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  1. happyfunball

    Buying a home

    Keep in mind these three things: location, location, and location. Look for areas close to different industries, not just one large one. My first house was near March Air Force Base and not much else. The city around it was pretty vibrant until they converted it to a reserve base. I owned the home for 11 years and I was still under water when I sold it. Ask around and see if you can find out what's important in your area that drives home prices, then shop accordingly. For example, where I live school districts are the biggest driving force in prices, so buying into a good school district is a better investment. If you're looking at different cities, check online tools to see how the homes in the areas survive recessions. For example, Zillow has estimate values for the last 10 years. Some areas the home prices fall more than others when the economy is bad. You'll want to guard against that in case you need to move during a recession. By the way, have I mentioned location? 😆
  2. happyfunball

    Captain Marvel - First Trailer

    I was hoping for a little more *oomph* in the first trailer. This one was just kinda... meh.
  3. happyfunball

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    20k XP/day. Yeah, a little outside of my range. Guess that will stay a unicorn for me. 😆
  4. happyfunball


    Damn overachiever.
  5. happyfunball

    Vocation Time

    Mine is "whatever you can work out with your manager". We have no official PTO/Vacation tracking. Plus side, I can work out probably up to 5 weeks or so of time off over a year. Downside, no accumulation of any time off for end-of-job payout.
  6. happyfunball

    Professional Mentor at Work

    Alternatively, you can coach it as wanting to learn something specific, wanting to learn X. Then you can propose a few people who's doing X. That way you don't have to find a general mentor and avoid the political issues. For example: Want to learn about the hiring process, therefore mentor with someone from HR. That will also let you have the flexibility to move to different mentors for different tasks.
  7. happyfunball

    Ribs Ribs Ribs

    I did the 3-2-1 method yesterday with my ribs, although I didn't slather with sauce in the last step. Just opened them up to tighten up the surface after wrapping in foil. Here are the before and after photos:
  8. happyfunball

    Disney Cruises

    I might have mentioned this on Discord: we've not done it ourselves, but a Disneyphile we know loves the Disney cruises. She said that she and her husband tries to do the cruise every couple of years. Supposedly they pamper you like kings and queens. If your kids are too young to maximize the park ride experience, the cruise sounds like a good alternative.
  9. happyfunball

    Thinking of getting a new desk top

    If you go Newegg and is a little tentative on what parts to pick, check out their Full Build Bundles: https://www.newegg.com/Full-Build-Bundles/PromotionStore/ID-1359?name=Full-Build-Bundles. This way you get a little bit of discount for bundling, and these parts should be pre-screened to work together so you don't have to chase those down yourself.
  10. happyfunball

    The Happytime Murders

    Well, Sausage Party made $$$, so...
  11. happyfunball

    Fallout 76

    I think I mentioned this on Discord, but my concern is that this game will be all the mechanics that I hate that I normally mod out of my Bethesda games: inventory management, encumbrance, etc. On the other hand, it would be fun to have a game where dads can jump in and do a group pew-pew. I missed the DHO 7 Days to Die boat. Maybe if you guys get a DHO thing going in FO76, I'll consider it.
  12. happyfunball

    Christopher Robin

    I'm not ashamed, I did the required tearing up.
  13. happyfunball

    Bye Bye Preferential Matching Tanks? Forever?

    Wait, so they're blaming the problem with tier 8s on the preferential tanks? "We're not going to admit this is a bad MM algorithm. I know! Let's blame it on those tanks over there!"
  14. happyfunball

    Battletech anyone

    In theory you can get assault mechs before you get them in the plot missions, but you'll have to pay your own way to those planets and you'll likely have to pay $$$ to buy them from the store, if/when they spawn in the stores. That's a c-bill costly route and you're not guaranteed a shop spawn. I played around with planet stores a bit this morning. The items available for sale don't appear to reset: by doing missions on the planet by reloading a save on the planet by reloading a save in the middle of a travel to the planet if you are already in the system However, entering the system does reset the store and mission contracts. So if you load a save before entering the system, the store will be randomized when you enter. Not that I'm recommending anyone abuse that, of course. 😆 Right now I think I have 3 missions left in the main plot. I have two assault mechs and several 70-75 ton mechs. I seem to have better luck with larger tonnage spawns with the random "old mechs" missions where you have to defeat some crazy old coots and their poorly maintained mechs. The last one I did gave me 2/3 Awesome and 2/3 King Crab. I also have 2/3 Zeus and 2/3 Battlemaster, so I'm just doing random missions till I can complete at least one of these sets.
  15. happyfunball

    Battletech anyone

    But LRM bowling is the best part of the game! 😆 A bit late to the forum party, but I've been leaning heavily on stability damage weaponry. Every time you knock over a mech the pilot takes damage. Damage the pilot enough and you won't need to destroy big chunks of the mech, leaving more to salvage. Gotta collect them all!