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  1. Osprey007

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Can An Executive or Personal Officer from DHO-X please send Spazz911 a Clan invite please - it may of fell through the cracks as he dropped his tags last week from DHO6 to join X & has not yet received his invite, unless that is not working like our current contact list. Can we look into this for him please. Thanks!
  2. Osprey007

    November 3 Platournament

    I have a team registered DHO Battle Buddies- looking for participants - password dadsonly
  3. Osprey007

    Is the T-44-100 challenge impossible without $?

    Well 3 country's down, now working on UK, China & France....lets see how close we can get then flip the switch for $$ to obtain the little darling :) Good Luck all!
  4. I was wondering if there would be any interest in participating in the (WGL) WGLNA Preseason 1 tournament in May 6 - 7 2 evening commitment ). This would require 10 players, 7 players + 3 reserves. Rounds would start at 9:30 PM est / 8:30 PM Central / 6:30 Mountain; If this peaks your interest please connect to the following site & review the tournament details. Gold & WGLNA Experience will be up for grabs as a reward for participating. There are 8 days to register with the request that you confirm your commitment by May 4.Team Name - DHOX WARRIORS. http://worldoftanks.com/en/tournaments/ http://worldoftanks.com/en/tournaments/1000000144/team/1000026762/ Good luck on the battle field gentlemen!
  5. Osprey007

    Stand To Tournament

    We have been really enjoying the Stand To Tournaments this month by WOT Wargaming. If you like to battle & are available to have some fun, come join us & we might just win some Gold, Credits & Personal Reserves. Have fun on the battlefield Regards, Paule007 DHO-X
  6. Osprey007

    WGLNA Fantasy

    http://www.fantasywgl.com/players/league/371/ Good luck everyone.....Battle On!
  7. Osprey007

    DHO3 First Anniversary

    It was a pleasure being in DHO3 and enjoyed a Great time with all past clan members. Keep On Keeping On Therriman Warm regards, Paule007
  8. Osprey007

    Regarding Rebel Texan

    So sorry to hear about Rebel having a stroke. May he & the rest of the family find Strength & Peace during this difficult time. Gods Speed for a positive recovery! Paule007 -DHO-X
  9. Osprey007

    New Physics Test

    Very interesting to see if and how players will adjust their play style with the introduction of the new physics dynamic .
  10. Osprey007

    3 on 3 Tournament - 80% prize payout! Win an AMX 13 57!

    Well its the last night of the tournament & its been a fun experience, although at times very tense also. All the best to all the DHO participants & a shout out to SGrant DHO3 & your results to date. Good luck tonight! o7 Paule007
  11. Osprey007

    3 on 3 Tournament - 80% prize payout! Win an AMX 13 57!

    Well it was 2 wins & a draw for DHO United last night, we fielded a full-team & it was nice to have SirSlaughter back in the mix. STEPPES is the next battle ground which will be more favorable for our play style. Hope every one in DHO family is having a good tournament experience & if you have any tips for this map please share your wisdom, so we can collectively benefit from your experiences. Good Luck & have fun everyone! Paule007
  12. Osprey007

    3 on 3 Tournament - 80% prize payout! Win an AMX 13 57!

    Alien Thank You for posting all the DHO family results from Sunday nights Grand Final Tourney...All the Best Gang as we persue GOLD!!
  13. We are really starting to see progress in our grinding as each player moves up their favorite line & nation. The suggestions here explore the suggested tanks for SH's in tier 6 is a great guide line of each of us to review and persue. Thanks to all the suggestions and input from the various dho3 family clan members as well as other clans input 7 willingness to support those efforts. Together we can all have fun in achieving our common goals & have fun in the process Win or Lose...okay more fun if we Win :)
  14. Osprey007

    The Grand Finals Countdown Tourney

    Yes folks please apply...and we will have a great time Win or Lose. DHO3 Rocks!
  15. Osprey007

    Super Platoon With Hapa into 2015! WIN A T34!

    I'm probably too late for this SD tournament, however would be happy to get in on the next one when it is announced. GL HF Paule007