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  1. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    Really enjoyed the course, front 9 is pretty straight forward with a couple of par 4's, back 9 is a bit more technical, lots of trees and water hazards, fairways are well maintained, really enjoyed the experience.
  2. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    Greytown park on the San Antonio river.
  3. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    So went to San Antonio this weekend to spend some time with grandkids and went to a disc golf course thats 5 miles from their house and made the best putt I've ever made 93 footer for a birdie, I was stoked about that shot did it with my Innova Tee-Bird fairway driver.
  4. Vinsent

    Tier X Clan Wars - must have tanks

    Type 5, Maus, obj 277, obj 268 v4, wz511 model 5A, obj 430u, Super Conq, obj 907, obj 140, is-7, Conq GC, E-3, E-4, STRV 103b and maybe a few others for specialty things but thats about the jest of it atm
  5. All look fairly easy to complete...except for #4...the way it has been going the last couple of days (32% WR) might take 2 days to get 3 wins...lol...
  6. Vinsent

    DHO-X Officer Changes

    Gratz guys...I guess...lol...
  7. Vinsent

    Discord Overlay

    Doesn't work for me in WOT
  8. Vinsent

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    just doing the xp route of play, finished mission 4 yesterday 24k xp now on to 5
  9. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    3 out of 5
  10. Vinsent

    Milestone of Sorts

    Never gonna make up for all the early mistakes I've made playing this game, so I just play!
  11. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    I practice putting on the course every time i play, the course is only a few blocks from my house so its not a problem getting there, regularly hit my putts from 50 -70 feet out.
  12. Vinsent

    Ranked, where u at?

    Made rank 6 last night, just trying to do a rank per night, but the teams and rng have not been kind.
  13. Vinsent

    Disc Golf

    Been playing frisbee since teenage years and I'm almost 63 now so a long time. Family tradition when me and my kids all get together we play frisbee. Just started playing disc golf since Harvey sent me to an early retirement a year ago next month. Didn't even realize the sport existed now though I'm hooked have several courses close by and try to play several times a week. Great fun and exercise at the same time. Play with my oldest son and grandson every Sunday.
  14. Vinsent

    Soccer Buffon Commander

    finished and received Buffon have not assigned him as yet though.