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  1. For the longest time, I went to H&R block to handle my filing. The year after my divorce when I filed was the very last time I filed in an office. The poor unfortunate idiot that prepared my taxes that year somehow made me 1) Married 2) to my eldest daughter, while 3) trying to claim my eldest daughter as a dependent. He, of course, knew more than I did about filing taxes so I was "wrong" and the "system would catch any errors" Yeah, after it rejected my entire form he had to restart. Management came over to see what was going on and I demanded a different preparer. From that time I have filed my own. I have kids, get the child tax credit and EIC. I am also a homeowner. I still don't have enough deductions to itemize. With the changes in tax law I was even farther away from itemizing. I do use the homeowners version at like $45 per year for the software.
  2. So, I was part of something wonderful for those with younger children. I assisted in the illustration of a children's book (I gave feedback and suggestions to improve the illustrations for the book) that my mother has written. It is for sale at Barns and Nobel, and Amazon (currently out of stock). The title is There's an Elephant on My Nose by Lyda Gladbach
  3. I am happy to see this come up again. I went to use it when I was doing my solar shed work, but the link was gone and I couldn't find mention of it anyplace.
  4. I have been a very long term member of this site. Lately I haven't been around nearly as long as I would like, but life happens. My focus in life has shifted away from gaming (mostly because there is no budget for some much needed upgrades) to ensuring my household maintenance is done. And keeping my kids on the right track in life. Since I have stopped playing everything Wargaming, and the other similar good games, I find my visits to the forum are not nearly as frequent as they once were because the topics don't hold my interest any longer. The community as a whole has always been amazing and good for any support needed. Now that I have been single (broke up with GF) for a year, and divorced for 4, I have been dealing with the issues surrounding loneliness and depression (hard as hell to find a woman to date with an eye towards long term with 5 kids). I need to make a come back so I can again find the social support I need. Thanks for being here EVERYONE!
  5. Talk to him, find out why he is acting this way. Have there been any changes around the house, new pet, lost a pet, different laundry detergent?
  6. It is going to be fun. Where I work, we use a lot of imported Aluminum extrusions. Further, a large portion of our product is sold to Canadian businesses. We are dealing with a major influx of business, so much so that in the last year, we have gone from making 12 units per week to 30, and there is talk of going to 45 units per week. That means an increase from 100 jobs, to 150+. If this ends up being a trade war, I could be out of a job.
  7. Sounds like the same stuff everyone deals with really. I work for Wilson Trailer, building our 5th wheel flatbed trailers. Our actual engineers are in Iowa, while we have 3 draftsmen in our plant. I have pointed out errors on prints, which our draftsmen have corrected. The engineers see the correction later and "correct" it again, making it wrong. The draftsmen call the engineers about the error reappearing on a different trailer, and are then told that there is nothing wrong. We then have to get a camera and take pictures of what is wrong to email to Iowa. 3 months later the idiots in Iowa finally get around to looking at and correcting the problem which was already corrected by the draftsmen multiple times. I am just a simple line worker, responsible for installing lights and some options for the trailers. I spend 5 minutes looking over options, checking prints, and then up to an hour dealing with engineering errors. I then mark up copies of the prints noting what parts were wrong, the correct parts to call in the B.O.M., and drawing any missing lines needed to correctly show how something is installed. It has gotten so bad that supervisors have to keep a running log of every single engineering delay. The biggest problem is one of the chief product engineers is an old, software illiterate man that is going senile. Every single thing the man makes is wrong on at least 2 levels: the print, and the build of materials. It is enough to drive anyone insane.
  8. So, with the recent upgrade and reinstall on my computer, I lost everything I had saved...forgot to copy my bookmarks. As such, I have once again lost the how to access my @dadshidout email.
  9. Ok, update on "cost of this crap" Got the bill. $1,104 for the procedure. My insurance covered $635.08, I had to cover the remaining $468.92 as I had nothing paid towards my deductible. There also may be a bill for $12.38 for lab fees, but I've not done my count sample (2 months to go).
  10. Single again, so can't tell ya. But the Ex-GF wanted to have another bio-baby. With me having 5 kids, I was 110% against additional kids (6 counting hers). I think that was a part of why we split, she wanted more.
  11. Well, went most of the day with out any pain meds of any kind. Ended up needing to take some right after getting home from Walmart, was a little.....tender.
  12. I am now day 4, I had to make a trip to Walmart, it wasn't too bad. Certain steps, or if I walked too quickly hurt. I am just taking Tylenol, cut myself off of the prescription meds after day 2. I ended up with a tighter pair of briefs from the same package as the pair I wore for surgery, and that additional support did help. I will say this, I never have hurt so much before just having a bowel movement...wow that lack of support was surprising.
  13. I had my procedure done yesterday. Here is my rundown of it. i hate shaving, everything itches so much afterward. the injection of the pain block hurt like hell, then as he was injecting more the pressure was intense. the removal of the grounding pad was the second largest experience of pain. at home, laying down all day yesterday, the only real pain was from the left side incision. Pain meds did not touch this for some reason, and ice did little. today, I made a sling from some of the huge rolls of gauze to give me extra support. Doc said briefs would be good enough, but they didn’t offer enough support. as of right now, I am still taking the prescription pain meds as directed, I am able to walk around a little, but it hurts to shift from laying to sitting, and sitting to standing. Further...omg coughing pulls so much. I have gotten a lot of support from my mom, she played taxi, and is taking care of the kids while I am somewhat out of it. other notes: I can’t believe people take Valium as a normal thing. It made me so dizzy, I freaking hated it. I also don’t like the groggy feeling from the hydrocodone / acetaminophen.
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