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  1. Haha I have been enjoying it. Much better than original version, although it will still get repetitive after a few missions, so take them in small bites.
  2. I've been playing Warframe PC since beta. MR 19. It's a little bit grindy, so I haven't cleared all the new nodes yet (Kuva Fortress) and some of the void nodes. The DHO clan all but migrated to PS4 a while back, although I know for a fact that Ruiner has logged in once since then. My ingame name is Typheus if you want to throw me a friend invite. Currently in a Mountain Clan Fallen Vanguard, although it's all but dead, like most clans are.
  3. So for the record, Poe SPEED, potency on the rest? Including Finn and Rey?
  4. I'll do better next time. Actual paying attention important and hard to do on weekends.
  5. Also note: For those of you who do not have 3D sense, a tank is not that tall and the shell is not traveling from orbit top down. If you are targeting in top down mode, the miss over a tank can travel quite far especially over a slope of a hill. It would only take a rather small dispersion for 1+ meter to sail over above and down into a valley below. Shooting hull down tanks increases your chance for a miss. Besides, the POINT of arty now is splash/stun, not direct hits. You need to aim into the middle of a group of tanks to splash them all and get xp/credits for assisted damage. You are more dependant on your team's ability to take advantage of stuns. You need a team to be competent enough to do damage, just like spotting damage missions for light tanks needs a good team of target awareness.
  6. It's a beast fully upgraded. Play it like an IS-3, which is what it is. It's not a Maus. Go fast and use that gun.
  7. I broke down and started driving my batchat. Amazingly effective at rank 5 battles because rank 5 battles have a lot of good players and damage farmers. It's a pro scout and as such, spotting damage ez pz. Light something up and it evaporates or runs into cover if they are good enough to get away. And since ranked battles are about exp, you literally don't worry about damage farming or WN8. Only when you can't overcome the urge to shoot for damage and get lit do you run into trouble as you will evaporate to the enemy team as well if you try to shoot more than one shot.
  8. I use the big gun. I found that the small gun requires you to be exposed way too long to get in more than one good shot and so 300 a pop and hide for reload OR take 2-3 shots and lose half your health or more. I have 21 battles in it and avg damage is 1200. Already had 2 games with over 3.2k damage. Much better to be forced into reload/hide than simply get blapped by anything with a tier 4 gun.
  9. Strategy: For ranks 1-3, run Maus. Do damage and get chevrons guaranteed. Higher ranks 3-5 require flexibility. Especially when the purples get into wolfpacks, you don't get a chance to get any damage in. Run a MT. Do not run TD's unless it is a fast brawler. Sniper TD's have the lowest xp factor. Arty, go for stun maximization. Rake in xp if your team is half competent. GL.
  10. wait, so we have to get to like rank 5++ for any good rewards?
  11. That's... me typing. Serious. I keep my hands on my keyboard and just facedesk with Silnt. It's a thing.
  12. Let me help... .. You don't use prem ammo on batchat. There, not so hard. Nobody can hear me facepalming and typing it doesn't do it justice. I just happen to be more understanding of Silnt's abilities.
  13. CHAI sniping doesn't work. It's based on EXP, not damage (WN8). So meta is either get the bonus for proximity (brawlers get bonus) for the damage you do OR for assist (track/stun). It's a good habit anyway to track your enemies as half the xp goes to you and it makes them easier to kill anyway. CHAI sniping does the opposite. TD's are at a disadvantage because they share half their xp with their spotters. Still, damage from afar gives you xp which is better than nothing if you are in the back.
  14. All I can think about is how I can get a camera and set up my room so I can pretend to be Zeven.
  15. you will get 50% of whatever current buy price is.
  16. You know that you get more xp from shooting something up close <100m than splitting half with your spotter? WN8 padding doesn't apply. Sniping meta only works if you have spotters and play to win. Played once and just like that other mode, mods get all wonky. Icons reversed on opposing team list. I had some weird pop up from a mouseover frozen near center of my screen.
  17. T-150 with 168 battles 52.38% w/r and 1430 WN8. To be fair, this includes the stats since before when it was the KV-2 and before that, the KV-1 and that was one of my first tier 6's. M3 Lee 111 battles 47.74% and 1142 WN8. Also a starter tank back in the day. M6 heavy 84 battles 44% 1365 WN8. Another starter tank. I seem to have the worst tier 6 stats in starter tanks. My tier 5's are much better.
  18. Ah, so it comes off the frying pan tank. I have the 9 researched.. but I already have 3 RU meds.
  19. How do you get a 430? I must research this.
  20. Yeah, something buggy going on. Super P should have won the match. All enemies destroyed > cap victory. Actually won a match this way (killing the last capper/alive) during grace period.
  21. yeah, make sure you have the NA version with 9.18.0, otherwise it will try to install off wrong version.
  22. Stun radius is very large and much bigger than the splash damage area. You have to be trying for stuns over hits by aiming into groups of tanks. Just find the center of the most and stun is not armor related, so don't worry about doing damage. 3 shots into a group of 5 tanks, even in cover, will stun them.
  23. Deo

    T-95 anyone?

    T1 Cunningham school of tanking.. explains a lot about Jamjam's playstyle.
  24. It might be regular users only. Not CO or up. Was not a member of X before and so was not "granted" any special permissions pertaining to the DHO server. I think it might be more of a knowledge issue where X members tell each other to make their own temp rooms. I'll be sure to show you how next time. The DHO TS server was set up while I was in OTTER, so there would not be any special groups I was a part of by admins or otherwise. Oh and Silnt is a special snowflake. He's in X, but functions like more of a V or VII.
  25. The official answer is no guests. Children of members are allowed, but they're to be in DHO5. Anyone can make a private temporary room. The simplest solution would be to have a guest lobby and eliminate the password for the server. Set up each login with permissions to enter restricted channels. Takes a little bit more work on part of the admins, but I'm pretty sure we're not even close to capacity on the TS server. OTHERWISE, you can use Discord as it is free and no restrictions, but you can't "hide" the chat.
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