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  1. I applied to the clan for blitz since i cant play on my pc atm i am in dho x and would like to be accepted into the blitz clan please.
  2. HOME NEWS CLANS Stronghold Industrial Resources Bonus today Tankers! In Stronghold Battles from Feb. 20 - Mar. 17, we will increase the Industrial Resources you earn by 50%. We have also updated the Stronghold Map pool: Tier VI & Tier VIII: Abbey Ensk Himmelsdorf Redshire Airfield Fisherman's Bay Karelia Ruinberg Cliff Fjords Murovanka Sand River El Halluf Ghost Town Prokhorovka Steppes Advances: Abbey Ensk Karelia Ruinberg Airfield Fisherman's Bay Murovanka Sand River Cliff Fjords Prokhorovka Steppes El Halluf Himmelsdorf Redshire
  3. None of the codes working for me and on the mission tab in game says Unavailable, what am I doing wrong?
  4. GG Black, T57 had nothing to complain about, simply outplayed.
  5. Vinsent

    WG Fest News

    Read the article before I saw your post on here, some good changes and some bad changes are in the future, should be an interesting year.
  6. Vinsent

    WG Fest News

    Not liking this change... This is a long time coming... Cant wait for this one, loved those chaffee races... Not sure about siege mode on a medium???? wth is it going to do in siege mode??
  7. Vinsent

    no topic

    I probably have a sick sense of humor but I really like Claus's video's, he always makes me laugh, he's hilarious.
  8. So Tomorrow then for the release of 1.3 I'm assuming.
  9. So sorry for the loss of your brother, I actually lost my brother to a non-hodgkin's lymphoma in January of this year, first time I have been able to mention it as I took it pretty hard having only met him a few years ago. Didn't get to spend that quality time with him, be glad you were able to be there for him during this last year even under those circumstances and know that he is suffering no more, even as we must go on and suffer the loss of a loved one. Prayers to you and your family at this trying time in your lives.
  10. Lot of base XP to earn in 10 days, should be a longer period of time imo, 253,000 base xp, 506 matches based on 500 base xp/match, 50 matches/day, if your in the top 10 each match, damn!
  11. I have been playing this here game since August of 2011, so 7 years as well.
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