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  1. I am happy to see this come up again. I went to use it when I was doing my solar shed work, but the link was gone and I couldn't find mention of it anyplace.
  2. I have been a very long term member of this site. Lately I haven't been around nearly as long as I would like, but life happens. My focus in life has shifted away from gaming (mostly because there is no budget for some much needed upgrades) to ensuring my household maintenance is done. And keeping my kids on the right track in life. Since I have stopped playing everything Wargaming, and the other similar good games, I find my visits to the forum are not nearly as frequent as they once were because the topics don't hold my interest any longer. The community as a whole has always been amazing and good for any support needed. Now that I have been single (broke up with GF) for a year, and divorced for 4, I have been dealing with the issues surrounding loneliness and depression (hard as hell to find a woman to date with an eye towards long term with 5 kids). I need to make a come back so I can again find the social support I need. Thanks for being here EVERYONE!
  3. So, with the recent upgrade and reinstall on my computer, I lost everything I had saved...forgot to copy my bookmarks. As such, I have once again lost the how to access my @dadshidout email.
  4. I visited once. I am barely near my computer anymore.
  5. That means I would need to actually get on discord
  6. So, I just started, ally code is 322-159-242 now level 22, sadly dho guild is full.
  7. Light brown sugar is used in a few cookie recipes. I have a recipe that calls for light and dark both.
  8. You don't actually need to be logged in. I am looking for your name in TS, assuming you were assigned a different unique ID since the last time you were on. edit: Found you, fixed you. You can now speak, but are unable to reproduce.
  9. awesome. wish there was a time notice for when you appear, save us wasting time watching unimportant players.
  10. Laspher

    no topic

    Good news, I figured out how to go to the first "unread" post, instead of post 1 of the thread. Click the dot, not the thread name....yeah, I'm slow.
  11. Laspher

    no topic

  12. rofl, this thread turned funny. a mod might want to clear out the double posts, and the poopity poop XD. But yay the thing I found is now actually posted for all to enjoy.
  13. Hmm, seems the post I made about finding the thing has not made it to the thread? Awaiting moderation maybe? Could it be because of the attachment?
  14. I FOUND A THING!!!! I saw a "default stream" checkbox. I also saw that you can save changes to your search parameters for the new content. I chose my option (Since last visit) and saved it as "default stream"
  15. that answered both of my questions. I do hope I can find a theme I like in the new layout. Thanks for the hard work guys!
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