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  1. Yeah, after seeing something's that are much more innocent taken to extremes it is crazy.
  2. My girls are only 6 and 4, so snuggling is still very much a part of my time with them. I woke up two days ago with my 4 yo in bed next to me, probably because of some overnight storms. . I don't think there is a right age for snuggling to end. My sisters still snuggled with my dad on the couch through high school. I think it's just a girl thing. How old do you think you want to be when you push her away from you? Enjoy the time together. God forbid something tragic happen that ends it way too soon. Sent from my iPad like a ninja turtle wielding Tapatalk. I know. It is just so umm,precious,to see here little sleeping face with her hand on my cheek when she went to sleep. I guess you could say she has me rapped around her finger.
  3. My 9 year old likes to snuggle also. At what age do any of you dads out there have girls, decided they were tired of snuggling daddy?
  4. St. Louis has a lot to do and all types of venues to choose from.
  5. Happy Father's Day all. My wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day, I said stay at home and do nothing. :)
  6. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!!
  7. Grilling on the deck with my 9 year old, teaching her how to cook steaks. She seems more interested in watering flowers. :)
  8. Welcome to all the new dads to the HideOut. It is a great place. I laugh out loud when reading some of the forums because I have had the same experiences. Hope to see you in tanks, as soon as I finish my 200 games in WoWP.
  9. [quote name="yeagrmeistr" post="1" timestamp="1362845355"] Hello, My name is Jimmy going to hit 40 this year. I play world of tanks game name dafyduck. I have 4 children 3 boys (21,16,&13) and 1 girl (12).  I work 3rd shift 12-7 for an aircraft manufacturing company in Wichita, KS. I play in the mornings after work and in the evenings before. Have only been playing since Dec '12. My highest tier tank currently are only VI. Found you guys on the WOT clan forum. thanks. [/quote] Welcome to DHO!!  I am in independence Mo.
  10. Just got a second dog. The daughter wanted a dog for her. We will see how this goes.
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