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  1. Hapa_Fodder

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Actually better to run in groups if you can, the fights are bigger, the bosses more numerous. Plus working together is good. @DEWEY_96_ and I have been running together daily, and I think we've leveled up 2 levels maybe every day just in a couple hours of play, plus doing the missions and activities. Got some great gear, almost everything I have is pink now. Picked up a gold rifle, but it was NOT so "exotic" Dewey, shaggy and I are central to eastern time zone, I'll try to stay up later Friday/Sat, to run together.
  2. Hapa_Fodder

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Hapa-Fodder been running around in Div 2 with Dewey and Shaggy
  3. Yeah, totally get it, I know for a fact how I look at friendships and relationships in general tend to be a bit different than most. I have a lot more close knit group of friends so for me to call someone a friend, its a pretty big deal, at least to me, and I will go to the ends of the earth for them. I wrote in the letter I left him, that I thought the entire thing was a bit much to make the decision to just cut off a long standing friendship, but also that if that's how he wanted it, then so be it. I think oftne times there isn't much you can do to change peoples minds once they are set in their ways. Makes sense.
  4. So some of you know that I retired from the Navy this past summer. I moved to Texas, which I am very happy about and picked a town that my best friend and his family moved to. So he's a good dude, a very good friend and easily someone that I would say people could learn from. But he, as with all of us, has his flaws. He is extremely opinionated, which I definitely don't have a problem with. In fact I prefer people that are passionate about stuff because to me it shows drive. This however sometimes manifests in not so good ways. Especially when alcohol is involved. Some of you also know that I have been through A LOT over the past decade (as I have been in DHO since 2006 I think), well after my divorce I made a conscious effort to remove negativity from my life and have been attempting to surround myself with a good circle of friends. People that will lift you up and support you, not be a drain or drag you down. I say all this because we had planned a camping trip for spring break, this past week. It started out great, I was excited, we drove up on Saturday, set up camp. I got a KOA cause it was his families first time camping together, figured ease in to it. We went to a brewery had a grand ole time, and then sat by the camp fire chatting. We were having a discussion how people have changed the values we hold dear etc. Then started talking about the Navy and how things have changed, how leadership has changed. I talked about the main reason why I retired. That a lot of leadership is out for themselves now vice their people and that a lot of the leadership systems were broken now as a result. Evidently I struck a chord because he started yelling and screaming at me. Now this was only the second time he has done this, so he doesn't have a drinking problem, let me say that. But the first time was at my own retirement dinner, I had three beers over the course of like over 4 hours. People were buying me beer left and right and I was leaving them around the place because I had had a good friend and his woman drive all the way from San Antonio to San Diego to be there. They were staying at my place and they were counting on me driving, which I had no problem with. At a gathering like that I don't care to drink much, cause I want to remember the people. Well he was drunk, claiming I was drunk and couldn't drive. And made a huge scene in front of all my friends, thankfully my family had departed prior to that, so they didn't see that. But it was EXTREMELY embarrassing. And quite frankly made me feel belittled and disrespected. But I let him do his thing and walked away, because, he was drunk, and we were close friends, I would shrug it off. I say close friends BTW, I mean I had a better relationship with him than I do my ACTUAL brother. So when he was screaming at me at the camp site, with his kids asleep in the tent right next to us, I did what I had done to everyone that has ever acted in a negative fashion to me in the past decade. I packed up and I left and went home, because quite frankly I didn't want to be around that. I have fought through A LOT of depression, anxiety, loneliness, especially after my wife cheated on me. I went to therapy for almost 2 years after that to realize that my thought process to remove negativity from my life led me to make the choice to leave her and get a divorce. And I still to this day feel horrible for what I did to make the marriage fail, I've always been told it wasn't my fault, however, you still tend to feel this way regardless. I have also worked EXTREMELY hard to surround myself with people that will lift me up, support me, and drive me to be a better person. As I hope they would also want from me. So I figured that it would be another case of "just, cool off and continue on," but yesterday when he and his family returned from the camping trip he texted me and told me that they would not be home during a certain time and all my stuff would be in the garage. I assumed that this just meant anything I left at the camping site. So because I know he doesn't care to talk feelings over or anything like that, as many of us men don't, I wrote him a letter (yes I know that's like a HS thing), I told him everything, why I left, how angry it made me to have him yell at me like that again, and that it was best that I just left, instead of trying to escalate things. When I showed up he had put literally everything and anything I had at his house in the garage. Some items which I had purposely left there to give him. People often times misinterpret my being a passionate person for anger or aggression, those that typically have known me for some time, understand the difference, because honestly, only a few people have honestly seen me angry in the past decade. So I rant all this to ask, WTF did I do wrong? How the eff could someone throw away a friendship over something like this? Perhaps he saw things differently? How could someone talk about valuing someones friendship to just as soon throw it away? I find that the older I get the more and more I tend to value my friendships but the more and more I seem to be let down by people. And the more and more I feel the necessity to pull inward and become a hermit. I mean, I am seriously contemplating buying land in the mountains somewhere and just closing off to the outside world... (lets be honest, I would need internet for gaming). I actually feel right now, as I did the day I told the ex I wanted a divorce....
  5. Hapa_Fodder

    WG meet up on the USS Texas!

    If you're not a member of our FB group apply! Can see the pictures I took! It was a good day! @Vinsent tried to msg you on FB to get your phone number but guess you didn't get it. Sorry we missed you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/530445163959473/
  6. Hapa_Fodder

    Update 0.8.1

    I CAN SPEND MY BILLION CREDITS ON COMBAT SIGNALS NOW!!!! Really all I care bout.... as for the flooding dmg, you barely if ever get torp hits anymore anyways so meh...
  7. Hapa_Fodder

    The levels of frustration......

    I mean, could be worse.... you could do 265000 dmg and then lose....
  8. Hapa_Fodder

    Finally - Maybe

    I'm gonna be spending all afternoon burning my credits lol
  9. Hapa_Fodder

    Cookery with gpc_4

    @gpc_4 I just started a "Recipe" pinned topic, if you want to copy and paste your fav recipes feel free just try to follow the format.
  10. Hapa_Fodder


    This pinned topic is for us to share recipes, to make it easier to search, because I am sure this topic will be flooded, make sure you put what the dish is in CAPS AND BOLD first. UNLEASH THE FOOD! I'll start and I apologize for my measurements on seasoning and such, because most times I don't measure. LOW CARB/NO CARB, SLOW COOKER ROAST 4LB Chuck Roast 1 1/2lb baby portobellos cut into quarters 1/2lb pearl onions peeled 1 whole bulb of garlic 1 1/2lbs of fresh raw green beens, ends removed and cut in half 2 full sprigs of rosemary dried or fresh (prefer dried for convenience) 2 tbls of thyme dried or fresh 3/4 stick of butter 4 stalks of celery chopped into 1/2inch pieces or to your liking 1 32oz pack of beef or bone broth 3 large beef steak tomatoes cut into 8's CROCK POT! Night before I take the roast (thawed) and put it in a large ziplock bag, melt half the butter in a cup with 1 or 2 cloves of garlic chopped along with some chopped up rosemary and thyme (small amount, maybe a tbls) along with a tbls of cracked pepper. Put all that in the bag with the roast and rub it around , place the bagged roast on a plate and place it in the fridge overnight. Ready to cook? 1: In a frying pan or dutch oven(I used a dutch oven) melt 1/4 stick of butter with a tsp of olive oil. Place the roast in the dutch over and brown on all sides, take it out when browned and set it aside. 2: Crush the remaining garlic and throw with the mushrooms, onions, celery and green beans into the dutch oven and brown quickly (not looking to cook them just coat them and brown them a lill 3: Once everything is browned, place the roast in the center of the crockpot, pour all the veggies into the crockpot, arrange around the outside and covering, don't put them under the roast as I found this tends to burn them. Poor the broth into the crock pot. Place the tomatoes in the Crock pot on top of the roast and veggies, tear up the remaining butter and just place it around on top of everything, add the remaining thyme and rosemary. Cook in the crockpot for 10 hours on low. Obviously you can add carrots or potatoes if you like, HOWEVER, both of those will mean it isn't a low carb/no carb option. I don't put any salt at all in any of it because the butter will add flavor but add as you like. Pepper is ALWAYS a good option. If you haven't checked out "Bourbon Barrel Foods" I suggest you do for their Bourbon Stave smoked spices! Their Bourbon Barrel Smoked Cracked Pepper is amazing!
  11. Hapa_Fodder

    Whiskey Recommendations

    Heya, I am late to this post but @Krymoor and I have been tasting new bourbon on our podcast Dads Hiding Out, if you wanna hear our choice selections. My new fav is "Makers Mark Private Select" I have been tasting A LOT of Bourbon, Scotch and general Whiskey for the past 8 months. So if you have any questions feel free. Below is a picture of my ultimate favorite! I drank this to toast Anthony Bourdain after he passed as this was his favorite.
  12. Hapa_Fodder

    Gillette & "Toxic" masculinity

    I was okay with the advert until the same area that you were. I'm sorry, basically you're saying that kids wrestling, which is perfectly normal assuming it doesn't get out of hand, is NOT a "gateway" activity to sexual assault or bullying necessarily. I don't like how they skewed that line to show their point. And the way people are today, being pretty impressionable with social media and media in general I DO worry this ad sends the WRONG message... There IS a difference between masculinity and STUPIDITY or idiocracy. People need to chill out and stop labeling everything. IMO labels like "toxic masculinity," or "micro aggression's" are part of that idiocracy. People need to focus back on family values and not so much that "Billy hurt my feelings"and he's gonna turn into a rapist or male chauvinist later in life..... I think in a fashion we men have lost our own way as a masculine society. It is coming to a head where it may actually be frowned upon to try to be masculine or even use the word masculinity. We need not to be so offended by this, embrace it, but what part do you embrace? Like when I lived in New England and I used to open or hold doors for women and would get dirty looks. And for me it wasn't a "oh you're a woman, you need help," thing, it is a "be kind to all," thing. And yes, cause I was single..... We can't worry so much about how our children will turn out in the long run, but focus on the here and now, grooming and growing your children to just be good people, with good values. Golden rule? Be kind? Basically, don't be a douche to people.... I DON'T like that add at all, because IMO it pushes too much to DE-masculine boys. I know, I know, I will be looked at like I missed the mark, but I don't care what people say, it IS important for our children to know the differences in men and women. But NOT that one sex is better than the other. OR that a man can do this and a woman cant. Masculinity is NOT a bad thing, and I think unfortunately the way our society has gone, we are leaning too much towards trying to shut men down...
  13. Hapa_Fodder

    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    I feel your pains brother!
  14. Hapa_Fodder

    Gale League

    Told ya, all I had to do was leave the clan and BOOM, y'all are contenders! GG!
  15. Hapa_Fodder

    Buying a home

    In SETX its recommended to hold flood insurance, and flood insurance here covers everything. Because 99% of SETX is in a 100 year flood plain. Though I may not be in a flood plain hazard area, it still COULD flood, so I would have it regardless. Beaumont, where I live, case in point, hadn't flooded since the 20's, that was until the hurricane came through 2 yrs ago and had the 1 in 1,000,000 mixture of events that flooded the city.