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  1. Reserved and paid in full XBox Spidermang84
  2. Haven't been on the forum for a quite sometime, thought I would re-introduce myself. I'm Spider, father of 5, ages ranging from 6 to 19, currently only have two living with me full time. When i first joined up with DHO I was living in Colorado and going through some pretty rough times. Now i'm "stationed" in Iowa and still going through some struggles, but the kind that fall into the "yeah, but who isn't" category. Been married to my second (and bestest) wife for 6 years (just this August), who i have known since we were in 8th grade. You can usually catch me on BF, Division, and ESO. i have a pretty good selection of games I play or have played, but those three are the main ones I'm on. I'm stoked for BFV and a little intrigued by Fallout 76. Want to know anything else, just ask. I have PTSD, but the internet helps with the whole "no biting people" rule society imposes on us.
  3. Do you know anything about the guild on xbox? I've leveled quite significantly since my last post, and looking to further my crafting skills. Let me know.
  4. I'm playing on xbox, but I still haven't gotten a response from the guild. Don't know if anyone is still active.
  5. I'm on the XBOne, right now I'm working on upping my woodwork, clothing, and blacksmithing. I'm pretty much exclusively: med armor daggers axes (one handed) swords (one handed) maces and bows My variety on what i can make is somewhat limited, but it's steadily rising. I'm only a level 36. I also have a few low level characters that I don't really use unless I'm playing with a buddy of mine, who I'll be trying to join up here, as well. I'm down for dungeon raids (haven't done a dungeon yet) and farming operations. I have a bunch of alchemy, enchanting, and food mats I can trade too.
  6. Alright, so I'm not a new member, but I haven't logged in to DHO for a few years. I figured I should re-introduce myself. My name is Anthony, but all my friends call me Spider or Candels (most of my friends are either gamers or military buddies). I play a lot of different types of games, right now I'm on a MMORPG kick with Elder Scrolls Online. I have (technically) 5 kids; from oldest to youngest 18, 14, 13, 9, and 5. So far I'm sittin' pretty at 4 out of the 5 not completely hating me and wanting me to die, the last 20% is a different story. I'm a stay at home dad right now and a student, but hopefully won't be a student for very much longer, at least not an undergrad. I have a lot of anxiety and depression going on right now that is slowly, and with increasing strength, turning me into a shut in. So starting up new relations and conversations isn't something I look forward to, but i know I need to force myself to do. If not for my kids, I'd be a hermit and agoraphobic. ANYWAYS, I'm attempting to come back online to have some fun and change my mindset. I'll be seeing you guys (if anyone reading this plays ESO, that is) online. Got to get my crafting skills boosted.
  7. Wow, alright haven't posted on the forums for quite some time. Here we go Spidermang84 on XBox One Whoa, that was scary  :lol :bananarock
  8. Hey Pin, don't know if you've been on in the past week, but every once in a while I would pick up a drop item and it would say "A gift for pinmonkey, do you want to send it?" I've sent quite a few items, was wondering if you got them. Also, you're the only one that I can send it to. I have a couple of other buddies that play Diablo: RoS, but I don't get any gifts for them. Do you know why that is? Do I have to do something special in order to get gifts from them?
  9. I'm definitely down to run through it with you. Probably tomorrow night, I'll make sure to have my homework done so my wife will let me play
  10. So I just picked up Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition, I have not played any of the Diablo games...ever...so I took a chance. Best risk I took on a game I have ever made. I am sucked into this game and I don't think I can get out. The leveling system, the armor and character design, the quests and dungeon setups, the story, the character classes. Plus you can party up with buddies and travel through the campaign/quests. Alright, enough of my n00b excitement. Anyone want to quest with me just hope in with me I'll be playing.
  11. Has anyone dealt with DLgamer.com? Just wondering.
  12. That Wal-Mart deal with the XB1 bundle is awesome. If you add $50 and get the XB1 with the Kinect, it also comes with Forza 5. So really, if you don't want the kinect or Forza you can trade them both and get two more games on top of whatever game you chose for free with the bundle. I just might have to. That's too good of a deal to pass up
  13. One of the programs decided to run it through Urban Dictionary to make it sound more like a human. It's happening, the computers are becoming self aware
  14. Hey, but credit to Fifty, he could laugh at himself
  15. :lmao2 :lmao2 I'd be like "Sh!t, I'd bang your mom." :lmao2 :lmao2
  16. "I swear babe, I was just standing there and all of a sudden, blow job!"
  17. PRAISE LAWD GEEZUS!!! Who would be eating or drinking during the show anyways? I have no free hands.
  18. Plus, I think that this game was really made with Xbox One in mind. They just made it for the 360 to throw those of us poor folks a bone. I really don't think it's worth buying unless you have a next gen or an updated rig.
  19. One of my Marines was always saying stupid sh!t like that, thinking he was funny, he wasn't. Even when it wasn't him that said something stupid you would always here me or some other NCO, "Shut the fvck up Quigley!" lol poor kid, I feel kind of bad about it now, but then I just go eat something and I'm over it
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