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  1. happyfunball

    DHO Warframe Clan Info - All Platforms

    *Thread Resurrection* Started playing Warframe about a month ago and we now have a #warframe channel on our Discord server. If you feel like jumping back in, come join me so I can leech off you! 😂 Edit: just realized this thread is in multi-platform. I'm on the PC. I don't think they have cross platform yet.
  2. happyfunball

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    What? You expected me to read?? Surely you know by now I'm write-only. 🤣
  3. happyfunball

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    No entries yet? I had a fabulous game last night in my M4 but forgot to screen cap it. No! Really! 😆
  4. happyfunball

    Blog Name Contest!

  5. happyfunball

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Mmmmm, pot pies. I need to start making some. Was at a kitchen store with the wife on Sunday and we saw some nice ramekins. I immediately wanted pot pies. 😆
  6. happyfunball

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Yay Derpsgiving! Another year where I don't win! 😂
  7. happyfunball

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Weird, I've only recently heard of the jelly + sauce + meat + slow cooker thing too. Must be some sort of cosmic alignment.
  8. happyfunball


    If possible, try talking through some of these: What is it that she is looking for in this polyamorous relationship? Is it that she wants something she's too ashamed to ask you for? Is it that she wants to feel desired by someone else? Is it the thrill of having something that's her own (or to put it bluntly, a secret)? Is she looking for physical/in-person contact, or purely virtual is sufficient? How does she see your so-called "friend"? Is she interested in the person, or is he just a convenient conduit to get what she wants? Put it another way, if it was a complete stranger on the internet, will she be happy with that? Will you be ok with that? What sort of BDSM activities is she looking for? Is it something you can provide? Is it something she's too ashamed or afraid to ask you for? Perhaps it's a situation where she wants to separate those activities from her normal life? What are you comfortable with? Try to separate the activity from the person. For example, if it wasn't your "friend", but rather a stranger on the internet, would you be more open to sexting and photo sharing? What if she was anonymous, say wearing a mask? Would you be more comfortable with not seeing the text messages if there is very little chance of in-person contact? I keep bringing up strangers because with the internet, people who are into the scene can get together in a virtual space, often anonymously, and share their fantasies or even create virtual dom-sub relationships. Perhaps if that's all she seeks, then that can be a healthy outlet that you two can agree on. Some of these items you may not get a straight answer for, but I think starting the communication without judgement is key. Keep in mind that there will likely be things you don't understand, or don't approve of, or shocked by. If you can find out as much as you can, then you'll have to decide if you can meet her half way. Hope this helps.
  9. happyfunball

    Buying a home

    Agree with thedakar on both the inspection and realtor. If you can find a good realtor, he/she will be more than worthwhile. An experienced realtor may even be able to tell you right up front what is cosmetic and what is more serious. When we bought our current house it was a disaster, at least based on looks. Carpet was torn up, rooms were painted in clown colors, and chicken crap were all over the back patio. We weren't even going to consider it, but our realtor reminded us that all of that is easily cleaned and fixed, and it was in a great school district. So we aggressively negotiated on the price. Since the house was not really appealing, they didn't get any other offers. So we more than made up the cleanup, painting, and hardwood replacement in the final price.
  10. happyfunball

    Buying a home

    Keep in mind these three things: location, location, and location. Look for areas close to different industries, not just one large one. My first house was near March Air Force Base and not much else. The city around it was pretty vibrant until they converted it to a reserve base. I owned the home for 11 years and I was still under water when I sold it. Ask around and see if you can find out what's important in your area that drives home prices, then shop accordingly. For example, where I live school districts are the biggest driving force in prices, so buying into a good school district is a better investment. If you're looking at different cities, check online tools to see how the homes in the areas survive recessions. For example, Zillow has estimate values for the last 10 years. Some areas the home prices fall more than others when the economy is bad. You'll want to guard against that in case you need to move during a recession. By the way, have I mentioned location? 😆
  11. happyfunball

    Captain Marvel - First Trailer

    I was hoping for a little more *oomph* in the first trailer. This one was just kinda... meh.
  12. happyfunball

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    20k XP/day. Yeah, a little outside of my range. Guess that will stay a unicorn for me. 😆
  13. happyfunball


    Damn overachiever.
  14. happyfunball

    Vocation Time

    Mine is "whatever you can work out with your manager". We have no official PTO/Vacation tracking. Plus side, I can work out probably up to 5 weeks or so of time off over a year. Downside, no accumulation of any time off for end-of-job payout.
  15. happyfunball

    Professional Mentor at Work

    Alternatively, you can coach it as wanting to learn something specific, wanting to learn X. Then you can propose a few people who's doing X. That way you don't have to find a general mentor and avoid the political issues. For example: Want to learn about the hiring process, therefore mentor with someone from HR. That will also let you have the flexibility to move to different mentors for different tasks.