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  1. ncpinz

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    I can do tonight, and earlier in the evening tomorrow but not super late. My workload has been high for a couple of months and will be that way for a couple more, so tanking is limited right now.
  2. ncpinz

    Laptop for travel and WoT..

    I've been playing WoT on a laptop since the beginning. Some good, some bad. You'll want one that has the obvious good processor with decent RAM. The key is a separate good quality graphics card with separate memory. I'm playing on my son's hand me down gaming laptop but I've used my work laptops in the past. The next hurdle is going to be your connection. Some hotels will have the upgraded, faster connection. That works some times fairly well. Other times it is not worth it. When traveling, I start off with a low tier battle to get see if it is going to be worth it.
  3. ncpinz

    Tier IX Meds I've Played (Ranked)

    For tier IX, I still have the Standard B, T-54, Conq, AMX M4 51, and M53/55.
  4. ncpinz

    Tier IX Meds I've Played (Ranked)

    I agree with Maida...the Std B is a solid tank with few things to complain about. It can be a good flanker or a sneaky bastard. Mobility is awesome. The autoreloader really shines. It is a much better tank than the Pantera.
  5. ncpinz

    Yearly battle report

    You can tell what line I was grinding. Sent from my stone tablet
  6. ncpinz

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    That is what I want to know. Where do we start prepping?
  7. ncpinz

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Thanks for the heads up. Those codes were gone in seconds. Oh well. Guido was giving some away and was going to do it based on folks who were subscribed. I figure that is my best hope for a preview of them. I'd love to try them out. I bet they are a blast and extremely frustrating all at the same time.
  8. ncpinz

    Advent Calendar 2018

    That is a good tank for those who don't have it in their garage.
  9. Ouch. Coolant mixing with the AT is rough. I had a buddy who bought an older (1997) 4Runner dirt cheap because of the same issue. It was cheap because folks thought it was a head gasket failure. He flushed the crap out of the transmission himself, and it appears to be running well.
  10. I look for enthusiast forums for the vehicle I am looking at, and search for common issues, etc. I've done quite a few purchases of used vehicles as 'extra' or fun rides, and very few for daily driving. My son's was the last and it was a 2005 4Runner fully kitted with a lift, bumper, big tires, and the like. Turned out to be a good purchase and we've added around 20k miles...it had 106k when purchased. Good luck.
  11. ncpinz

    Holiday Ops 2019

    My summary from the 75 boxes: Gold in boxes: 24,250 Gold from duplicate tanks: 16,400 Total gold: 40,650 Credits: 2,200,000 Days of premium time: 59 Turan III: 3 KV-220-2: 5 M4: 4 IS3A: 1 Simon Claus I consider it a good haul given that I was going to buy a year of premium time at some point in the next month. Credits were less than I thought I'd get, but I got at least 1 tier VIII premium tank and the gold was decent.
  12. ncpinz

    Holiday Ops 2019

    I jumped in and bought 75 Lunar boxes last night. I used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each of the boxes. It is on my home computer so I'll post a summary this evening. The short version is for the price of a year of premium time I got a fair number of credits, around 40k gold (both direct and due to tank duplicates), some number of premium days, all of the 3D tank skins, a Turan III, KV-220-2, and the IS3A. So I figure if you were in the market for premium time anyway, this is a decent deal. So I have enough gold to get a year of premium time, plus I may pick up another premium vehicle or two.
  13. ncpinz

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    Almost done with the 50TP (tier IX Polish). I've been slammed at work and will be for the remainder of the week, so it may be Friday by the time I get it finished. Got my 1st MOE on it a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what I'll work on next. The ones left are mainly lines that I don't have a lot of interest in grinding: K-91, JagZilla, Obj 261, GWE100, Chinese TDs (stopped at partway in tier VIII), most of the tier X lights (stuck on tier IX for all except AMX 13 105).
  14. ncpinz

    Holiday Ops 2019

    With a year of premium being 24k in gold, I think you could easily hit that mark and have some left over. On the WoT forum, there is the thread below with a lot of results posted. WoT Christmas Box Value Thread
  15. ncpinz

    Holiday Ops 2019

    A couple of questions. Does it make a difference which type of box you get or are they are the same? It looks like getting boxes is a viable alternative to a year of premium if folks are netting more than enough gold to just buy a year of premium. Correct or am I missing something?