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  1. Contrary to what you see posted everywhere or what people say the Smolensk actually has a pretty high skill level. You have to be pretty good with cruisers or DD's in order to do well in it. Because in essence it is a BIG DD.... TBH, I don't like it, it's a boring type of game play to me. I got the Thunderer instead, that thing is pretty fun! It's a Conquerer with 18" guns.
  2. I have attempted as much as possible to forthright and upfront with my lawyer with everything and hide nothing... I figure SOONER or later her BS has to catch up to her....
  3. Well my lawyer has sent her the summons since she is not answering my lawyer now. Also a judge called me to ask if I was sure I wanted to pay the amount we agreed on since he saw the letter I wrote to the courts outlining her attitude and personality towards me over the years with phone logs and a chronological time frame of her moving and me having to move because of the Navy, as well as bank statements and credit history. I think reality is hitting her that she is not the princess she thinks she is, because she is texting me (first time in over 5 years) crying and griping about things. I am
  4. I recently reconnected with an old friend that I met years ago and we talked about life and how things have panned out. They were going to join the Navy and decided not to at the time. Their comment was that they wished they had joined the Navy and not chose to do things the “hard way.” This is a theme I have heard from my friends and family over the years. That some how joining the military makes things easier? Let’s talk about my time in the Navy. Over 20 years. I was stationed on 5 ships (USS John Young DD-973, USS Lake Champlain CG-57, USS Bataan LHD-5, USS Boxer LHD-4, USS New Orleans
  5. Don't forget guys Oct 12 is the USS Alabama "Let's Battle Tour" meet up. As of right now HOD, myself and Jacksaar are going. We DID have about 7 people roger up and say they were going, but we're the only three so far that have bought tickets I think. $30 gets you a t-shirt and goody bag. Please let me know in our FB group if you plan on going so I can account for everyone. Also HOD and I are getting rooms for Fri-Sun, probably planning a dinner on Friday night, meet up Sat morning, brewery lunch Sat afternoon then winging it.
  6. @Dunk_Scrapheapchallenge unfortunately we do not, have an EU clan. However, if you don't mind your ping, I BELIEVE you can have your account migrated over, not sure how it works but yeah... you are more than welcome to join us! @thedakar plays from across the pond as well and it doesn't seem to effect him much, though he can tell you more than I can.! Either way, welcome!
  7. Whats funny is over the years, the ex, before she remarried, always talked about "how hard it is to be a single parent" I always used to tell her, if it's so difficult and such a burden for you, I would gladly take the children full time. And HAPPILY be a single parent. I'm coming back out there this December to Jan. I'll hit you up!
  8. NICE! Good to see someone get something useful from one of those finally!
  9. I have been writing down more and more what happened, not so much for me, but for the kids, in case they come looking for me someday.
  10. When the ex and I talked about getting married, we discussed the military, military life and how things might go. This is hard to explain in words that are understood. And harder for someone that wasn’t in the military to truly understand. So when I deployed in 2010 and came home to find out things weren’t exactly going well in our relationship (and I assure you that is an understatement) I took it in stride. Was I too nice? Definitely, should I have been a complete poopchute? Totally. But in the end, I had somewhere to sleep, and eat (the ship)... We had children to think about. And I was alw
  11. If you click on the gear on the top right of the minimap, you should be able to shut that off. However I would suggest you try to use it as a tool. It is good to see where people are going or predicting their movements. Of course not a requirement, just a suggestion. You should be able to shut it off though.
  12. Looks like it. It is now BASE XP, which means that if you don't get a win, you best farm that damage.
  13. This dude has LITERALLY been turning this screw for three days now.....
  14. Attached are photos of my current load out in Div2. Its definitely not the best and still a work in progress.
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