and spend less time talking about things you don't have a clue about acting like your an expert. People that play these games come back and bring friends because people like Happa, Mag, Davey, Dewey, Rompin, Oggi, Windless, Jay, Rich many others for WoW's and for tanks you have Paule, Duck and so many others that people get online for to chat with because it is fun and to get away from WORK/their JOB! So you calling getting on TS a JOB! I find RUDE, OFFENSIVE and overall ill informed! Last question - how many people get online to chat with you in an old AIM chat room? You have fun with that. Perhaps stay out of WoW's stuff because you really are not involved in WoW's other than on these forums. Again since the tail end of Alpha - not 1 battle I have I seen you in and not 1 time in the DHO chat window in WoW's.
  9. Antijin

    4/21 TeamSpeak Changes - NEED CO Attention

    I will follow up with DHO group and let you know who commanders for strong holds.
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    Nice Dewey
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    DHO Rocks the top.

    2/22/2017 game.
  12. Antijin

    I hate losses like this

    Battles like this that just are good and do not end well. Quality shots with minimal shots fired and had the help of 2 other players and we still couldnt recover.