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  1. @Erkys Welcome back! Take a look around, we made some changes. The biggest is that we have a new Discord server - so come on over and say hi!
  2. If I remember correctly, there is a channel you need to start in: https://discordapp.com/channels/195670999436492800/491326460456599562/734598947221274688 This should get you started!
  3. if you want, we can make a true page on the site for this - lets you set up something that is prettier/easier to layout.
  4. Sounds good - let me know what you need or if you want to chat about ideas and way ahead. I too am looking at re-vitalizing my efforts here with some forced extra time on my hands!
  5. @Voltagesauce - welcome! I'll get your account set up!
  6. howdy @Dunk_Scrapheapchallenge I am a USA expat living in england at the moment. Hit me up! I try to play in the evenings (london time) and I occasionally pick up the US dads as they start to log in.
  7. Howdy! I think you guys will find we are pretty laid back - even our "competitive" groups understand that when dad is needed, nothing else matters!
  8. Howdy, @scotwinters25, welcome to DHO! Come say hi and let us know a little about you; or jump right in with our Discord channel!
  9. @SirRealKiller welcome to DHO! Come say hi, and let us know what games you play; I bet we have a dad or two (or maybe a few dozen...) that also partake!
  10. Looking for work sucks. The part that sucks the most; applying. The thing that sucks the most in applying? THE RESUME! Resumes suck. You have to write about yourself which; unless you have lots of training, are blessed with the skill, or are a narcissist... , feels awkward at best and impossible at worst. You have to condense YEARS of experiences to a single page... and precious space is wasted with just your name and contact information! If you learned how to do a resume 5 years ago (or more!) the things you learned are outdated! Advice varies from source to source - do this, n
  11. A year ago @xJediDadx and myself took on the challenge of being the caretakers of DHO. You can read more about that whole process in this blog post. A year has passed; what has changed if anything? Well, that's what we are gonna look at! (and before you freak out - DHO isn't closing 🙂 ) Bring out Your Dead! DHO was a force to be reckoned with in 2015. Registrations were reaching dozens per week, posts by the hundreds. Our WoT clans were growing and expanding; the website provided a hub for those clans to swap tips and share stories. Things were clicking, the place was a buzz of
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