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  1. lothar

    7 Days to Die Alpha 17

    Sounds like fun. The last time I played was with a bunch of Dad's I would enjoy dying with with you guys again and again and again 🙂 Shoot me a steam invite.
  2. lothar

    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    The baton has been passed and I look forward to the future with hope and if not for people like Joey I would not be here. To you Joey best wishes you deserve a break. "Hellsknight" you know who you are, I would not have heard about this great group of people if you had not directed me here. I know this is a new beginning of great things to come and I look forward to the future.
  3. lothar

    Hapa is Twitch Affiliated!

    That is really cool Hapa. I am glad you achieved that.
  4. lothar


    I have seen a few You Tube videos on this game and have been fighting the urge to pick it up. I have heard complaints on public servers of hackers in SCUM and some streamers have complained as well. For this reason alone I might wait for the devs to do a little fixing up before I jump in. I just purchased Will To Live Online 2 weeks ago for $9.00 on sale and have been wasting time in it lately.
  5. lothar


    Thanks again Hapa😝 0 Your Entries 7 Days Left Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region Terms & Conditions | © Classic Firearms LOL just kidding. At least you care enough to give those that can apply the chance to.
  6. As it says here is a link to WOWPS forum post containing links to another Alienware giveaway. http://forum.worldofwarplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53586&view=findpost&p=745471
  7. lothar

    Community! Try Hard! Hapa's Charge to DHO.

    Oops me then. LOL. Sorry for the late reply I was camping with the family.
  8. lothar

    Community! Try Hard! Hapa's Charge to DHO.

    Sorry if this is out of place or offensive. I took the gist of your post as your were slightly pissed off at something. You are always a well centered and focused guy. So i wanted to know what set you off. Maybe I am reading too much into to this and it is nothing at all. Then I apologise for the drama.
  9. lothar

    "Enjoy your Retirement"

    American speaking streamers Lol you kill me FOTFLMAO. Just to be off topic and still relevant.
  10. lothar

    Wanna win a rifle?

    Thanks Hapa 😝 I cannot apply. Seeing as I live in Canada. Nice Rifle though. I use a 1976 Browning BLR in .308 topped with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40 shooting 180grain Remington Core Lokts for Moose and Deer.
  11. lothar

    Community! Try Hard! Hapa's Charge to DHO.

    Can you direct us to a post in question?
  12. lothar

    Officially RETIRED!

    Everyone in the Services will always have my undying respect and gratitude. Everyday you write a cheque that includes your life in service to your country. Enjoy your retirement Hapa and I thank you all for your service.
  13. I am already subbed on your u tube and twitch is being a witch to me atm. But I will fix it and catch you there as well.
  14. lothar

    Vocation Time

    So we get 2 weeks off in your first year, 3 weeks at 3 years, 4 weeks at 10 years. We also get the first 1-2 weeks of July off due to automotive plant's summer shutdown and a week at Christmas.
  15. lothar

    July is AW membership drive month

    I used to play this a lot until they dumped the game's original developer and started to change the game's direction. I thought well there goes another good game down the crapper and I uninstalled. How many on NA play regularly? If things have improved I might reinstall it.