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  1. Tier VIII update. 34 battles and a 65% WR. It is an OK tank but not a great tank. I run vstab, rammer, and binocs similar to the Setter. Then you play bush monkey until you get a chance to flank. It has enough speed to get to a bush (not a far one) but not quite enough speed to get out of it if you are spotted. Don't bother with radio or engine. Radio is good enough and the engine while giving you more power actually drops your hp/ton given the higher engine weight. The top gun is decent. Not accurate but has a little punch. I can't say I care for it but it is not bad for a steady grind tank. If I weren't winning, my tune would probably be different. I did put in one of the reward crew members as a commander. The other crew I'm grinding from scratch. Currently on the 2nd perk for each.
  2. Wrapped up tier VII in 39 battles with a 51.3% WR. So I got better but it is still not a good tank. It is nearly impossible to carry a battle because there is nothing that it is good at while being only decent at best for everything. I played as a semi aggressive passive scout. For equipment I ran a rammer, Vstab, and binocs. So I'd play bush monkey if I could get to a spot quickly enough, then switch to a flanker to support a push as I could. On to tier VIII. Nothing to report yet. I only have 1 battle in it.
  3. Interesting study. The IS-M was a tough nut to crack when I played it. OT - going to be up your way this weekend with the family. Just a few days off to decompress before my son hits the books again at NCSU.
  4. Agreed. It feels like you are at risk for getting beat in any 1 on 1 match up, higher or lower tier.
  5. Several reviews have been saying the British lights were a series of bad tanks. Thought I would try them out. I had the exp to set into the Setter (tier VII). Stock it was astonishingly bad. Upgraded the tracks, turret, and top gun. Still a bad tank. Gun handling is terrible. It has no punch when it hits. Its awkward with the rear turret. We'll see how this plays out. OT - I am playing with a brace. Pinched nerve in the wrist a week ago that I'm recovering from. It has an impact on my game play but the Setter is still a crap tank.
  6. Italian by a mile. The tier VIII is not bad and is solid for FL. The Standard B is awesome. Mobile, good gun, and one sneaky bastard. Great for creeping up a flank and stabbing in the sides and back. The tier X while not used in CW is a great tank.
  7. I will say that tier IX is a very good tank. WR was around 62% and I finished it in 71 battles. Tier X is just as good but hits even harder with 440 dmg.
  8. Ouch. I don't get enough to push on one nations tanks. I'm primarily using them to shave off exp on tier X tanks. I did go back and buy some lower tier tanks to clear out some I had not researched to avoid getting a tank specific blueprint on one that I don't want. Examples are Russia arty when I took the S-51 path, Churchill GC, and a few others. I didn't realize it until I had a Russian arty blueprint that did me no good.
  9. Good job on getting the 1951.
  10. I went back and looked at my tier Xs for my criteria (>100 and >2000). Only two...B-C 25t and E-50M. Both mediums but an odd pair.
  11. I need to go back and look at tiers. I think mine are all over the map. I doubt I even have one at tier X. Tier IX is a nice spot.
  12. I adjusted the original criteria to >100 battles and >2000 Wn8. LT - 5 MT - 18 TD - 8 HT - 11 SPG - 5 Total count of vehicles is 444. Yes I've played for a long time. So I guess mediums are where I do a bit better. The heavies I do well in are generally more mobile with good gun handling (e.g. Conq and 110). TDs are typically turreted with a few exceptions. Lights are a mixed bag but would generally be considered your better for the tier (e.g.T37, Bullydog, T-127). SPGs would also be considered better for their tier (GW Panther, tier IX Bat) but does include a very old one...SU-26. All of those battles were from its pre-nerf days where it also functioned as a turreted TD. It was so very OP and hilarious fun until someone figured out it was broken. Edit - My highest Wn8 with >100 battles is the Japanese tier IV light, Ke-Ho. A very potent tank that is not played much. 160 battles with a Wn8 of 2735 and a WR of 60.62%. I initially kept it thinking they might come back and add Japanese lights, but found it is an underestimated boss on the battlefield.
  13. That is pretty good. I guess I was too aggressive with the tier VIII, and its armor makes you pay for that. The tier IX is more forgiving when you get aggressive.
  14. Either gun is ok. The accuracy is not great but the pen is decent and the alpha is good. Folks pay attention to where you are at. I just maxed it out and find that even a stock tank is not bad to play if you can manage the lower mobility. I think my WR is around 62% grinding from bone stock to just now fully kitted. Much better than the tier VIII at 46%. I couldn't get out of that one fast enough.
  15. I'm at tier IX. I like the bouncy turret and the hard hitting gun.
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