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  1. Hapa_Fodder

    So... submarines may be a thing...

    Honestly, I am one of those people that think the game will die and A LOT of people will leave if subs go live in randoms. Why? Because the only counter for submarines will be DD's and Light cruisers, as they were ASW focused a lot of the time. That being said, WG will probably get it wrong and put stuff that completely never was real like hydro on BB's.... The other problem is, they won't be able to balance them because you will as you do now have people that DON'T play their roles in the game. MEANING DD's and CL's going AFTER subs... and BB's and CA's will get wrecked.... OR you will have a bunch of subs and no DD's or cruisers.... And right now with the current teams being 12... well I just don't see it working... You have 1 CV, 4 BB's, 4 cruisers and 3 DD's on a "good" match up... most times it 3 BB's, 5 DD's and 4 cruisers...
  2. Below is the link to the Discord server, down at the bottom are the voice channels. Please ensure you set up a PTT button, it is REQUIRED. Just like it was on TS. A lot of the setting requirements you need are in the "settings" section. Discord is much easier to set up than TS. If you have any questions just msg people! discord.gg/YKpADaU MSG: xJediDadx or Jescor
  3. Hapa_Fodder


    Why do I feel they need to figure out what to do with t he REGULAR currency, before adding MORE currency....
  4. Hapa_Fodder


  5. Please, if you like the podcast, write a review on the FB page or whatever app you dload it on.
  6. Gonna be a lot of anger goin on lol "You can complete this combat mission only once for each of your Tier X ships" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/september-missions/
  7. Hapa_Fodder


    I'm kind of disappointed with the credits they gave you, I would think dealing that much in a monogram (see what i did there) would net more.... surely not too many people are breaking 100k in that thing...
  8. Hapa_Fodder

    SUPPLY LINES! 1st Fleet.

    yep stage 3 starts saturday.
  9. Hapa_Fodder

    SUPPLY LINES! 1st Fleet.

    you're fine brother, end of Stage 2, we won AGAIN! Who woulda thunk! Thanks to those that played CV's!
  10. Good way to attempt to win a new computer! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/gloriouspcmasterrace/
  11. Hapa_Fodder


    Thanks man! Can use all the help promoting I can get!
  12. Hapa_Fodder

    Attention all Streamers!!

    Yes pls, Twitch: Hapa_Fodder I stream just about every single day. World of Warships, BFV or other games.
  13. soooooooooooooooooo, TECHINCALLY, it's not legal to ship alcohol... so you put everything in ziplock bags, package them well and mark the customs sheet "Live Yeast Cultures"
  14. Hey, @Krymoor and myself are looking for topics for our podcast to discuss, we are looking for querstions, or things in the news (tech, gaming, parenting or nerdom related, no politics or world events in that fashion). We are also welcoming beer mail, if you're interested in feeding us any of that shoot us an email at dadshidingout@gmail.com, message us on FB @dadshidingout hit us up on twitter @DHidingout or reply right here! Would love to try out some local spirits from your hometown! And you WILL get a shout out on the podcast, we have a modest following on FB about 100 people, and our podcast has been downloaded over 100 times so far!