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  1. Can you doublecheck? My streams on Thursday and Sunday didn't get announced. Do I need to have the @streamer role on Discord?
  2. Hello, my name is Toanstation, and I stream. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 PM EDT. Mix of games. Twitch: Toanstation
  3. Hi, I'm Toanstation, a returning member of DHO3. I've starting playing again (getting back up to speed since not longer after Strongholds were introduced). I'd like to join DHO, please.
  4. Antijin, you're not being fair to him. He didn't say that he felt his tier 9 wasn't enough. The problem is that he doesn't have a lot of play time. Play time that is how he earns silver to keep his tanks in repair and stocked. And the expense of a Clan Wars battle eats that up. The reality of WoT is that you need to fight battles to progress, in both money and experience. CW is zeroing out his effort in terms of money. On top of that, he's not enjoying CW. I don't blame him. So, then he feels like he's letting the rest of the clan down and occupying a spot. What you've done and what you've spent has zero bearing on how he feels, except to make him feel worse and/or more vindicated in leaving. To the OP, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. The Hideout are a good bunch of guys, and there's more to the community than just WoT; I hope you stick around for it.
  5. Thank you to the DHO3 dads who voted, and thanks to everyone for their input. Mods, you can unsticky this thread.
  6. While this is true, it's no different than Clan Wars that we're currently participating in. Furthermore, as part of the defense setup, we define the hour during which we can be attacked, as well as a single day in which we cannot be attacked. This means that we can optimize when we get attacked for when we can best defend it. The upside of Strongholds over Clan Wars is that we begin with benefits and only have to defend them while improving them, unlike Clan Wars where you start with nothing and have to fight to gain any benefit. Yes, it'll be a challenge, but several folks want to attempt to meet that challenge.
  7. It's not a specific event, and I wanted maximum visibility to get as much input from the clan members as possible. It's also garnered some good input from non-DHO3 folks. I think once the poll has run its course, I think some discussion between the officers of the various clans (3, 4 & 6, specifically... I don't think anyone's mentioned 2 doing SH). Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  8. I believe you can set your overlay to not show avatars. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  9. It's certainly an idea, and it's been suggested by others. I think the one resistance that's been brought up is people are reluctant to leave behind the clanmates they have in their current clans.
  10. I really don't know whats happening here but its really getting out of hand, everyone keep this up and there will be an admin vote on if we shut the World of Tanks board down, it has gotten close before. People grow up, its the holidays, the whining bullsh** is starting to interfere in a few of our lives around here, even though I keep saying this it seems no one really gives a sh*t. If someone responds to you in a pm, posting that pm in the public forum IS NOT the way to handle it, AT ALL. We are all grown men and dads, I've asked and asked, now I'm telling you, QUIT THE BICKERING AND QUIT THE BULLSHIT, its getting really old dealing with this 24/7, I have a whole forum I'm responsible for that I can't deal with because no one here wants to grow up. When it turns into a job it really, really isn't fun anymore. Joey
  11. Not an excuse. For the record, when I went through and made the list, the one you quoted, there were at least a few that were very close to the 6-month mark (as in right month, wrong day). So, yeah, it could very well have been that when therriman went through and cleared inactives, there were more than 2. Even if that was not the case, as hostile a comment as a bald accusation was completely inappropriate and uncalled for.
  12. If you're using a USB headset, make sure you plug it in before you start the TS3 client. Also, if you're using push-to-talk, make sure you run the TS3 client as admin.
  13. Could an admin please sticky this post until the poll closes? I'd like the DHO3 dads to be able to find it easily. I'd appreciate it; thanks.
  14. Thanks, Amos. Can you ask them to post a response in this thread expressing a willingness/interest? Just a post, not a vote. Part of the poll is that I want to make sure we don't have a rebellion on our hands if we do go down this route.
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