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  1. ncpinz

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    You are correct that the clan does not have a lot of activity, but that is primarily due to it being a clan for our kids. There are no group activities or anything like that. Just allows kids to have a clan tag similar to their dad. Thanks for tagging me. We got two kids all lined up for DHO5.
  2. ncpinz

    The Progetto Returns! 11 Days Only!

    The ceiling is high on some of these Italian tanks. I was able to Ace my Standard B but it was a crazy battle with something like 5k+ damage. I was able to get my 1st MOE on the Prosciutto as well as an Ace. It and the Standard B play very much alike, and a little different than the Pantera.
  3. ncpinz

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Picked up the Pz IVH with the 105. Figured I'd try that one and the M4 next month.
  4. ncpinz

    The Progetto Returns! 11 Days Only!

    Glad I got it on discount. It is a good tank, and the Italian line is pretty good overall. Tier 9 shines.
  5. Update of status: Union - 4 done (3 w/ honors) Bloc - 1 done Alliance - 14 done (8 w/ honors) Coalition - 6 done (3 w/ honors)
  6. Nice. If the secondary goal is easy to get with a few more battles, I finish it. However if I move on if I've not even gotten one while completing the primary.
  7. I do it because I want more tanks, especially free ones. Finally at the final one for the Alliance. Need Mastery Class I or an Ace in a tank.
  8. Observation...I discounted folks comments about personal missions having a significant impact on how people play. Light tanks were one of the few places I saw this impact. Now I see it in how I play arty. First is the fact that I'm even playing arty. Second comes with these stun missions. Stun and have someone destroy the tank...I now aim to miss. Works pretty well even for tanks that I would not otherwise shoot at. On Himmelsdorf, I can splash on a wall to stun you but never hit you. Sad but helps me complete these missions.
  9. It will be interesting to see the impact of the premium vehicle improvements. I have had the KV-5 for a very long time and have grown to hate it. Not sure if the improvements are enough. The FCM gun depression going to -10 deg could make that a fun tank.
  10. Interesting. At least for now, I play 5-7 days a week unless I'm out of town so I doubt I could take advantage of it. My son might be interested. His time has fallen off a cliff, but occasionally he will jump on a platoon with me.
  11. You're doing much better than I did in the Italian tanks. For the ter, I ended up around 44%. It was very meh for me. Just wait until you get to the Standard B...plays a lot like the 46. Very mobile platform.
  12. Looking forward to the next On Track. I have no problems grinding the Standard B...what a great tank.
  13. ncpinz

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    RIght now, my fast grind base xp is the Standard B. I was on track to squeezing in the required matches to finish Stage 8 until my dad called to chat. Talked with him for nearly an hour, so I just dropped the coin to purchase with a 70% discount. Got just 1 match in before I needed to wrap up the night. Not a bad tank. I can see where you wouldn't look forward to a flat map. The turret is fairly bouncy. I like the gun handling. Obviously the alpha is low but the reload is fair.
  14. ncpinz

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    I think I have about 12k remaining on Stage 8. Not sure if I'll make it. If I want to really try, I need to ignore the 430 II for the moment and drive the Standard B and the 50TP. Both of these get me more base exp than the 430 II grind.
  15. I'm skipping the secondary if I only 0-2 done. It is pretty slow progress even so. I did learn I don't run German tanks very often; I've not even completed one. Update of status: Union - 2 done (only 1 w/ honors); almost done with 3rd Bloc - almost done with 1 Alliance - 8 done (3 w/ honors); almost done with a 9th Coalition - 4 done (1 w/ honors)