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    Not been seeing anyone in ingame channel lately... can I get an invite to one of the fleets?
  2. IV is the easiest of any of them and best multiplayer. Currently AI is a little borked so its easy to win, but they are tweaking it.
  3. Sorry about killing off the last raid. Went on with my arena team on day one and took like 35% off to push him to phase iv. Next day went in with same team and I think it did around 40% Rey does some work
  4. Picture with my highest. Currently doing Sid Lumi Rey Resistance pilot Poe In arena. Works ok. Sometimes gets burst down if a bad stun happens
  5. Also I have a lot of toons up to 70 with purple gear so if you want to try one out let me know and I can swap it in.
  6. My wife and I also impulse bought 2 2ds a few weeks ago. Only got Pokemon arm picking up omega ruby and alpha sapphire. Smash brothers looks good but haven't pulled the trigger yet
  7. Showed up thought ironworks Benin my messages on site but had to go to dashboard on system. Thanks Dave
  8. Will invite show in notifications?
  9. Dave think you're already on my list
  10. Anyone still ahve open invites? Picked up an xbone from wrok for our perk points for free and don't have any games to play so was hoping to use the backwards compatibility on my games.
  11. So just unlocked the Langley and jumped into random battle. For 4 straight games it was myself vs 2 other langleys. I stood no chance they sent their fighters straight across the map and just blew the poop out of my planes then camped me notnallwoingn any more to take off. Most of these matches I did love all the way through because without any planes I couldn't do anything. Any tips to playing carriers? Been tempted to do just coop till I get some upgrades but not sure if that's feasible since do is cut by so much in there. How do you carrier when same tier and outnumbered by enem
  12. I like taking my kv2 into strongholds sometimes. Mostly use he but if you load ap you can pen almost everything at tier 6 and people tend to not like 720 damage a shot
  13. Anything over destroyer I think you just always assume you can be seen and don't bother with situational awareness. The cruiser lines I've been going for the main battery skiills
  14. Bits probably did. Next time need to change one letter to a symbol with what symbol stands for in other line on it
  15. Yeah not sure if it's overheating have moved it to the top of the entertainment center with noticing around either console or power brick and still no Bueno. Will check out the ifixit site tomorrow thanks for all the help everyone
  16. Nope no rrod. Just turns on and off randomly
  17. So our Xbox 360 slim has been cutting in and off intermittently lately. I've cleaned it out with air and cleaned the sensor on the front for the on button. Doesn't matter if I use that butt on to turn it on or the controller. It will shut itself off with no warning. Will also turn itself on while plugged in but no one has touched it. Thoughts on what might be wrong? Secondary question for if this is going out completely can the portals from Xbox sky landers work on PS3?
  18. I just downloaded and went to shooting so with my s 51. Some pissedoff e75 drivers I cantell you
  19. I like the s51 from Russians. I did it have to grind the low tiers and you can hold your own in any tier fight you get into. It also has ridiculous splash radius allowing you to get the splash three in one hit. Probably only tier 7 that will let you
  20. And I sure do love my kv-2 with ap against tier 6 opponents
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