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  1. TMI. I do find that the dust in my house is sticky (yeah yeah, keep your snark to yourself). Even though I blow it out with air, occasionally I need to go in there with something harder, like a toothpick, to really scrape the fins out because over time a layer of residue builds up on them.
  2. Obvious did-you-try-rebooting question: Did you clean out your GPU of dust?
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthasharf/2016/02/08/you-call-that-free-what-turbotax-and-the-free-file-alliance-cost-one-millennial/ TL;DR version: IRS threatened to create their own free filing, so the tax software companies got together and agreed to file for free as long as you qualify. Of course, free doesn't always mean free.
  4. Because it's a wifi bridge. There is no physical cable between the two. Due to the house layout, I can't run a physical wire between the two rooms without major effort. This creates a single wifi connection from the living room, instead of multiple wifi connections from each individual device. Personally, I find this setup provides a more stable connection than the devices connecting separately.
  5. Yeah, back in the days when I had more stock stuff to worry about, I'd go to a tax accountant (a real CPA). But once my taxes became simple, she told us "you're back to TurboTax level now. I'm more than happy to take your money, but you should probably save a few bucks and just do it yourself." So nowadays we're TurboTaxing it. 😁
  6. Do you need to have it backed up immediately? There are many free incremental backup solutions that you can use on a schedule. I think Windows even has one built-in. If you need to have it backed up immediately in real time, that's a little trickier. http://dimio.altervista.org/eng/dsynchronize/dsynchronize.html has a real time option, but it's pretty old (animate gifs on webpage!) Alternatively, you can just get a free OneDrive or DropBox account if the files you're backing up are relatively small. That's what I do with my "need to be backed up immediately" files.
  7. Unless you're going to be doing heavy read/write operations, such as running a database or a data center, I don't think NVMe/m.2 is worth the cost. I don't think you're going to notice much difference in a typical home PC unless you're just after the benchmark e-peen.
  8. Some other things to check: Are you using 2.4GHz or 5GHz? 2.4GHz has longer range, but more susceptible to interference from other 2.4GHz devices, like some cordless phones. It also has less channels, so you may be on a busy channel. If you're on 2.4GHz, try a different channel than the default. If you're using both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, see if you can move completely to one or the other. Some firmwares are not very efficient at running both. Try elevating your antenna by moving your router above other devices, like monitors and such. Try wall mounting close to the ceiling. Try tinkering with the signal power level, if your firmware allows it. Get network statistics with another device, make sure it's not something weird local to your PC. Consider setting up a wifi bridge instead of having every device use wifi. This is what I do between my family room, where the computers and main router are located, and my living room, where my game consoles, printer, and internet connected TV are. Instead of having all the devices in the living room each bang on the wifi, I setup one router in the living room that bridges to the main router, then have all the devices connect to the bridge via cables. Might also want to consider a dedicated AP on your router instead of the built-in wifi, which is generally poor for cost reasons. For example, something like https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Enterprise-System-AP-Pro-UAP-PRO/dp/B00HXT8T5O. Additionally, you can get interference if you have a large drain appliance on the same circuit, such as a dishwasher or or washing machine. Heck, a blender may even cause problems, so caveat emptor.
  9. Oh yeah, Widepark. Since it's tier 6 or lower, I just kemp bush, hard.
  10. Paris, Himmelsdorf, and Malinovka. Edit: Geezus, nag nag nag. Why: Paris - Too many bush kempers taking my bush kemping spots. Himmelsdorf - Not enough bush kemping spots. Malinovka - Too many kempers, period.
  11. We haven't tried a cake yet. The most "daring" (aka not full of liquid) we've tried is wife cooked a pork roast in it. Came out really well.
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised by the Instant Pot. My wife bought a couple of years back and I thought it was just going to be another useless unitasker. Turned out we use it to make stock, soup, rice, chili, and a bunch of random stuff. Coincidentally, she made tortellini soup in it just a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Well, I forgot to buy the Type 62 yesterday, so I still have gold burning a hole in my virtual pocket.
  14. Cool, I'd buy the Skorp G for a gold!
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