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  1. thedakar

    Welcome TaroSan to DHO!

    Welcome @TaroSanIf you need anything just let us know and we will be happy to help. Welcome to DHO!
  2. thedakar

    Welcome Jamoley to DHO!

    Welcome to the fold, @Jamoley. What business are you in? You will find plenty of DHO playing world of tanks, if you need help getting in contact with the tankers, let me know. They use our voice comms through our Discord channel.
  3. thedakar

    Welcome BourbonNeat to DHO!

    Welcome @BourbonNeat If you need anything just let us know and we will be happy to help. Welcome to DHO (good choice on the bourbon, too!)
  4. thedakar

    Welcome FPDoc to DHO!

    Welcome @FPDoc If you need anything just let us know and we will be happy to help. Welcome (back) to DHO!
  5. thedakar

    Welcome _Major_Tomato to DHO!

    Welcome @_Major_Tomato! If you need anything just let us know and we will be happy to help. Welcome to DHO!
  6. thedakar

    School Laptop

    been looking around at the different options and unless you want to game, a "laptop" no longer has the advantage they used to - if you want portability and battery life with the same software the "surface" tablets do really well. I am writing you on my surface 3 (i bought it used - works perfectly for web surfing, video watching and writing) and it works better than any "notebook" laptop I have ever owned. With the new Surface Pro coming out this holiday season, I am waiting for some good used deals on surface 4/surface 4pro over the next few weeks. Otherwise, if you want to game and be "portable" gaming laptops fit that niche pretty well. It the mid range where you find so much crap. Easy market to get into and very little effort is put into it.
  7. thedakar

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    welcome back doc! long time no see!
  8. thedakar

    Shirt Stays

    As @Aftrthought051 mentioned you can use the stays to gather the excess more toward the back, or as I mentioned you can gather it on your sides. Otherwise, my suggestion is not too tight - it will become uncomfortable and distracting. Just enough tug to keep the shirt under control. You can try out "wrapping" around your leg - once pinned on the shirt, bring the stay around the back of your leg and attach to your sock/foot. You cna go on the inside (1/2 wrap) of the foot or the outside (complete wrap) of the foot. It pulls the shirt backwards, making the front tighter while (generally) giving more play to the back (which needs more as it pulls out when you sit.)
  9. Calling all Dads! We are starting to draft our December news letter, and we want YOU to have the chance to be a part of it. We want to know whats going on - if you know of any events (DHO specific or just things online things dads might be interested in), if you are doing any charity things, or you have general announcements, let us know. We will gather up all the details from you and we will add it to the monthly news letter! Feel free to post below or send me a direct message.
  10. thedakar

    Shirt Stays

    Nice! Before and after! lol
  11. thedakar

    Free Destiny 2

    hey - does anyone know if we have a DHO clan for destiny 2 on PC?
  12. thedakar

    Free Destiny 2

    You got diablo 3? sweet.
  13. From DHO to you - Thank You for your service and sacrifice. We would like to list every one of you here, but we don't know EVERY veteran on this site. So rather than leave someone out, we just want to say thanks.
  14. thedakar

    Military Men

    hell yes, seabee! US Air Force Civil Combat Engineer here!
  15. thedakar

    Fashion Secrets from Dad - Shirt Stays

    I never knew it was such a secret - I thought the title was a joke, apparently, it was a true statement. Ironic!