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  1. With the Chicago Air & Water show coming up, here is a great video of what it looks like from the cockpit of a SuperHornet.
  2. We buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. Especially with how things are so expensive off the shelf here in Alaska, like diapers/wipes and formula when our kids were on it. Saved a bunch by buying it on Amazon.
  3. I won't camp for nothing or nobody. That's just blasphemy!
  4. Waiting for an old high school friend of mine for a beer at Deschutes Brewery
  5. At the car dealership waiting for my wife's Jeep to get serviced.
  6. At work and then baby shopping with the wife so I miss the Notre Dame game.  Thankfully, I have DVR. (Let me correct myself... we're shopping for baby furniture and other stuff... not shopping for an actual baby.)
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