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  1. Formerclient aka Ray

    Fortnite anyone?

    Hey, guys whats up I've been bitten by the battle royal bug. at first, I thought the game was too cartoonish and my kids kept begging me to play it with them and I kept saying its not for me. But ill do anything for those kids after about 30 minutes was hooked. I die a lot but its so fun if anyone is playing this game or thinking about playing this game add me I play on pc and xboxone my live name is formerclient6 and my epic acc name is formerclient2 we can die together or not maybe we will get that victory.PS its free to download but the skins and other items can dent that wallet.
  2. Formerclient aka Ray

    Hey dads its been sometime

    Hello dads i've been away but im back been playing Fortnite alot with my sons if anyones playing this id like to play with my DHO buds
  3. Formerclient aka Ray

    New hobby

    Hey guys long time but Iā€™m back. All is well picked up a new hobby nerf blasters. Painting modding and just having fun with my kids and friends šŸ˜Ž
  4. Formerclient aka Ray

    Home made Halloween treats

    Yeah my kids loved them every holiday we try do do something different with the kids cooking crafting things like that it's great
  5. Formerclient aka Ray

    Home made Halloween treats

    Me and the wife made kids some homemade treats with candy molds
  6. Formerclient aka Ray

    Marvel's 'Agents of SHIELD' UK premiere date announced

    Just finished watching episode 1 great show will be tuned in
  7. Formerclient aka Ray

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy farthers day dads
  8. Formerclient aka Ray

    Fathers Day

    Happy farthers day were all s here
  9. Formerclient aka Ray

    New found respect for mail

    Thanks me to?
  10. Formerclient aka Ray

    New found respect for mail

    This looks exactly like me on the frist day Sent from my iPhone
  11. Formerclient aka Ray

    New found respect for mail

    Hey guys I just got a new job as a package sorter at DHL Globale 10hr nite shift man I need to work out I never gave a thought to how my packages got here and tracked them down if late but it's a rough road your package travel here's a vid of what I do and if your looking for a package and it takes a long time I problely sent it down the wrong shoot do that a lot co-workers???me?boss? Sent from my iPhone
  12. Formerclient aka Ray

    Gaming Deals

    Yeah you gotta add points to download it I thought something was wrong with my Xbox or credit card but its add points press X
  13. Formerclient aka Ray

    Game of Thrones

    solarmovie.com or movie2k
  14. Formerclient aka Ray

    Gaming Deals

    That's awsome epic to bad I already have a year subscription if you don't have a year jump on it I still might buy two just for friends who need them
  15. Formerclient aka Ray

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah last nite was sad it was defiantly a curveball