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  1. The best part of this nothing is set in stone yet i was considering changing the hard drive for a 1tb and uping the power supply thanks for looking at it and the thought
  2. Things are Changing fast for the better i hope

  3. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/sowhateddie/saved/#view=7NkYcf here is a link to the the parts list
  4. So My pc died a year or so ago so i bought this cheap laptop so i cant play wot or wows or any of the games i love .. But my 11 year old boy wants this laptop so my wife and i decided to help him by buying a new desktop for us but it is hard to get what you want at a good price so i made a deasl with him today he can have this laptop if he helps my build a new desk top...... Pics and updates to come as the build progresses
  5. Grolsch Premium Lager just tried for the frist time tonight very good
  6. Thanks guys sorry i Missed the hard times with someone to talk to but i had some issues after my brother passed a few years back that snowballed into something bigger then i wanted to admit but all better now
  7. So first hey all. Well There has been a lot happen since the last time i was here. My wife and i worked things out and things could not be better. My 23 year old step daughter moved home with a bun in the oven and her boyfriend... Sorry to report she had a mis- cairrage But the boy friend and she are still here we bought a new car and are working on the details of our house pruchase which is moving along just fine. well that seems to it for now its good to be back
  8. Well I decided not to move out we will sort everything out in the spring
  9. both my boys (10 and 7) play shooters with me but only offline I don't let them win but they are starting to beat me at these games I also play their games with them and they win most of the times I don't believe in letting them win but at the same time if I always beat them they wont play and I want to play games with the boys so sometimes I let them sometimes they let me win
  10. Well told them today after school as I move out Monday they seem ok there was a lot of crying but now they seem ok...it was the first time in a long time my wife and I worked as a team we talked about it before the boys got home from school
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