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  1. Thanks again Damian. It’s nice to know you’re always going to be here with a cool head and clear thoughts. My friend is a piece of poop and has t responded since I shut everything down
  2. So we were going good today. Out my foot down and said no to the polyamorous relationship and had pretty much decided to end the friendship. My wife and I were both emotionally drained but in a good place. Then she up and said that she was sexting him at the beginning of the week not after we talked on Friday night. And she changed her story to say that she had been looking into if a bdsm relationship would work for her and then looked into polyamorous as a vehicle for it. Innow knownnothing of what to believe. I could almost understand wanting to try bdsm as I am not a good dom. I’m more of a sub in the bedroom then anything else. However the complete breach of trust of sexting with someone behind my back and seeing if they wanted a bdsm relationship before even trying to broach a polyamorous relationship really gets to me. I’m not sure if I would have been ok but for damned sure I am not now. To top it off she still doesn’t think what she was doing was cheating. She understands and says that since I believe it was cheating then it was but philosophically she doesn’t think sexting is cheating. I asked to see the texts again before she admitted to when she started sexting and she told me she had deleted them all. Wouldn’t show me she had deleted them all but said so. I have been really open minded with her and the situation. I still love her but I no longer trust her. I was willing to listen to her about her need to explore the bdsm and was willing to entertain the idea. Just to to find out from a pointed question that she finally reluctantly gave that she was cheating. Sorry to vent but thanks for listening
  3. Thanks for the replies. The biggest thing that is getting me is the total switch in the week and not showing me the phone. I am am unsure how I feel about it
  4. So been a while since I’ve been on but don’t have anywhere else to turn to. This might be a bit graphic so sorry in advance On Friday night my wife came to me to say she wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship. Not wanting to categorically say no I heard her out. We had watched professor marathon and the wonder women that night which I think is what triggered the conversation. She he says that she is interested in pursuing a BDSM relationship and to be a sub. We have tried a few times and it has never seemed to work out as there are some abuse issues from her past. I asked her what brought this about and she said she had been texting with my best friend (not local and only met twice in person for her). I set some rules as she had said she was attracted to him such as no pictures which she was on board with. Fast forward to yesterday morning and we duck like bunnies. We did anal for the first time. She have me the best nlowjob she ever has. We stay in bed all morning like a couple of teenagers. She goes out Saturday night for a painting thing and goes to hang out with one of her friends she went to the paint group with. I go to bed befor she gets home but my youngest wakes up when she gets home and she’s up till 4 trying to get her to sleep. I am oblivious to that this morning. I get up like I normally do on Sunday’s with all three kids and do some house work. When she wakes up she wants to have sex again which we do. Then we go and take a shower. More housework in the afternoon and we get all the kids to sleep. While she takes a bubble bath I text my friend to find his intentions trying to wrap my head around this. I want her to be happy and I want him to be happy. Howver at the beginning nod this week she was doing nothing but complaining and benching about me every time we spoke. Then this wild ride this weekend. She did say she had sent a picture before we put the rules in place. He says he doesn’t want to hurt me but is attracted to her and wants to have sex with her. She says the same thing. During a talk tonight as I ask about the change in personality it comes out that last night after I was in bed she asked him for a picture as she is pretty insecure and he has a habit of teasing. She said nothing nude but sent a picture of him in boxers. I am livid at both of them. Him for amending it. Her for asking. I then asked to see it to see how bad it was and she refused to show me but did say she would delete it. I have no way of knowing without going into the phone and checking. I am having difficulty JB the timing of this and that no plans were made prior to. He recently moved about 5 hours away instead of across the country. Anyone had experience with something like this ?
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    thanks everyone
  6. kilgore


    Not been seeing anyone in ingame channel lately... can I get an invite to one of the fleets?
  7. thanks guys had to go out and buy some. Haven't had any in forever. Wish me luck. It's the last night before a weeks worth of sore
  8. Getting mine done on Friday since we don't want a fourth. It says to wear a jock but I haven't bought one since high school and the ones on Amazon all look kinky. Will those work or do I need to hit the sporting goods store tonight?
  9. IV is the easiest of any of them and best multiplayer. Currently AI is a little borked so its easy to win, but they are tweaking it.
  10. Sorry about killing off the last raid. Went on with my arena team on day one and took like 35% off to push him to phase iv. Next day went in with same team and I think it did around 40% Rey does some work
  11. Picture with my highest. Currently doing Sid Lumi Rey Resistance pilot Poe In arena. Works ok. Sometimes gets burst down if a bad stun happens
  12. Also I have a lot of toons up to 70 with purple gear so if you want to try one out let me know and I can swap it in.
  13. My wife and I also impulse bought 2 2ds a few weeks ago. Only got Pokemon arm picking up omega ruby and alpha sapphire. Smash brothers looks good but haven't pulled the trigger yet
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